Life update & hair change

I haven't posted anything over the past month as one of my dogs got really ill and passed away last week and I have also started a new job. I now work for H&M its only part time for now I am hoping to get a few more hours and maybe even work my way up to work in the visual department rather than just a sales assistant.

Anyway I have been getting quite a few new items of clothes from work which hasn't been good for my bank balance! I shall do a haul of these hopefully over the next few days when I have a chance to photograph them all.

I have also slightly changed my hair, it is still ombre but slightly darker. I had recently reombred my hair which made the ends become really 'barbie' blonde which I didn't really like. I felt like because it is winter I wanted it to look more natural and maybe add some lighter ombre parts to my hair when the weather gets hotter.

I had done my roots a few weeks ago with the hair dye I usually buy which is the Nice n Easy in dark blonde, I normally go for a dark blonde or dark cool blonde. However sometimes this dye can turn my roots into an orangey blonde for some reason. I don't see why it does as my natural hair colour is a dark blonde but I can never get my dyed hair to be the same colour so I always do my roots as well. The dye did turn my roots into an orangey blonde, it was quite bad as I had about 2 inches of this orangey blonde which then went into a dark ash blonde then onto my ombre. It was very weird!

As there is a boots next to my work I decided to pop in and have a look at other dark blonde shades from different companies. I decided to try the Schwarzkopf Color Mask in 700 dark blonde. I had looked up this product and read some good reviews about it, saying that the colour that the hair came out as matched really well to the colour on the box. This was actually on offer for £4.50 which I didn't realise until I went to the till!

This type of hair dye you have to mix into a pot and apply with your hands. It is a creme hair mask type of hair dye which I have never used before. Instead of applying it with my hands I decided to use my tinting brush as I find it easier applying hair dye like this. 

Last night before I dyed my hair I was looking for hair inspiration, I knew I wanted to use the dark blonde for my roots but I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to do something with the light blonde ombre as well. I came across this image of Cara Delevinge: 

She has dark blonde hair but then with a lighter blonde towards to bottom, a more natural looking ombre effect than what my hair looked like at the time. So I therefore decided to put the dark blonde dye all over my hair, but I would do this in sections. 

With the hair dye I had to empty the colour into the pot which already had the mixing creme in it, then put the lid back on and shake it 40 times. The hair dying process is meant to be left on the hair for a total of 30 minutes so I worked it out that the top section of my hair near my roots would be left on the longest and the tips of my hair would only have a few minutes with the dye on. So it would just tone the blonde down a bit to look a bit more ashy and natural. 

I started from the roots and sectioned my hair adding the hair dye only to about 2 inches of the root section (the bits that had become a weird dark orangey blonde colour). Then after a few minutes I put some more dye on my hair from the 2 inch section to about where the top of my ears were as this section of hair was a darkish blonde already though it had started to fade a bit. I waited about 5-10 minutes after I had finished this section then went onto the next section of hair only doing about 1-2 inches at a time. After each section of hair that I had put dye on I would comb through it so there wouldn't be any harsh lines. Once I had done all of the darker bits of my hair and was on the lightest sections of where I had ombre'd it I put the dye on the same amount of hair 1-2 inches but I only waited a few minutes before going onto the next section of hair. The very last 1-2 inches of hair I only left the dye on for about 2 minutes before I washed it all off. 

I still wanted the ombre look but to look more natural rather than in your face barbie blonde at the bottom. I do love the look of having it a lot lighter at the bottom but I think how my hair came out was more of a summer ombre than a winter one. 


As you can see in this image the light blonde bits of my hair which I reombred had come out a very barbie blonde which I didn't really like. I felt like as I am even paler now because of the winter the harshness of the light blonde didn't go well with my pale skin. I feel like it made me look quite washed out, I was having to apply more blush and more colour to my face so it didn't look as bad. 

(image to come as my hair is currently wet!)


I found the when I had washed off the hair dye my hair didn't seem as dry as it normally does when I have used other hair dyes. Now it is dry part natural part blow dried it is so smooth! I can't believe the condition of my hair, I didn't even put a hair mask (I have been using Bleach London repairing mask) on like I normally do each time I wash my hair. Normally when I dye my hair I wash it two times with shampoo then a normal conditioner then I wash it again the day after. My hair is always in a weird condition after dying it normally doesn't style that well so I always wash it again the next day. I do plan on washing my hair again today and letting it dry naturally. 

Colour wise, it does look like the colour on the box it is very very close to it and my roots are no longer orange. I think the colour is slightly darker than what I wanted but it normally is but then it will fade hopefully it will match my natural colour more. I shall take a photo later on tonight before I wash my hair again. It has made the barbie blonde ombre bits a lovely shade of light ash blonde this will fade a little as well but it still does look ombre which is what I wanted but just a bit more natural looking. 

I think for the spring/summer I may add some highlights to my hair but not right at the roots, still make it ombre but to have a bit more colour to it. Or I may just lighten all my hair to a medium blonde with some highlights. I haven't quite decided yet but I do love the colour it has turned out as it is great for winter! 


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