Lighter blonde?

I have had ombre hair for 9-10 months now, I think this is the longest I have kept the same coloured hair! I did try to go lighter before but it just didn't work. I redyed my dark blonde the other day because it had faded, I decided to go for a brand that was on offer instead of the normal nice n easy I go for. This was a mistake, my hair which was meant to come a dark blonde went a medium brown. This did not look good for my skin! I am really pale anyway so by going a darker colour it completely washed me out. I left it for about a week hoping that it would fade but it didn't, so I got a really light blonde by nice n easy and stuck it on all of my hair. So now my hair is about the same shade of blonde it was before.

The main reason I went ombre was to let my hair grow, which is has done a lot. I no longer need to wear my extensions which I haven't touched since about christmas. The plan was to allow my hair to grow a lot until the summer and then go back to a lighter blonde but to still let it grow. As I don't really use heat on my hair, my hair is in great condition, so dying it a lighter blonde won't do too much damage hopefully!

This is the sort of colour I am hoping to go for:

I love Gwyneth Paltrow's hair in this photo, I don't want to go platinum blonde as it doesn't suit my skin tone but a lightish blonde like this shade I love.

I don't know who she is but she is beautiful! 

Knowing what I am like I will probably go out tomorrow and get some dye... I think I am going to dye it lighter and then put some low lights in to give it dimension. The low lights I would want to be close to my natural colour so then I could just put in some highlights every so often and let my natural colour grow through as well. Or put in some highlights and then if I want more dimension I could put in some low lights later on. I would still have some variety of colour going through because half of my hair is darker than the rest. 

The bottom image is the type of colour I want, the darker colour is close to my natural colour, so the shades would go well for my hair. 

So... after ages looking at hair dye I couldn't decide what colour I wanted to be. I know that I do eventually want to go back to all light blonde but for now I will just stick with my ombre hair. The one thing I did do was I did lighten my light blonde of my ombre so now it is very very light almost a white blonde which compared to the dark blonde on top of my hair I think would look quite nice! I am going to let my hair grow even more and then go to the hairdressers and get it done professionally as I want more than one colour in my hair. 


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