From when I started 6th form about 6 years ago I used to wear hair extensions all of the time, I was forever changing my hair different colours and therefore my hair was in really bad condition! I used to therefore always wear extensions every single day, I used to get them from my local hair shop down the road from my house or from ones in the city (Birmingham) or even from eBay. My hair was quite thin back then and I could get away with buying cheap hair extensions as they were thin like my hair. Here are a few photos of the hair colours and styles I have been:

Bright red nearly 4 years ago Jan 2010, short hair with long extensions:

A lot of bleaching to go back to a very light blonde with different dyed colours on the side, I often changed the colour a lot from black to red to purple etc. June 2010: 

All bleach blonde, very short hair still with long extensions as it refused to grow which was my own fault, August 2010: 

My hair was really short here because of the bleaching I used to have to put my extensions in really high to try to hide it, September 2010: 

My hair with no extensions, I decided to go a bit darker blonde than the bleach blonde I was, my hair was about this short for all of 2010 but I always wore extensions. I wanted my hair to grow so I thought but dying it darker I wouldn't have to bleach it so much, December 2010: 

I then decided to go even darker to a brown however I went too dark (not in this photo) it was going a dark golden brown which I didn't like and decided to go back to blonde after a few months as it made me look really washed out. Jan 2012:

Back to blonde, hair is still quite short here with shorter extensions, May 2012:

Hair is still quite short and thin, about to my shoulders here with extensions in but it was gradually growing, July 2012:

It was round about October 2012 I ombre'd my hair for the first time which allowed my hair to grow loads and become a lot healthier. I still needed extensions for the first few months about christmas time I stopped wearing them. I no longer dyed my hair loads as I could deal with my roots, they are still a different shade of blonde to my natural blonde but I can deal with it. I did a couple of months ago go back to all over blonde but this time I highlighted my hair but I went back to ombre just because I prefer it. It is less hassle and I love the fact that I don't have to worry about my roots and let my hair grow. 

In my pictures recently on my blog apart from one photo I am not wearing extensions my hair is quite long now, it comes to about the end of my bra strap and the back and just above my chest at the front. However from the highlights it did damage it quite a bit and some of the top layers did go quite short. However now my hair is in great condition and is growing again, but I do miss having really long hair thanks to extensions! 

I did buy some cheap extensions off eBay but I had so much trouble with them, because of how long my hair has gotten it has gone back to its natural state. When I was younger my hair was quite thick and it has now gone back to this which is great! I love the fact I have really thick hair but it is a nightmare when it comes to extensions. The eBay ones I brought was in 16inch and 20 inch, I think I got a full pack of 16inch and half a pack of 20 but then I brought another pack of 20 because of how thin they were. There must be only about 40g-50g of hair, and they are stupidly thin at the bottom, it just looks weird when I have them in. Even when I curl them it just doesn't look right! 

I have therefore been looking at more expensive extensions from websites such as Foxy Locks, Clip Hair, Dirty Locks, Lush etc but I am still undecided on what hair extensions to get. I would want to get 160g or more for my hair as I would need the thickness of it. I just want thicker better quality hair extensions but as I haven't worn any for ages I am not sure what is my best option. Also I am still not 100% sure I want to buy them, but then when I look at images of girls with hair extensions in and it just looks so pretty it makes me want some! Also the fact I never never spent so much on hair extensions it worries me! I think the most I spent was about £50 but this was years ago and even then I felt bad for spending that much! 

Then again I could just wait and hope that my hair grows quick! I am still using the Lee Stafford for hair that never grows past a certain length. I did stop using it for a couple of months but I have been using it again. I do notice that my hair does grow a lot faster and with using Bleach London's hair mask treatment my hair is in seriously good condition that I do hope it grows quick! I just miss being able to do loads of different styles with my hair as I think that some styles look a lot better if you have longer hair! 

I think I may wait it out for a bit and see how I feel in a few weeks, if I still feel the same I think I will invest in some...

OH decisions decisions... 

I have defiantly put on a few pounds over Christmas! Back to healthy eating and exercising more! I shall be starting on the 1st Jan as tomorrow night we are having a sort of new years buffet type thing. 

I have decided that the days I am at work I wont exercise because I am rushed off feet for sometimes 8 hours, walking around etc so I don't see the point in exercising on these days. As for the other days I am going to use the cross trainer I have at home and do some youtube video workouts. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer I shall go for walks as well.

I shall get back to eating the way I did when I was on my diet, although not as strict, I just watched a video on pixiwoomadness where Sam talks about her diet/weight loss. She said that her brother who is a personal trainer goes by the saying 'if you can't pick it or kill it, don't eat it' (something like that!) I shall link the videos below. Which is basically saying no processed food, which I did stick to before and I hope to again! I shall every now and again probably break this but as long as I stick to it as best as I can I shall be happy. 

I haven't been to see my consultant since the end of November, I did say to her that I was going to go back in January but I am hoping that I won't need to. I am hoping that I can do this from now on by myself to shed the pounds I put on over Christmas and to drop the last few that I wanted to drop. It is just mainly on my stomach that I have a problem with but by wearing skater dresses you can't really see it that well! Thank god for them! 

I also did start a food diary but I haven't been writing in it a lot but I shall hopefully start to do this again as I think that sometimes by looking at what you have eaten it can help. 

So hopefully I shall get back to how I was before Christmas, no more junk! 

Sam's video:

John's fitness videos:
I had brought a couple of things for work and I decided to wear two of them for Christmas dinner with the family.

Everything I am wearing is from H&M: 

Floral wrap cardigan- £14.99 
Mesh top skater dress - Sale £7 
Basic leggings - £5.99 (I think) 

I tried to find the links for these on the website but I can't find them. 

I recently went to Boots to get a couple of things:

I firstly brought the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask for £6. My mom actually got a small bottle of this in the Bleach toner she recently used as I put a lighter dye on her hair and she needed something to tone it as it was quite orangey (the toner is pretty amazing!) As for the mask, I have been using it with my normal conditioner mixing the two together then putting it all over my hair and leaving it for about an hour. It says to leave it for 10-20 minutes but I prefer leaving it for longer. Once dry my hair feels so soft and smooth like it hasn't been bleached at all! Even my ends which were really dry went like this which I have never been able to get so soft before! It is such a good product I highly recommend it!

The concealer I had been using was from Collection I had been using the lasting perfection one but I had run out in the creme concealer and had been using the stick. I decided to go back to the creme concealer as I found that it was a lot better as my skin had become dry it was a lot easier to put on. I got the concealer in the lightest shade fair £4.19. 

I normally use a gel eyeliner pencil with a brush to put on my eyeliner, however I was finding that it wasn't going on as good as it used to. I had tried a felt tip liner before but I never really liked it, it was when they first came out and the colour turned from black to a weird black/green only after a few applications. However I decided to try it again as the tips are so thin it is a lot easier to build up the line rather and make a thin line than I was finding with the gel eyeliner pencil. I decided to get the felt tip liner from Collection as well as Extreme 24h felt top liner in black £2.99. I found that this eyeliner did exactly what it said, I wore it yesterday and it didn't smudge, it stayed on my eyelid and I managed to get a really nice thin line with it (image below).

As there was an offer on with Collection you got a free gift when you spent over £5 which was the Supersize mascara £2.99/free. As I had spent over £5 I got this for free. I did use this yesterday (image above) you can't really see that well I have mascara on but I do. I wasn't really impressed with this product, it was free which was a bonus but I couldn't just use this on its own. I found that it gave really good length but it made my lashes look long and thin, it stuck quite a few of the lashes together. I found that I had to use another mascara brush to separate the lashes but even this didn't turn out very well. The lashes still looked thin but quite long, therefore it is good for length but not very good if you want thick lashes. It does say it creates big lashes, if they mean long then yes it does but the thickness wasn't there which is what I want out of a mascara as well. 

Here is a closer image, as you can see the length is there with the lashes but they just look quite thin compared to how they normally look. Also with the liner I can finally do a thinner line! 

Disclaimer: I am no hairdresser, this is just how I have done my hair, and how I have been doing my hair for years. This may not work for yours, as every person's hair is different. I am just telling you what I did to my hair to try to achieve the look I wanted to get.

I am not 100% happy with the way that my hair turned out when I put a dark blonde over it. Although I did put it on each section of my hair gradually to create a more natural looking ombre look I want it to be more natural and ashy than it turned out. Only the light blonde of my hair is very ashy but the top of it isn't. I still love the ombre look but I do want it to look more natural. I was going to put a medium ash all over it but I have decided to do something slightly different.

What I am going to do is put a range of highlights and lowlights through my hair, not loads just a few to make it more multi-tonal to make it look more natural. I plan to put mainly lowlights on the top half going through to the ends of my hair but the highlights from the middle of my hair where the ombre starts to the end.

I will use a bleach for the bottom of my hair but I will not leave it on for very long and I will use less powder from the kit so it won't be as strong. I already have some of the powder at home from a powder kit I brought but I need to get some of the creme to mix it with.

As for the top of my hair I will put a medium blonde through some of it going through to the ends, to create a multi-tonal darker blonde. For this I plan to use an ash blonde to try to make my hair more ashy like my natural colour.

I have just done my hair earlier on today and I am currently letting it air dry, I did blow dry a small section to see if it looks ok, so far so good! I shall take a photo tomorrow once my hair has air dried. 

What did I do?

Medium highlights: 

I mixed about 1/5 of the Nice and Easy Natural Medium Ash Blonde, ratio 1:1 in my mixing bowl. I always do this, I never mix the whole bottle if I am doing high lights or low lights as it is just a waste if I don't plan on using it all! I didn't even use all of the mixture that I mixed today. 

I started from my ear and sectioned the rest of the hair up I then just picked out small parts of my hair gradually taking down more hair from what I sectioned. I put some of the dye using a tinting brush onto each section I selected. I did this for the top half of my hair that was sectioned up as I wanted the medium highlights to be where the darker blonde was already. I didn't do loads of these medium highlights, as I got further to the top layers of my hair I began to put the dye closer to my roots until eventually the top layer had a few touching my roots. 

I wanted to make this quite natural, I didn't want to do loads of medium highlights to begin with. I may want more medium highlights on the top half of my hair, but if I do I shall put more in at a later date. I didn't want to put loads of highlights in my hair in case I don't like the way it turns out. 

Light highlights:

I mixed bleach powder (the normal bleach kit I used, I have done a post on this before) with a medium 30 lift creme, I normally go for a maximum 40 lift but as my hair isn't dark I decided to go for a medium lift instead, it says it will lighten the hair 7 shades. I mixed a little bit more of the creme to the powder about 1/5 of the creme and a bit of powder until the mixture was a light blue. I wanted more creme than powder as my hair was previously light blonde all over and has only been dyed a dark blonde once or twice it wouldn't need much to lift it. 

With this I did the same technique as before, I took small sections of my hair from the bottom going up about 0.5cm maybe even less, I put some of the dye onto my hair then with a glove covered hand I smoothed in the mixture so it wouldn't create any harsh lines, I normally would use a comb but I used my hand for quickness. I continued to do this until I got to the section I started on with the medium dye, for some of the sections of hair from this point onwards to crossed over the 'ombre line' to make some of the darker parts of my hair slightly lighter than before. I never went to the root, the highest I went was probably to about eye level, I still wanted a much darker section on top but I wanted it to look like some natural highlights were coming through. 

I left the dye on until the bleach had been on my hair for about 20-30 minutes as I didn't want to lighten it too much this time. I then washed my hair with my normal shampoo and left a hair mask on for a few hours which I then washed off. 

Again as my hair is currently air drying to do not know if I want to add any more highlights to my hair to make it more multi-tonal. I shall have a look at it tomorrow when it is dry and decide over the next few days if I want to add any more colour to it. 


Here is a photo of my hair from yesterday while I was at work. 

The ombre is slightly lighter, it was a weird blonde before I'm not sure how to describe it but it was quite dull compared to what it is now. It blends a lot more at the section of my hair where it goes from a dark blonde to lighter, which is what I wanted. 

However tonight I have added a few more bleach highlights to my hair, same process as before, same bleach and I left this on for about half an hour. Theses highlights were not to the top of my roots, I made them end about eye level like I did before. I shall take a photo tomorrow when it's dry and hopefully I shall be happy with it! 

Here are a few of the outfits I have worn over the past week. These images are from instagram and so not are the best but I shall write a list of what I am wearing. I shall do more detailed posts in the future!

Marshmallow jumper (as my bf likes to call it): H&M £7.99 
I wore this with a red dress underneath from primark one of the £5 red dresses. 
Leggings: H&M £5.99
Lips: Collection Gothic Glam no1 

Black crop jumper: ebay £8
Polkadot dress: H&M £7.99 
Leggings: H&M £5.99
Lips: Collection Gothic Glam no3 

Black crop jumper: ebay £8 
Polkadot skirt: H&M £7.99 
Leggings: H&M £5.99 
Lips: Kate Rimmel Matte kiss of life 

I haven't posted anything over the past month as one of my dogs got really ill and passed away last week and I have also started a new job. I now work for H&M its only part time for now I am hoping to get a few more hours and maybe even work my way up to work in the visual department rather than just a sales assistant.

Anyway I have been getting quite a few new items of clothes from work which hasn't been good for my bank balance! I shall do a haul of these hopefully over the next few days when I have a chance to photograph them all.

I have also slightly changed my hair, it is still ombre but slightly darker. I had recently reombred my hair which made the ends become really 'barbie' blonde which I didn't really like. I felt like because it is winter I wanted it to look more natural and maybe add some lighter ombre parts to my hair when the weather gets hotter.

I had done my roots a few weeks ago with the hair dye I usually buy which is the Nice n Easy in dark blonde, I normally go for a dark blonde or dark cool blonde. However sometimes this dye can turn my roots into an orangey blonde for some reason. I don't see why it does as my natural hair colour is a dark blonde but I can never get my dyed hair to be the same colour so I always do my roots as well. The dye did turn my roots into an orangey blonde, it was quite bad as I had about 2 inches of this orangey blonde which then went into a dark ash blonde then onto my ombre. It was very weird!

As there is a boots next to my work I decided to pop in and have a look at other dark blonde shades from different companies. I decided to try the Schwarzkopf Color Mask in 700 dark blonde. I had looked up this product and read some good reviews about it, saying that the colour that the hair came out as matched really well to the colour on the box. This was actually on offer for £4.50 which I didn't realise until I went to the till!

This type of hair dye you have to mix into a pot and apply with your hands. It is a creme hair mask type of hair dye which I have never used before. Instead of applying it with my hands I decided to use my tinting brush as I find it easier applying hair dye like this. 

Last night before I dyed my hair I was looking for hair inspiration, I knew I wanted to use the dark blonde for my roots but I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to do something with the light blonde ombre as well. I came across this image of Cara Delevinge: 

She has dark blonde hair but then with a lighter blonde towards to bottom, a more natural looking ombre effect than what my hair looked like at the time. So I therefore decided to put the dark blonde dye all over my hair, but I would do this in sections. 

With the hair dye I had to empty the colour into the pot which already had the mixing creme in it, then put the lid back on and shake it 40 times. The hair dying process is meant to be left on the hair for a total of 30 minutes so I worked it out that the top section of my hair near my roots would be left on the longest and the tips of my hair would only have a few minutes with the dye on. So it would just tone the blonde down a bit to look a bit more ashy and natural. 

I started from the roots and sectioned my hair adding the hair dye only to about 2 inches of the root section (the bits that had become a weird dark orangey blonde colour). Then after a few minutes I put some more dye on my hair from the 2 inch section to about where the top of my ears were as this section of hair was a darkish blonde already though it had started to fade a bit. I waited about 5-10 minutes after I had finished this section then went onto the next section of hair only doing about 1-2 inches at a time. After each section of hair that I had put dye on I would comb through it so there wouldn't be any harsh lines. Once I had done all of the darker bits of my hair and was on the lightest sections of where I had ombre'd it I put the dye on the same amount of hair 1-2 inches but I only waited a few minutes before going onto the next section of hair. The very last 1-2 inches of hair I only left the dye on for about 2 minutes before I washed it all off. 

I still wanted the ombre look but to look more natural rather than in your face barbie blonde at the bottom. I do love the look of having it a lot lighter at the bottom but I think how my hair came out was more of a summer ombre than a winter one. 


As you can see in this image the light blonde bits of my hair which I reombred had come out a very barbie blonde which I didn't really like. I felt like as I am even paler now because of the winter the harshness of the light blonde didn't go well with my pale skin. I feel like it made me look quite washed out, I was having to apply more blush and more colour to my face so it didn't look as bad. 

(image to come as my hair is currently wet!)


I found the when I had washed off the hair dye my hair didn't seem as dry as it normally does when I have used other hair dyes. Now it is dry part natural part blow dried it is so smooth! I can't believe the condition of my hair, I didn't even put a hair mask (I have been using Bleach London repairing mask) on like I normally do each time I wash my hair. Normally when I dye my hair I wash it two times with shampoo then a normal conditioner then I wash it again the day after. My hair is always in a weird condition after dying it normally doesn't style that well so I always wash it again the next day. I do plan on washing my hair again today and letting it dry naturally. 

Colour wise, it does look like the colour on the box it is very very close to it and my roots are no longer orange. I think the colour is slightly darker than what I wanted but it normally is but then it will fade hopefully it will match my natural colour more. I shall take a photo later on tonight before I wash my hair again. It has made the barbie blonde ombre bits a lovely shade of light ash blonde this will fade a little as well but it still does look ombre which is what I wanted but just a bit more natural looking. 

I think for the spring/summer I may add some highlights to my hair but not right at the roots, still make it ombre but to have a bit more colour to it. Or I may just lighten all my hair to a medium blonde with some highlights. I haven't quite decided yet but I do love the colour it has turned out as it is great for winter! 

As we are now approaching winter I have noticed that my normal foundation that I use L'oreal True Match in Ivory Rose was getting too dark for my skin tone. It is not really dark but I can tell it no longer matches my skin as well as it does during the summer.

I went to Boots today (16th Nov) to take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer while I was there I tested out a range of different foundations to see which would match my skin the best. I saw the new Rimmel foundation on adverts and this was my first choice of foundation to get this was before I tried it. The lightest shade matched my skin tone, however it does seem quite thick and cakey which the advert is saying to avoid. Anyway I decided not to get this foundation which was annoying as it was a very good price. I normally like to go for cheaper foundations as I have been unemployed since leaving university in July, however now I have a job which I am starting next week I will be able to spend a bit more money on things instead of always going for the cheaper option. I am not saying that some of the cheaper options are bad, most of the lipsticks that I now own are either Collection or Natural Collection and they are really good! It will just allow me to branch out and try different more high end high street products that before I never thought about trying.

So on this trip to Boots I decided to do this, I had a look at the Revlon foundation I decided to get the Revlon Colorstay Makeup in the lightest shade that they had which was actually slightly lighter than my normal L'oreal foundation. They have two different options in the Boots that I went to, normal/dry and combo/oily. Now normally I would go for the combo/oily because my t zone can sometimes be a little bit oily however lately I have noticed it has gotten loads better and my skin in some areas can actually be quite dry, it is probably just the cold air that is making it do this!

I still had a look at both of the bottles and tested out both onto my hand. I noticed that even though they were exactly the same apart from the face type, the combo/oily was actually a tiny bit darker than the normal/dry. I don't really understand why the one would be darker than the other if they are the same foundation but just for a different skin type? I decided to get the normal/dry foundation not only because it was lighter but also because of my skin type changing because of the cold.

The price of the foundation was £12.49 which is the most I have spent on foundation, I hope it looks good! I haven't tested this out yet but I do plan to use it tomorrow so I shall take some photos and upload them into this post.

I also brought three other things while I was at Boots, a birthday present for my aunt which I shall not post on here. I also brought some Lipcote at £3.69 (but actually I got it for free as it was the cheapest thing I brought). As I have been wearing a lot of lipstick lately I want to keep it on my lips and not have it rub off while eating, drinking etc. Most of all when I start work next week I want to be able to wear lipstick without having to worry about it! So I decided to buy this product as I had heard some good reviews about it.

I also brought Collection Shimmer Shades at £4.19 as I wanted a bronzer and highlight this comes with three types of bronzers and a highlight I guess? I did want to buy the Sleek Contouring Kit in light however the Boots that I went to didn't have any Sleek products. I do plan on getting the Sleek Contouring Kit as well as the Collection Shimmer Shades is very glittery, it is more of a going out kit rather than an everyday kit. I will try it out tomorrow but I do still want the Sleek kit as well as you get a lot more of the product for just a few pounds more.

I plan on getting the Sleek Contouring Kit on Thursday as there is an even bigger Boots by my work so it should hopefully (fingers crossed) sell it.

(images to be added)
I decided after months of growing out my fringe to cut it back in. I kept on seeing girls with messy wavy hair similar to how I do mine with fringes and it just looked beautiful! I do feel a little weird when I look into the mirror and I see a fringe but I guess I will get used to it!

Apparently now I look younger?! I don't know if thats a good or bad thing!

Fringe & extensions ^_^

Along with the fringe I brought myself some extensions, which I have been altering the colour. When I first brought them they were an 'ash blonde' apparently... They didn't seem very ash blonde to me as they were quite yellow! I needed to ombre them, I know that you can buy pre-ombred hair extensions but I preferred doing it myself. I dyed the top of them a dark blonde like my natural colour (I worked out how much was needed to be dyed before I did this). I then put a bleach on the rest of the hair and used purple shampoo to tone the yellow down. It is now very close to my very very light blonde ends but it still needs another purple shampoo just to take out a bit more of the yellow.

As my hair is quite thick I have a full head and a half of human hair at two different lengths, 14inch of a full head and 18 inch of half a head, I got them off ebay. However I have trimmed these as the ends weren't very nice and also layered them a little to match the layers in my hair. I also realised after that the 18 inch were a bit too long for me, however because they were slightly cheaper than buying 16 inch I am still glad I went for the 18 inch as I saved a bit of money. When I wear them I make sure that I curl my hair along with the extension hair to make sure it blends in better.

I used to wear extensions every single day when I went to 6th form, college and part of university, however now that my hair is much longer I only wear them occasionally. I may do another post about the different types of hair colours I have had as there has been a few!

I wear them when I feel like my hair just isn't looking right, I also like to wear them when doing a half up half down as I feel it makes the hair style look a lot better as most of my hair is in the layers not in the length. I am growing out my hair, my aim is to have long hair probably just a bit longer than the length in the picture above with the extensions, perhaps another 6-8 inches. I did have to cut quite a bit of my hair off when I used a purple on my ends which then stained my hair blue and refused to budge! I had to cut off about 3 inches which made me so sad! At least my hair is slowly getting to the length I want to to be!

To help with the hair growth I am still using the Lee Stafford for hair that never grows past a certain length I used this every 2-3 days when I wash my hair. I normally leave it on for about an hour while I do a deep condition as well. Since going back to ombre just over a month ago it has grown just over an inch which is the same rate it has been growing since using the product, my hair defiantly does grow a lot quicker! As I only use the hair mask I don't know if using the shampoo and conditioner will make it grow even faster? I may try it!

With my new found love of jazzing up my lips I wanted something a bit darker than the red I brought the other week. While I was in Boots I came across Collections Gothic Glam range, it has a range of 'gothic' lipsticks and nail polishes. I decided to get just one of the three lipsticks for now, but I defiantly will be going back to get the other two.

I brought no3 Revenge, it is a very dark red/purple. It smells quite nice, not too 'old lady' like most lipsticks but nothing like the Kate lipstick I brought the other week, that smells beautiful. It retails at £2.99 I think it was from Boots, but they do sell it in other stores as well. I did try to buy the other two from Asda earlier on but they were all out of stock!

As for wear I wore it out today into town and to Asda, where I also had a meal at home just a baked potato. I did find that it went on very well, I did try it with using a brush and it came out lighter than putting it on straight from the lipstick itself. You could build it up to make it darker but I did quite like how it came out, it is slightly darker than the photo shows. With eating and drinking I did find it came off around the middle of my lips so it would defiantly need reapplying after that.

It is such a beautiful colour though I am so glad I brought it and I defiantly do plan on getting the other two. No1 Seduction is a dark red and no2 Scorned is a dark purple. I think I may also try out some of the nail polishes as well!
I recently brought the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 111 kiss of life.

I never really wear lipstick but I have always wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and start to wear it. I normally go for a lip balm which has no colour to it.

As soon as I saw the colours in the Kate collection I loved it, I loved the fact that it was Matte as I feel that sometimes with lipstick the lips can look a bit too shiny which for me personally I do not like.

It took me about 20 minutes to decide what colour to buy from my local Boots because the colours are so pretty! I decided to go with 111 Kiss of life, which is a matte red, quite a bright red but as it is matte I think I can pull it off. At Boots it is £5.49 which isn't too bad for a lipstick really!

As for the lipstick itself it goes on perfectly, although I do prefer applying it with a small brush. It doesn't smell like other lipsticks, it smells very fruity. As for lasting, I wore it recently in to town where I went for a Chinese meal and a trip to the cinema. I found that it did last quite well although I did have greasy food and so I did have to reapply it after this and after drinking quite a bit of water, but apart from that it lasted really well!

Buying this lipstick has made me want to buy a lot more mainly darker colours for fall, I have already brought another from a different brand which I shall do another post on once I have worn it out a few times. 

So it has been about a month since my last post, I have been quite busy the past month so that is why I haven't posted!

Since my last post I have gone back to my ombre hair, which I am glad I have as it is so much easier to deal with no more dying my hair! I did have to cut about 3 inches off my hair though because it was so damaged from the bleaching to create the ombre. I am still using the Lee Stafford hair growth mask so it is growing a lot quicker but it is just annoying that I had to cut so much off! I have therefore this week brought myself some extensions which I never thought I would do again. The extensions are about 5 inches longer than my hair, but I shall so another post on this in more detail.

I have also been carrying on with the weight loss, although it is at the rather annoying stage at the moment where I seem to be going up and down a few pounds each week! I am going to try exercising more than I am at the moment to try to get my weight down to my goal which is about half a stone away now!

I have also gone out of my comfort zone and begun wearing lipstick. I never thought it would suit me but I do love wearing it! I shall do a post on the few colours I have brought recently and which ones I like the best.

I have also found some really good websites for getting some lovely clothes which I shall do a post on. I shall also be doing some haul posts and out fit of the days.

My plan is to get back into blogging, hopefully be doing a couple of posts each week as I do like doing it! I have also joined the Blogger Programme which I heard off a Youtuber and blogger Melon I shall put her links below. This programme is to help bloggers who have just started or need a bit of help. I think it is a great programme to be apart of!


For a couple of days now I have been wanting my ombre hair back, I have only had the all over light blonde for about a month. My roots are annoying me, although I do have naturally blonde hair its quite dark. I did put some low lights through out of my hair but it was still annoying me. So I decided to put a dark on top and lighten the ends a bit more to create a more ombred effect. The ombre starts lower than it had done before and there is more of a contrast between the two shades of blonde than there was before which makes the lighter colour stand out.

I was thinking about doing some balayage on the top section of my hair, it is a technique where you paint on highlights without using foil to make it look like natural sun kissed highlights. I think I will do this in a few weeks as I want to give my hair a rest for a while. The good thing with these types of highlights is that they are further down rather than at the roots so you don't have to worry about regrowth.

I want my hair to end up like this, where there are a few highlights further up going down to a lighter colour.

Haven't updated for a few weeks as I have been busy. Had my weigh in today, I am now 4lb off my goal weight but I do want to lose slightly more so lets say half a stone-ish.

I have really shrunk although my boobs are still quite big but I do need to invest in some new bras. I am currently wearing a 34E but I think I need a 32E as my back has shrunk over the past few weeks. As for clothes I can get into a size 8/10 top depending on the style and where it is from. On the bottom 10 again depending on the style and where it is from. I have only shrunk down a couple of sizes but it still feels weird seeing a smaller version of myself in the mirror. Though in my head I am still the more curvier version of myself I guess over time this will change?

My diet I am having one shake a day normally on the night, with 30g of cereal in the morning and a piece of chicken with veg or salad for lunch. This was meant to change today I think but my normal consultant wasn't in and so the lady I saw just told me to stick to it for this week. I am meant to be adding a piece of fruit to my diet and then in a few weeks take away the last shake for another meal so hopefully this will happen next weekend!

I am writing this a few days before my weekly update as today I had my implant taken out today. As my periods were every week my consultant thought it would be a good idea to have my contraceptive implant taken out as it is a few months away from my 3 year deadline anyway. The implant is a small rod that gets injected into your arm, it then releases hormones into your body which controls your period and may even stop it for the 3 years. Mine never stopped it just helped control it, however since being on this diet it hasn't been controlling my periods at all. So my consultant told me it would benefit me to come off it and go back onto the pill.

The whole taking it out process wasn't the best experience, the local anaesthetic went fine, I am alright with needles. However then the doctor had to cut my arm open slightly, with this I went slightly faint as I knew what she was doing and I could hear it. The doctor who had put the implant in had put it in too deep, so the doctor was struggling to get it out. In the end it took half an hour to remove it, the nurse and doctor had to put loads of pressure on my arm to get the implant to poke out of the hole for the doctor to remove it. Very uncomfortable process!

I was able to start taking the pill from today, which is great so I hopefully won't have another period for a month now, fingers crossed!

As for the eating cereal, it's weird, because I am used to having semi-skimmed milk with cereal it just doesn't taste the same. I have been having the corn flakes nearly dry because of the skimmed milk, it just doesn't have much taste to it at all. I have found that by having a cup of tea with it helps a lot.

Weight wise I think my weight has stayed the same just because of eating more carbs than I have been used to. I guess I shall see on saturday!


Just come back from my weigh in, I have actually lost another pound this week, which means I have just over half a stone to lose. My consultant was really please as with the extra carbs and the hormone change because of what I said above she didn't think I would have lost anything and I felt the same.

She said that if next week I have lost 1-2 lb she wants to introduce a piece of fruit to my daily intake to introduce some natural sugar, such as an apple. Then the week after hopefully to take away my last product for a few days a week and introduce another healthy meal. This way she said I will still be eating healthy but losing weight to reach my goal weight and maintain it. So I will not be relying on the products to lose weight.

I have gotten used to eating cereal even with the different milk. My arm is healing, it was slightly bruised and is still a bit sore but apart from this I am fine. I haven't had any signs of having another period and I haven't been that hungry either.
This week I lost a couple of pound I would have lost more, but I had been bloated all week and came on again on Thursday. It is really starting to annoy me now because I have been coming on every single week which means I am constantly feeling like a whale.

My consultant decided to change my diet, I am now allowed to have one bowl of 30g cereal in the morning which shall be corn flakes, with a meal for lunch and a shake for dinner. Hopefully with this and having my implant taken out of Wednesday and start to take the pill it shall control my periods and therefore control my weight loss. I shall hopefully stop having periods and being bloated all the time, this has been kind of depressing me. I know I have lost weight and I can kind of see it but I feel too bloated to wear anything tight, I have been wearing baggy clothes.

I am coming to the end of my diet now as I have 9lbs to lose to my goal weight although I may change this to be a few pounds lighter than my goal weight, still keeping in with the healthy zone for my height. This is another reason why my consultant changed my diet, because as I am coming to the end of my diet she wants me to start to slowly introduce more carbs and fibre plus more actual food and not shakes.
I have been thinking about having purple dip dye in my hair for a while now, I did buy the L'oreal toning conditioner in lilac a few months ago but it didn't take to my hair as well as I thought it would. I ended up buying some directions on Ebay in violet.

It came yesterday and so I put it on the tips of my hair last night. I put it on about 2-3 inches of hair and left it on for about 15 minutes. I was going to mix it with conditioner so it would be a paler colour but as it will fade anyway I can see if I prefer it to be pale or a deeper colour without the conditioner added. 



I am impressed with the results, my hair is a light blonde but I thought it would need to be a white blonde in order for the purple to take and become such a bright colour. It looks quite blue in the photo but it is quite a bright intense purple. I am not sure how long it will last as it is a semi-perm but I shall do another post in a few days. 

Lost 5lbs this week so it means I am 10lbs off my goal weight, but I do want to drop a few more pounds just so I am more into the healthy zone for my height. So 12-13lbs really, less than a stone though!!!

My consultant said that probably next week after my weigh in she will talk to me about not having a shake for breakfast but to have some type of food instead as I am nearly to the end of it all. She did say that when I do this my body may not lose anything for a week but then hopefully I shall be back on track.

It is my birthday next month on the 13th so I am hoping that I will not be on the diet anymore by then, fingers crossed!
A few of my friends had gotten their daith pierced with a heart shaped piercing. I had wanted it done for a while now but because of how busy I had been I hadn't had the chance to go and get it done. I have 5 piercings on my left ear and 3 on the other so I wanted to even them out. Yesterday while I was in town I decided to go into Oasis in Birmingham to a piercing and tattoo place called Dolly Rockers I decided to get my daith pierced here, I have had quite a few piercings done at Dolly Rockers so I knew that it was safe and clean. It was £29 for the piercing which is quite expensive for one piercing but they do a 2 for 1 on Tuesdays so you could get this done and another one at the same time.

If any of you are wondering where your daith is, it is on your ear in the middle near the tragus:

I had filled out a form, received a care guide and and picked out the colour of the heart I wanted, because this piercing is quite popular at the moment there wasn't many colours to pick from so I decided to get a light blue heart. I then went into a small room and the piercer cleaned my right ear and marked on my ear where she thought was best to pierce. I then checked in a mirror and told her that the place she had marked was good. She then sprayed my ear with a numbing spray and I lied down on the 'bed' and turned my head to face her. She then put a needle through my ear, this bit was fine, I could hear it go through but it didn't hurt because my ear had been numbed. She then proceeded to put the piercing through my ear, this bit was slightly uncomfortable, again it didn't hurt but it was just uncomfortable because of the shape of the piercing. With pillars she then closed the gap on the piercing and put tissue on my ear as it was slightly bleeding. Then it was done!

I did get a headache last night from my ear throbbing but after taking a headache tablet I was fine. Sleeping was ok as well because of it being more on the inside of my ear I can actually lie on it without being in a lot of pain. I have to clean it twice a day with salt water and ear buds to make sure that it heals good. It only hurts when I clean it but that it because of the salt water and touching it apart from this there is no other pain.

Here is a photo of it a few hours after it was done:

Once it has healed in a few months I shall buy a silver heart to replace the blue one, or even go back to Dolly Rockers and see if they have a silver heart that they can replace the blue one with. 

If you want to get this done just remember to make sure that the place you are getting pierced at is clean and safe. The piercing is quite expensive but I love it and I am so glad that I had it done as I think that it is very unusual and pretty! 

So a few weeks ago I said that I wanted to go blonder, I wanted to not have ombre hair anymore dark blonde to light I wanted to have all-over light blonde hair. I had tried with normal hair dye but because of how many times I had dyed the top part of my hair a darker shade of blonde to try to match my roots the light blonde dye just didn't take very well. I decided that I would buy some bleach from Boots. I brought the Jerome Russell B Blonde kit in medium lift which is best to use on Blonde hair. It is £6.99 I think, it is not on the website for some reason so here is what it looks like:

In the pack you get:
mixing tub
plastic gloves
developing hat
lightening powder bleach
medium lift cream peroxide
conditioning shampoo

I highlighted my hair using a boots tinting brush as the brush that the pack gave you was tiny and a bowl with foils. I just sectioned my hair off and using a comb selected bits of my hair that I wanted to highlight. I had the bleach on for about half an hour, I only mixed up about a quarter of the bleach with some of the powder as I wasn't sure how much I would use, when I needed more I mixed more up.

The results were good, although I did realise that I had to go back over some parts of my hair that needed more highlights. I also put some low lights through my hair to make it look more natural and toned the light blonde with purple shampoo to make it less brassy. When my roots grow through I will be able to use a light blonde hair dye to highlight these as they won't have had any dye on them perviously.

Here is the finished result:



I would defiantly recommend using bleach if you have had a lot of colour on your hair that is darker than what you want to be. I am no expert this is just what worked for me. I had used light blonde hair dye before but it didn't go the colour I wanted it to be therefore this is why I decided to use bleach on my hair.  The bleach may also make your hair go slightly orange, which is why I use purple shampoo to fix it. I have bleached my hair before and so I knew what I was doing, but if you are worried and haven't used it before I would go to the hairdressers just in case anything goes wrong.  

This week I have lost 4 pounds, I am now only 13 lbs off my original goal weight I do plan on losing a few pounds more just to be on the safe side but to still be in the healthy category for my height. Nothing really has changed, I did ask about having the bars as my mom has been having them. However my consultant said that because they have more stuff in them she doesn't want me to have them because I am doing so well on my diet at the moment, which I am quite happy with sticking to. I did have a biscuit this week but apart from that I haven't had anything else.

Clothing wise, skirts that I brought a few weeks before my diet do not fit me anymore, they are far too loose. They were in a size 12 and now they are way too baggy it looks weird to wear. I did try to wear a belt with one today but I just couldn't make it work right. I can feel my hip bones a lot more now my skin is about 1inch to half an inch away from them. My collar bones are defiantly more visible as well. I haven't took my measurements in a while so I shall do that either some point later on today or tomorrow.  I have gone down 4 cup sizes with my bras! Which is great because of the size I used to be I could only get my size off the internet or from ann summers which were expensive. I can now go into Asda and buy their bras which are so much cheaper, I got two today for £9. I do not want to start buying loads in case I go even smaller but I do need some for now as I am wearing bras that are far too big for me.

That is it really! (:
It has been a weird week, I weighed myself on Tuesday and I had lost 5-6lbs since Sat. However I had another time of the month. This has been my 3rd one in just over a month. So I have been horribly bloated and so when I was weighed today I was the same weight as I was last week. I look thinner and feel thinner and my consultant said I look a lot thinner but because of how bloated I am getting from the water my body is retaining it doesn't show on the scales. (Edit Sunday next day, weighed myself again this morning and I am back down to the weight I was on Tuesday so hopefully it will stick! Defiantly less bloated now as well thank god!)

My consultant wants me to visit the doctors, as because I have the implant in my arm she says it could be effecting how bloated I am getting plus the amount of periods I have been having in a month! Thinking about it since I have had the implant (2 and half years now) I have always been quite bloated when it was my time of the month. When I was bigger it wasn't that noticeable but now that I am getting thinner it is more obvious. So I plan to visit my doctor sometime in the next few weeks to see what they can do.

I feel a lot healthier my skin just feels amazing! It is so smooth! My face is looking a lot thinner as well, I have always had quite chubby cheeks but they have gone! It so strange looking at photos from a few months ago to find that I look so different now. It's great! If my weight goes back down in the next few days I have just about 1 stone to lose until I reach my goal weight. It means that I would have lost 1 and half stone in just over 6 weeks which is amazing! Ideally I would like to be lower than my goal weight but my consultant said that if I go 5 pounds lower which is what I wanted to do I will actually be classed as being underweight, which is not something I really want to do. I am going to see how I feel when I reach my goal weight and if I feel I need to lose the odd pound or two more then I shall but I do not want to lose so much that I become underweight. I still want to be curvy but healthy! (:
It is a few hours before my weigh in, this week I haven't exercised as much as I had done last week, the heat is horrible. I have been walking quite a bit but when I am home I just want to lie in front of my fan because it is just too hot to do anything. I don't think I have lost that much this week but I defiantly look thinner.

I went into shopping yesterday as my clothes are beginning to not fit me so I need to get a few cheap things that I can wear while I am losing weight. Also my wardrobe isn't really suited for this weather, I do have dresses but I am doing some work experience beginning Monday for two weeks so I can't wear dresses etc to do some prop making as I do not want to get messy! I therefore brought a few cheap tops that I can wear with some leggings or shorts while on my work experience. Anyway normally I go for a size 12 on top but I decided to try a size 10. The top I tried fitted me which was amazing, it was a tiny bit tight on my chest but apart from that it was fine!

I have really noticed how I am becoming less curvy, I have never really had a huge stomach I was more wider sideways than going out from my stomach, if that makes sense. I can feel my hip bones a lot more than before, I am probably about an inch off from actually seeing them. It just amazes me how much my body has changed in such a short amount of time.

Had my weigh in, I lost nearly 3 lbs this week, I didn't think I had lost that much as I had been weighing myself during the week. As I haven't been exercising I didn't expect to have lost as much. I am still happy with the weight I have lost this week as it is slowly all coming off! I have therefore so far lost 16-17 lbs in 5 weeks which is great! My bmi is going down a lot which is what I wanted. Just 1 lb of fat is a lot, I keep on picturing this photo every time I lose 1 lb because its amazing how much 1 lb of fat is:

Even though I know I have lost weight seeing myself every day I don't realise how much of a difference there is at the moment, I am nearly half way through my diet and already the changes are amazing.

This week I have lost 3 pounds which puts me to 14 and a half pounds lost so I have just lost over a stone in a month. Which is where I wanted to be!

My body is being very weird at the moment though, I finished my period last Tuesday, I felt like a water balloon for about a week to then find that Wednesday my body had planned another period for me. No wonder I had been feeling like crap and like a huge whale. Ergh. I told my consultant about it today and she had said that this was the reason why I hadn't lost anything last week, my body is adjusting to the rapid weight loss and this was its way of coping. It is hard when you are a girl because of your hormones etc your body can just store loads of water because of this which can make you feel like crap. The past few days I have been feeling better, less like a water balloon more like a person.

Nothing has changed in my diet, I have been having two cambridge foods with one normal food meal a day. I am feeling full and satisfied at the end of the day. I am still doing my exercise and will continue to do so, I try to do about a 6-10 minute routine every night along with walking quite a bit during the day. I am trying to tone my body up as well as drop the weight. I do not want to over do myself in the exercise as I am not eating much as it is so too much exercise is bad for me.

So from losing just over 1 stone in a month I should therefore only be on this diet for another month and a half to two months depending on how my body reacts to the weight loss. If my body acts like it did in the first few weeks then I shall lose it a lot quicker but by the beginning of August I shall be nearly at my goal weight hopefully! (:
I had my weigh in earlier, I was a bit disappointed because I hadn't actually lost anything this week, which is weird! I have lost another inch all over basically so I found it strange that I haven't lost anything. I was told that I could be retaining water from my period because it has finished a few days ago, I do feel bloated I have done all week really so this is probably true! I was told that because I am a woman my body will obviously react when it is the time of the month so this is what has happened! I have only snacked once which is that I had a tiny chip off my boyfriend's plate but that is it!

I think maybe I haven't been drinking enough water as well, I haven't been home all the time I have been out so it is kind of difficult to drink loads of water when I am not at home. I always carry a bottle of water with me and I have been getting through this and then drinking more when I am at home. However it has been really hot the past few days here in the UK so I need to drink more than what I have been drinking.

I have done a few bits of exercise, well it's not exercise as in working out but I have been doing some building for some of the work experience I am doing this week. Quite a bit of lifting heavy items and carrying them up a few flights of stairs, and then quite a bit of walking. I need to do more exercise but not so much that I have no energy left because I am not eating a lot.

I found this youtuber 'Blogilates' Cassey Ho is her name, she is a fitness instructor and does some exercise routines some are short about 6-10 minutes and some are longer. I am going to do some of the short ones, one or two a day hopefully! I just did this one just (link below), which is called Victoria Secret Supermodel Stiletto Legs Workout. It is a leg routine which works on your butt as well in heels, it kills! I managed to do the whole workout wobbling a bit as I did it in 5.5 inch heels! You do really feel it on your legs and butt during and after. It was only about 6 minutes long so doing these type of routines daily will help me get toned as well as help to lose the weight.

Cassey also does some cheap and clean eating recipes. I have been looking at recipes for once I am back on eating normal food. I know that my consultant is going to make me a diet plan but I want to look for myself as well to find some recipes that I can use that will be healthy for me. Some of the foods she makes I wouldn't eat, but I could always use food that I would eat but cook it in the same way she does or substitute some of the ingredients for ones that I like. I came across the coconut flour recipe that she uses for making tortilla wraps. I never even knew that coconut flour existed! This is something I would love to try, or even make with a very low carb flour.

When I have finished with the cambridge diet I would want to start making my own food from scratch. This way I will know what would be going into the food I am eating and I will feel better about the food that I am eating. Also it would mean that my cooking skills will be getting better, I love to cook but I used to mainly bake cakes etc (I don't even eat the things that I bake I just love to cook!) my mom would normally cook my dinner for me so I didn't really have a choice of what I could eat. I want to take control on my diet as I am doing now and I want this to continue when I start eating normal food again.

I had kind of noticed that my body was looking a bit different the past week. I measured myself yesterday although I was kind of bloated from time of the month visiting me, but I thought well I might as well just see what the tape measure says. Last night it had said that I had lost 1-3 inches basically everywhere on my body. Which is great! I am just under half way through the weight loss so I am probably looking at another 3 inches or so coming off my body, maybe more in certain areas who knows! However I woke up this morning not feeling as bloated as I had been and decided to measure my stomach which the day before had said that I had lost 2 inches since starting this diet, well those 2 inches were actually 4!!! Which is amazing!

I had brought some shorts and jeggings from primark ages ago in the size I would normally have gotten. However I didn't try them on in the shop and when I tried them on at home they were a bit too tight they seemed like they were smaller than the size they actually were, so I planned on taking them back but never got round to it. I tried them both on this morning and now they fit and are a bit too big on me! I am just amazed at how fast my body is changing, things look better on me, I feel healthier, I just feel quite good about everything at the moment.

A lot of my clothes I am finding don't really fit me anymore. A lot of tops are really baggy on me which I can deal with and I normally wear leggings which are cheap to buy, but I am going to need to start altering some of my clothes that I want to keep once I have got down to my goal weight. I do not want to throw everything away because I have brought a lot of maxi skirts and dresses over the past few months ready for the summer. They are only from primark but I love every one of them so I am not going to throw them away! I shall just alter them with the help of my nan. I will be throwing away some other things or maybe even giving them to my mom as she is bigger than me and will need some clothes to wear when she gets down to the size that I used to be.
I have been good this week again, not eating anything apart from what I have meant to be eating. I haven't been having my last shake at night because I just haven't been hungry. I am going to talk to my consultant about removing the last shake because:

1) I don't seem to need it

2) I can't afford to keep on paying nearly £40 a week for food. I haven't got a job at the moment, I thought by now I would have a job but I haven't. I have had to sign on which is annoying but I need money to live. I have got work experience and voluntary work lined up with some places so hopefully I will get a job out of that or find myself a part time job while I do work in the film, Tv and theatre industry.

So I plan to discuss this with my consultant after my meeting in about 3 hours. (It is now 1pm my weigh in time is 4.30pm).

As far as body changes, I have felt thinner, most of all in my stomach area and chest. However middle of the week I found that the time of the month fairy had visited me early which I was told would happen. Because the body is going under changes, not getting much food and losing weight you will find that your body just wants to get rid of the hormones because you are getting smaller it thinks that it doesn't need it as much as it used to. So I have been feeling quite crap because of the diet and time of the month, but I haven't snacked or anything like that like I normally would. So yay!

So boys and girls I have just had my weigh in it is now about 5pm and drum roll please.... I have lost 6.4 pounds this week! Which gives a total of 11.9 pounds in 2 weeks! She said that in a few days I would have lost a stone so I will be about half way to my goal loss by next Saturday! I was actually really shocked because of it being my time of the month and everything I was expecting not to lose that much maybe a couple of pound but not nearly half a stone!

I asked her about just having the 2 meals with them and then the 1 normal meal and she said that was totally fine. She also said that my time of the month could be even longer just because of the dramatic weight loss. She said that she could tell straight away that I had lost a lot because I look smaller. I admit I do feel it I am finding that clothes are becoming baggy etc but I can't see it for myself. She said that I should go and try on some clothes as I should be able to fit into smaller sizes now.
I haven't been posting about my diet in the past few days just because what I say about each day seems to be basically the same. I am now just going to do a weekly one on every Sat/Sun as I get weighed on the weekend.
I have had ombre hair for 9-10 months now, I think this is the longest I have kept the same coloured hair! I did try to go lighter before but it just didn't work. I redyed my dark blonde the other day because it had faded, I decided to go for a brand that was on offer instead of the normal nice n easy I go for. This was a mistake, my hair which was meant to come a dark blonde went a medium brown. This did not look good for my skin! I am really pale anyway so by going a darker colour it completely washed me out. I left it for about a week hoping that it would fade but it didn't, so I got a really light blonde by nice n easy and stuck it on all of my hair. So now my hair is about the same shade of blonde it was before.

The main reason I went ombre was to let my hair grow, which is has done a lot. I no longer need to wear my extensions which I haven't touched since about christmas. The plan was to allow my hair to grow a lot until the summer and then go back to a lighter blonde but to still let it grow. As I don't really use heat on my hair, my hair is in great condition, so dying it a lighter blonde won't do too much damage hopefully!

This is the sort of colour I am hoping to go for:

I love Gwyneth Paltrow's hair in this photo, I don't want to go platinum blonde as it doesn't suit my skin tone but a lightish blonde like this shade I love.

I don't know who she is but she is beautiful! 

Knowing what I am like I will probably go out tomorrow and get some dye... I think I am going to dye it lighter and then put some low lights in to give it dimension. The low lights I would want to be close to my natural colour so then I could just put in some highlights every so often and let my natural colour grow through as well. Or put in some highlights and then if I want more dimension I could put in some low lights later on. I would still have some variety of colour going through because half of my hair is darker than the rest. 

The bottom image is the type of colour I want, the darker colour is close to my natural colour, so the shades would go well for my hair. 

So... after ages looking at hair dye I couldn't decide what colour I wanted to be. I know that I do eventually want to go back to all light blonde but for now I will just stick with my ombre hair. The one thing I did do was I did lighten my light blonde of my ombre so now it is very very light almost a white blonde which compared to the dark blonde on top of my hair I think would look quite nice! I am going to let my hair grow even more and then go to the hairdressers and get it done professionally as I want more than one colour in my hair.