Cambridge weigh in no 7

This week I have lost 4 pounds, I am now only 13 lbs off my original goal weight I do plan on losing a few pounds more just to be on the safe side but to still be in the healthy category for my height. Nothing really has changed, I did ask about having the bars as my mom has been having them. However my consultant said that because they have more stuff in them she doesn't want me to have them because I am doing so well on my diet at the moment, which I am quite happy with sticking to. I did have a biscuit this week but apart from that I haven't had anything else.

Clothing wise, skirts that I brought a few weeks before my diet do not fit me anymore, they are far too loose. They were in a size 12 and now they are way too baggy it looks weird to wear. I did try to wear a belt with one today but I just couldn't make it work right. I can feel my hip bones a lot more now my skin is about 1inch to half an inch away from them. My collar bones are defiantly more visible as well. I haven't took my measurements in a while so I shall do that either some point later on today or tomorrow.  I have gone down 4 cup sizes with my bras! Which is great because of the size I used to be I could only get my size off the internet or from ann summers which were expensive. I can now go into Asda and buy their bras which are so much cheaper, I got two today for £9. I do not want to start buying loads in case I go even smaller but I do need some for now as I am wearing bras that are far too big for me.

That is it really! (:


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