With my new found love of jazzing up my lips I wanted something a bit darker than the red I brought the other week. While I was in Boots I came across Collections Gothic Glam range, it has a range of 'gothic' lipsticks and nail polishes. I decided to get just one of the three lipsticks for now, but I defiantly will be going back to get the other two.

I brought no3 Revenge, it is a very dark red/purple. It smells quite nice, not too 'old lady' like most lipsticks but nothing like the Kate lipstick I brought the other week, that smells beautiful. It retails at £2.99 I think it was from Boots, but they do sell it in other stores as well. I did try to buy the other two from Asda earlier on but they were all out of stock!

As for wear I wore it out today into town and to Asda, where I also had a meal at home just a baked potato. I did find that it went on very well, I did try it with using a brush and it came out lighter than putting it on straight from the lipstick itself. You could build it up to make it darker but I did quite like how it came out, it is slightly darker than the photo shows. With eating and drinking I did find it came off around the middle of my lips so it would defiantly need reapplying after that.

It is such a beautiful colour though I am so glad I brought it and I defiantly do plan on getting the other two. No1 Seduction is a dark red and no2 Scorned is a dark purple. I think I may also try out some of the nail polishes as well!
I recently brought the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 111 kiss of life.

I never really wear lipstick but I have always wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and start to wear it. I normally go for a lip balm which has no colour to it.

As soon as I saw the colours in the Kate collection I loved it, I loved the fact that it was Matte as I feel that sometimes with lipstick the lips can look a bit too shiny which for me personally I do not like.

It took me about 20 minutes to decide what colour to buy from my local Boots because the colours are so pretty! I decided to go with 111 Kiss of life, which is a matte red, quite a bright red but as it is matte I think I can pull it off. At Boots it is £5.49 which isn't too bad for a lipstick really!

As for the lipstick itself it goes on perfectly, although I do prefer applying it with a small brush. It doesn't smell like other lipsticks, it smells very fruity. As for lasting, I wore it recently in to town where I went for a Chinese meal and a trip to the cinema. I found that it did last quite well although I did have greasy food and so I did have to reapply it after this and after drinking quite a bit of water, but apart from that it lasted really well!

Buying this lipstick has made me want to buy a lot more mainly darker colours for fall, I have already brought another from a different brand which I shall do another post on once I have worn it out a few times. 

So it has been about a month since my last post, I have been quite busy the past month so that is why I haven't posted!

Since my last post I have gone back to my ombre hair, which I am glad I have as it is so much easier to deal with no more dying my hair! I did have to cut about 3 inches off my hair though because it was so damaged from the bleaching to create the ombre. I am still using the Lee Stafford hair growth mask so it is growing a lot quicker but it is just annoying that I had to cut so much off! I have therefore this week brought myself some extensions which I never thought I would do again. The extensions are about 5 inches longer than my hair, but I shall so another post on this in more detail.

I have also been carrying on with the weight loss, although it is at the rather annoying stage at the moment where I seem to be going up and down a few pounds each week! I am going to try exercising more than I am at the moment to try to get my weight down to my goal which is about half a stone away now!

I have also gone out of my comfort zone and begun wearing lipstick. I never thought it would suit me but I do love wearing it! I shall do a post on the few colours I have brought recently and which ones I like the best.

I have also found some really good websites for getting some lovely clothes which I shall do a post on. I shall also be doing some haul posts and out fit of the days.

My plan is to get back into blogging, hopefully be doing a couple of posts each week as I do like doing it! I have also joined the Blogger Programme which I heard off a Youtuber and blogger Melon I shall put her links below. This programme is to help bloggers who have just started or need a bit of help. I think it is a great programme to be apart of!