Cambridge diet weigh in no.2

I have been good this week again, not eating anything apart from what I have meant to be eating. I haven't been having my last shake at night because I just haven't been hungry. I am going to talk to my consultant about removing the last shake because:

1) I don't seem to need it

2) I can't afford to keep on paying nearly £40 a week for food. I haven't got a job at the moment, I thought by now I would have a job but I haven't. I have had to sign on which is annoying but I need money to live. I have got work experience and voluntary work lined up with some places so hopefully I will get a job out of that or find myself a part time job while I do work in the film, Tv and theatre industry.

So I plan to discuss this with my consultant after my meeting in about 3 hours. (It is now 1pm my weigh in time is 4.30pm).

As far as body changes, I have felt thinner, most of all in my stomach area and chest. However middle of the week I found that the time of the month fairy had visited me early which I was told would happen. Because the body is going under changes, not getting much food and losing weight you will find that your body just wants to get rid of the hormones because you are getting smaller it thinks that it doesn't need it as much as it used to. So I have been feeling quite crap because of the diet and time of the month, but I haven't snacked or anything like that like I normally would. So yay!

So boys and girls I have just had my weigh in it is now about 5pm and drum roll please.... I have lost 6.4 pounds this week! Which gives a total of 11.9 pounds in 2 weeks! She said that in a few days I would have lost a stone so I will be about half way to my goal loss by next Saturday! I was actually really shocked because of it being my time of the month and everything I was expecting not to lose that much maybe a couple of pound but not nearly half a stone!

I asked her about just having the 2 meals with them and then the 1 normal meal and she said that was totally fine. She also said that my time of the month could be even longer just because of the dramatic weight loss. She said that she could tell straight away that I had lost a lot because I look smaller. I admit I do feel it I am finding that clothes are becoming baggy etc but I can't see it for myself. She said that I should go and try on some clothes as I should be able to fit into smaller sizes now.


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