Back to healthy eating and exercise

I have defiantly put on a few pounds over Christmas! Back to healthy eating and exercising more! I shall be starting on the 1st Jan as tomorrow night we are having a sort of new years buffet type thing. 

I have decided that the days I am at work I wont exercise because I am rushed off feet for sometimes 8 hours, walking around etc so I don't see the point in exercising on these days. As for the other days I am going to use the cross trainer I have at home and do some youtube video workouts. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer I shall go for walks as well.

I shall get back to eating the way I did when I was on my diet, although not as strict, I just watched a video on pixiwoomadness where Sam talks about her diet/weight loss. She said that her brother who is a personal trainer goes by the saying 'if you can't pick it or kill it, don't eat it' (something like that!) I shall link the videos below. Which is basically saying no processed food, which I did stick to before and I hope to again! I shall every now and again probably break this but as long as I stick to it as best as I can I shall be happy. 

I haven't been to see my consultant since the end of November, I did say to her that I was going to go back in January but I am hoping that I won't need to. I am hoping that I can do this from now on by myself to shed the pounds I put on over Christmas and to drop the last few that I wanted to drop. It is just mainly on my stomach that I have a problem with but by wearing skater dresses you can't really see it that well! Thank god for them! 

I also did start a food diary but I haven't been writing in it a lot but I shall hopefully start to do this again as I think that sometimes by looking at what you have eaten it can help. 

So hopefully I shall get back to how I was before Christmas, no more junk! 

Sam's video:

John's fitness videos:


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