Cambridge diet weigh in no. 10


I am writing this a few days before my weekly update as today I had my implant taken out today. As my periods were every week my consultant thought it would be a good idea to have my contraceptive implant taken out as it is a few months away from my 3 year deadline anyway. The implant is a small rod that gets injected into your arm, it then releases hormones into your body which controls your period and may even stop it for the 3 years. Mine never stopped it just helped control it, however since being on this diet it hasn't been controlling my periods at all. So my consultant told me it would benefit me to come off it and go back onto the pill.

The whole taking it out process wasn't the best experience, the local anaesthetic went fine, I am alright with needles. However then the doctor had to cut my arm open slightly, with this I went slightly faint as I knew what she was doing and I could hear it. The doctor who had put the implant in had put it in too deep, so the doctor was struggling to get it out. In the end it took half an hour to remove it, the nurse and doctor had to put loads of pressure on my arm to get the implant to poke out of the hole for the doctor to remove it. Very uncomfortable process!

I was able to start taking the pill from today, which is great so I hopefully won't have another period for a month now, fingers crossed!

As for the eating cereal, it's weird, because I am used to having semi-skimmed milk with cereal it just doesn't taste the same. I have been having the corn flakes nearly dry because of the skimmed milk, it just doesn't have much taste to it at all. I have found that by having a cup of tea with it helps a lot.

Weight wise I think my weight has stayed the same just because of eating more carbs than I have been used to. I guess I shall see on saturday!


Just come back from my weigh in, I have actually lost another pound this week, which means I have just over half a stone to lose. My consultant was really please as with the extra carbs and the hormone change because of what I said above she didn't think I would have lost anything and I felt the same.

She said that if next week I have lost 1-2 lb she wants to introduce a piece of fruit to my daily intake to introduce some natural sugar, such as an apple. Then the week after hopefully to take away my last product for a few days a week and introduce another healthy meal. This way she said I will still be eating healthy but losing weight to reach my goal weight and maintain it. So I will not be relying on the products to lose weight.

I have gotten used to eating cereal even with the different milk. My arm is healing, it was slightly bruised and is still a bit sore but apart from this I am fine. I haven't had any signs of having another period and I haven't been that hungry either.


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