Life update

So it has been about a month since my last post, I have been quite busy the past month so that is why I haven't posted!

Since my last post I have gone back to my ombre hair, which I am glad I have as it is so much easier to deal with no more dying my hair! I did have to cut about 3 inches off my hair though because it was so damaged from the bleaching to create the ombre. I am still using the Lee Stafford hair growth mask so it is growing a lot quicker but it is just annoying that I had to cut so much off! I have therefore this week brought myself some extensions which I never thought I would do again. The extensions are about 5 inches longer than my hair, but I shall so another post on this in more detail.

I have also been carrying on with the weight loss, although it is at the rather annoying stage at the moment where I seem to be going up and down a few pounds each week! I am going to try exercising more than I am at the moment to try to get my weight down to my goal which is about half a stone away now!

I have also gone out of my comfort zone and begun wearing lipstick. I never thought it would suit me but I do love wearing it! I shall do a post on the few colours I have brought recently and which ones I like the best.

I have also found some really good websites for getting some lovely clothes which I shall do a post on. I shall also be doing some haul posts and out fit of the days.

My plan is to get back into blogging, hopefully be doing a couple of posts each week as I do like doing it! I have also joined the Blogger Programme which I heard off a Youtuber and blogger Melon I shall put her links below. This programme is to help bloggers who have just started or need a bit of help. I think it is a great programme to be apart of!



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