Extensions, yay or nay?! Plus mini hair history

From when I started 6th form about 6 years ago I used to wear hair extensions all of the time, I was forever changing my hair different colours and therefore my hair was in really bad condition! I used to therefore always wear extensions every single day, I used to get them from my local hair shop down the road from my house or from ones in the city (Birmingham) or even from eBay. My hair was quite thin back then and I could get away with buying cheap hair extensions as they were thin like my hair. Here are a few photos of the hair colours and styles I have been:

Bright red nearly 4 years ago Jan 2010, short hair with long extensions:

A lot of bleaching to go back to a very light blonde with different dyed colours on the side, I often changed the colour a lot from black to red to purple etc. June 2010: 

All bleach blonde, very short hair still with long extensions as it refused to grow which was my own fault, August 2010: 

My hair was really short here because of the bleaching I used to have to put my extensions in really high to try to hide it, September 2010: 

My hair with no extensions, I decided to go a bit darker blonde than the bleach blonde I was, my hair was about this short for all of 2010 but I always wore extensions. I wanted my hair to grow so I thought but dying it darker I wouldn't have to bleach it so much, December 2010: 

I then decided to go even darker to a brown however I went too dark (not in this photo) it was going a dark golden brown which I didn't like and decided to go back to blonde after a few months as it made me look really washed out. Jan 2012:

Back to blonde, hair is still quite short here with shorter extensions, May 2012:

Hair is still quite short and thin, about to my shoulders here with extensions in but it was gradually growing, July 2012:

It was round about October 2012 I ombre'd my hair for the first time which allowed my hair to grow loads and become a lot healthier. I still needed extensions for the first few months about christmas time I stopped wearing them. I no longer dyed my hair loads as I could deal with my roots, they are still a different shade of blonde to my natural blonde but I can deal with it. I did a couple of months ago go back to all over blonde but this time I highlighted my hair but I went back to ombre just because I prefer it. It is less hassle and I love the fact that I don't have to worry about my roots and let my hair grow. 

In my pictures recently on my blog apart from one photo I am not wearing extensions my hair is quite long now, it comes to about the end of my bra strap and the back and just above my chest at the front. However from the highlights it did damage it quite a bit and some of the top layers did go quite short. However now my hair is in great condition and is growing again, but I do miss having really long hair thanks to extensions! 

I did buy some cheap extensions off eBay but I had so much trouble with them, because of how long my hair has gotten it has gone back to its natural state. When I was younger my hair was quite thick and it has now gone back to this which is great! I love the fact I have really thick hair but it is a nightmare when it comes to extensions. The eBay ones I brought was in 16inch and 20 inch, I think I got a full pack of 16inch and half a pack of 20 but then I brought another pack of 20 because of how thin they were. There must be only about 40g-50g of hair, and they are stupidly thin at the bottom, it just looks weird when I have them in. Even when I curl them it just doesn't look right! 

I have therefore been looking at more expensive extensions from websites such as Foxy Locks, Clip Hair, Dirty Locks, Lush etc but I am still undecided on what hair extensions to get. I would want to get 160g or more for my hair as I would need the thickness of it. I just want thicker better quality hair extensions but as I haven't worn any for ages I am not sure what is my best option. Also I am still not 100% sure I want to buy them, but then when I look at images of girls with hair extensions in and it just looks so pretty it makes me want some! Also the fact I never never spent so much on hair extensions it worries me! I think the most I spent was about £50 but this was years ago and even then I felt bad for spending that much! 

Then again I could just wait and hope that my hair grows quick! I am still using the Lee Stafford for hair that never grows past a certain length. I did stop using it for a couple of months but I have been using it again. I do notice that my hair does grow a lot faster and with using Bleach London's hair mask treatment my hair is in seriously good condition that I do hope it grows quick! I just miss being able to do loads of different styles with my hair as I think that some styles look a lot better if you have longer hair! 

I think I may wait it out for a bit and see how I feel in a few weeks, if I still feel the same I think I will invest in some...

OH decisions decisions... 


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