I am writing this a few days before my weekly update as today I had my implant taken out today. As my periods were every week my consultant thought it would be a good idea to have my contraceptive implant taken out as it is a few months away from my 3 year deadline anyway. The implant is a small rod that gets injected into your arm, it then releases hormones into your body which controls your period and may even stop it for the 3 years. Mine never stopped it just helped control it, however since being on this diet it hasn't been controlling my periods at all. So my consultant told me it would benefit me to come off it and go back onto the pill.

The whole taking it out process wasn't the best experience, the local anaesthetic went fine, I am alright with needles. However then the doctor had to cut my arm open slightly, with this I went slightly faint as I knew what she was doing and I could hear it. The doctor who had put the implant in had put it in too deep, so the doctor was struggling to get it out. In the end it took half an hour to remove it, the nurse and doctor had to put loads of pressure on my arm to get the implant to poke out of the hole for the doctor to remove it. Very uncomfortable process!

I was able to start taking the pill from today, which is great so I hopefully won't have another period for a month now, fingers crossed!

As for the eating cereal, it's weird, because I am used to having semi-skimmed milk with cereal it just doesn't taste the same. I have been having the corn flakes nearly dry because of the skimmed milk, it just doesn't have much taste to it at all. I have found that by having a cup of tea with it helps a lot.

Weight wise I think my weight has stayed the same just because of eating more carbs than I have been used to. I guess I shall see on saturday!


Just come back from my weigh in, I have actually lost another pound this week, which means I have just over half a stone to lose. My consultant was really please as with the extra carbs and the hormone change because of what I said above she didn't think I would have lost anything and I felt the same.

She said that if next week I have lost 1-2 lb she wants to introduce a piece of fruit to my daily intake to introduce some natural sugar, such as an apple. Then the week after hopefully to take away my last product for a few days a week and introduce another healthy meal. This way she said I will still be eating healthy but losing weight to reach my goal weight and maintain it. So I will not be relying on the products to lose weight.

I have gotten used to eating cereal even with the different milk. My arm is healing, it was slightly bruised and is still a bit sore but apart from this I am fine. I haven't had any signs of having another period and I haven't been that hungry either.
This week I lost a couple of pound I would have lost more, but I had been bloated all week and came on again on Thursday. It is really starting to annoy me now because I have been coming on every single week which means I am constantly feeling like a whale.

My consultant decided to change my diet, I am now allowed to have one bowl of 30g cereal in the morning which shall be corn flakes, with a meal for lunch and a shake for dinner. Hopefully with this and having my implant taken out of Wednesday and start to take the pill it shall control my periods and therefore control my weight loss. I shall hopefully stop having periods and being bloated all the time, this has been kind of depressing me. I know I have lost weight and I can kind of see it but I feel too bloated to wear anything tight, I have been wearing baggy clothes.

I am coming to the end of my diet now as I have 9lbs to lose to my goal weight although I may change this to be a few pounds lighter than my goal weight, still keeping in with the healthy zone for my height. This is another reason why my consultant changed my diet, because as I am coming to the end of my diet she wants me to start to slowly introduce more carbs and fibre plus more actual food and not shakes.
I have been thinking about having purple dip dye in my hair for a while now, I did buy the L'oreal toning conditioner in lilac a few months ago but it didn't take to my hair as well as I thought it would. I ended up buying some directions on Ebay in violet.

It came yesterday and so I put it on the tips of my hair last night. I put it on about 2-3 inches of hair and left it on for about 15 minutes. I was going to mix it with conditioner so it would be a paler colour but as it will fade anyway I can see if I prefer it to be pale or a deeper colour without the conditioner added. 



I am impressed with the results, my hair is a light blonde but I thought it would need to be a white blonde in order for the purple to take and become such a bright colour. It looks quite blue in the photo but it is quite a bright intense purple. I am not sure how long it will last as it is a semi-perm but I shall do another post in a few days. 

Lost 5lbs this week so it means I am 10lbs off my goal weight, but I do want to drop a few more pounds just so I am more into the healthy zone for my height. So 12-13lbs really, less than a stone though!!!

My consultant said that probably next week after my weigh in she will talk to me about not having a shake for breakfast but to have some type of food instead as I am nearly to the end of it all. She did say that when I do this my body may not lose anything for a week but then hopefully I shall be back on track.

It is my birthday next month on the 13th so I am hoping that I will not be on the diet anymore by then, fingers crossed!
A few of my friends had gotten their daith pierced with a heart shaped piercing. I had wanted it done for a while now but because of how busy I had been I hadn't had the chance to go and get it done. I have 5 piercings on my left ear and 3 on the other so I wanted to even them out. Yesterday while I was in town I decided to go into Oasis in Birmingham to a piercing and tattoo place called Dolly Rockers I decided to get my daith pierced here, I have had quite a few piercings done at Dolly Rockers so I knew that it was safe and clean. It was £29 for the piercing which is quite expensive for one piercing but they do a 2 for 1 on Tuesdays so you could get this done and another one at the same time.

If any of you are wondering where your daith is, it is on your ear in the middle near the tragus:

I had filled out a form, received a care guide and and picked out the colour of the heart I wanted, because this piercing is quite popular at the moment there wasn't many colours to pick from so I decided to get a light blue heart. I then went into a small room and the piercer cleaned my right ear and marked on my ear where she thought was best to pierce. I then checked in a mirror and told her that the place she had marked was good. She then sprayed my ear with a numbing spray and I lied down on the 'bed' and turned my head to face her. She then put a needle through my ear, this bit was fine, I could hear it go through but it didn't hurt because my ear had been numbed. She then proceeded to put the piercing through my ear, this bit was slightly uncomfortable, again it didn't hurt but it was just uncomfortable because of the shape of the piercing. With pillars she then closed the gap on the piercing and put tissue on my ear as it was slightly bleeding. Then it was done!

I did get a headache last night from my ear throbbing but after taking a headache tablet I was fine. Sleeping was ok as well because of it being more on the inside of my ear I can actually lie on it without being in a lot of pain. I have to clean it twice a day with salt water and ear buds to make sure that it heals good. It only hurts when I clean it but that it because of the salt water and touching it apart from this there is no other pain.

Here is a photo of it a few hours after it was done:

Once it has healed in a few months I shall buy a silver heart to replace the blue one, or even go back to Dolly Rockers and see if they have a silver heart that they can replace the blue one with. 

If you want to get this done just remember to make sure that the place you are getting pierced at is clean and safe. The piercing is quite expensive but I love it and I am so glad that I had it done as I think that it is very unusual and pretty! 

So a few weeks ago I said that I wanted to go blonder, I wanted to not have ombre hair anymore dark blonde to light I wanted to have all-over light blonde hair. I had tried with normal hair dye but because of how many times I had dyed the top part of my hair a darker shade of blonde to try to match my roots the light blonde dye just didn't take very well. I decided that I would buy some bleach from Boots. I brought the Jerome Russell B Blonde kit in medium lift which is best to use on Blonde hair. It is £6.99 I think, it is not on the website for some reason so here is what it looks like:

In the pack you get:
mixing tub
plastic gloves
developing hat
lightening powder bleach
medium lift cream peroxide
conditioning shampoo

I highlighted my hair using a boots tinting brush as the brush that the pack gave you was tiny and a bowl with foils. I just sectioned my hair off and using a comb selected bits of my hair that I wanted to highlight. I had the bleach on for about half an hour, I only mixed up about a quarter of the bleach with some of the powder as I wasn't sure how much I would use, when I needed more I mixed more up.

The results were good, although I did realise that I had to go back over some parts of my hair that needed more highlights. I also put some low lights through my hair to make it look more natural and toned the light blonde with purple shampoo to make it less brassy. When my roots grow through I will be able to use a light blonde hair dye to highlight these as they won't have had any dye on them perviously.

Here is the finished result:



I would defiantly recommend using bleach if you have had a lot of colour on your hair that is darker than what you want to be. I am no expert this is just what worked for me. I had used light blonde hair dye before but it didn't go the colour I wanted it to be therefore this is why I decided to use bleach on my hair.  The bleach may also make your hair go slightly orange, which is why I use purple shampoo to fix it. I have bleached my hair before and so I knew what I was doing, but if you are worried and haven't used it before I would go to the hairdressers just in case anything goes wrong.  

This week I have lost 4 pounds, I am now only 13 lbs off my original goal weight I do plan on losing a few pounds more just to be on the safe side but to still be in the healthy category for my height. Nothing really has changed, I did ask about having the bars as my mom has been having them. However my consultant said that because they have more stuff in them she doesn't want me to have them because I am doing so well on my diet at the moment, which I am quite happy with sticking to. I did have a biscuit this week but apart from that I haven't had anything else.

Clothing wise, skirts that I brought a few weeks before my diet do not fit me anymore, they are far too loose. They were in a size 12 and now they are way too baggy it looks weird to wear. I did try to wear a belt with one today but I just couldn't make it work right. I can feel my hip bones a lot more now my skin is about 1inch to half an inch away from them. My collar bones are defiantly more visible as well. I haven't took my measurements in a while so I shall do that either some point later on today or tomorrow.  I have gone down 4 cup sizes with my bras! Which is great because of the size I used to be I could only get my size off the internet or from ann summers which were expensive. I can now go into Asda and buy their bras which are so much cheaper, I got two today for £9. I do not want to start buying loads in case I go even smaller but I do need some for now as I am wearing bras that are far too big for me.

That is it really! (: