Lee Stafford hair growth 3 week update

My hair feels like it has grown quite a bit, I haven't measured it this week but I can see that it is defiantly grown a lot since I have been using this product. My hair feels like it is a lot thicker as well, I have quite a few layers in my hair and because of how fast it seems to be growing the layers are growing out which will make it seem thicker. I have noticed that my fringe is getting really long too, it is now nearly to the bottom of my nose and it is much easier to wear I find that I don't have to clip it back.

I think that it also seems thicker because my hair is in a better condition, it feels so soft! I haven't been putting heat on my hair apart from about once a month I like to straighten my hair to see how long it is straight as normally I wear it naturally wavy. The last time I did this (apart from last night) was about a month ago and my hair was about 2 inches off the top of my bra strap, it is now only about half an inch off. So that means that my hair must of grown quite a bit since using this product.

I thought I would take a photo of the back of my hair to show the length it is now and I shall take another photo like this in about a months time. (My room doesn't have very good lighting as I took this at night).


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