Blonder hair.

So a few weeks ago I said that I wanted to go blonder, I wanted to not have ombre hair anymore dark blonde to light I wanted to have all-over light blonde hair. I had tried with normal hair dye but because of how many times I had dyed the top part of my hair a darker shade of blonde to try to match my roots the light blonde dye just didn't take very well. I decided that I would buy some bleach from Boots. I brought the Jerome Russell B Blonde kit in medium lift which is best to use on Blonde hair. It is £6.99 I think, it is not on the website for some reason so here is what it looks like:

In the pack you get:
mixing tub
plastic gloves
developing hat
lightening powder bleach
medium lift cream peroxide
conditioning shampoo

I highlighted my hair using a boots tinting brush as the brush that the pack gave you was tiny and a bowl with foils. I just sectioned my hair off and using a comb selected bits of my hair that I wanted to highlight. I had the bleach on for about half an hour, I only mixed up about a quarter of the bleach with some of the powder as I wasn't sure how much I would use, when I needed more I mixed more up.

The results were good, although I did realise that I had to go back over some parts of my hair that needed more highlights. I also put some low lights through my hair to make it look more natural and toned the light blonde with purple shampoo to make it less brassy. When my roots grow through I will be able to use a light blonde hair dye to highlight these as they won't have had any dye on them perviously.

Here is the finished result:



I would defiantly recommend using bleach if you have had a lot of colour on your hair that is darker than what you want to be. I am no expert this is just what worked for me. I had used light blonde hair dye before but it didn't go the colour I wanted it to be therefore this is why I decided to use bleach on my hair.  The bleach may also make your hair go slightly orange, which is why I use purple shampoo to fix it. I have bleached my hair before and so I knew what I was doing, but if you are worried and haven't used it before I would go to the hairdressers just in case anything goes wrong.  


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