cambridge diet week 12 (I think)

Haven't updated for a few weeks as I have been busy. Had my weigh in today, I am now 4lb off my goal weight but I do want to lose slightly more so lets say half a stone-ish.

I have really shrunk although my boobs are still quite big but I do need to invest in some new bras. I am currently wearing a 34E but I think I need a 32E as my back has shrunk over the past few weeks. As for clothes I can get into a size 8/10 top depending on the style and where it is from. On the bottom 10 again depending on the style and where it is from. I have only shrunk down a couple of sizes but it still feels weird seeing a smaller version of myself in the mirror. Though in my head I am still the more curvier version of myself I guess over time this will change?

My diet I am having one shake a day normally on the night, with 30g of cereal in the morning and a piece of chicken with veg or salad for lunch. This was meant to change today I think but my normal consultant wasn't in and so the lady I saw just told me to stick to it for this week. I am meant to be adding a piece of fruit to my diet and then in a few weeks take away the last shake for another meal so hopefully this will happen next weekend!


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