Younique 3D Fibre Lash mascara first impression

After my presenter kit came in the post I finally got the chance to try out the mascara. You get two applicators that come in a little box one has the transplanting gel and the other has the fibres. The applicators are just plain black, but have a nice look to them. They look quite sophisticated compared to other brands of mascara out there.

You have to first put the transplanting gel onto your lashes, I made sure I coated the back of my lashes as well. Then you have to put the fibres on straight away while the gel is still wet, I did this to the back of my lashes as well. This did look a bit weird as I have never used a fibre mascara before, but they clung to my lashes. It didn't look quite right because the fibres were all over my lashes. You have to then apply another coat of the gel this then smoothed all of my lashes out and made them look great!

Left is normal mascara, right is one coat of 3D fibre lash mascara

They look so long, even longer than what they normally are. They look slightly thicker as well. I only put one coat of this on, which is all what you need really. I think that the images of the girls with the really bad eyelashes are the ones who have put too many fibres on and too many coats. You only really need one!


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