I had kind of noticed that my body was looking a bit different the past week. I measured myself yesterday although I was kind of bloated from time of the month visiting me, but I thought well I might as well just see what the tape measure says. Last night it had said that I had lost 1-3 inches basically everywhere on my body. Which is great! I am just under half way through the weight loss so I am probably looking at another 3 inches or so coming off my body, maybe more in certain areas who knows! However I woke up this morning not feeling as bloated as I had been and decided to measure my stomach which the day before had said that I had lost 2 inches since starting this diet, well those 2 inches were actually 4!!! Which is amazing!

I had brought some shorts and jeggings from primark ages ago in the size I would normally have gotten. However I didn't try them on in the shop and when I tried them on at home they were a bit too tight they seemed like they were smaller than the size they actually were, so I planned on taking them back but never got round to it. I tried them both on this morning and now they fit and are a bit too big on me! I am just amazed at how fast my body is changing, things look better on me, I feel healthier, I just feel quite good about everything at the moment.

A lot of my clothes I am finding don't really fit me anymore. A lot of tops are really baggy on me which I can deal with and I normally wear leggings which are cheap to buy, but I am going to need to start altering some of my clothes that I want to keep once I have got down to my goal weight. I do not want to throw everything away because I have brought a lot of maxi skirts and dresses over the past few months ready for the summer. They are only from primark but I love every one of them so I am not going to throw them away! I shall just alter them with the help of my nan. I will be throwing away some other things or maybe even giving them to my mom as she is bigger than me and will need some clothes to wear when she gets down to the size that I used to be.
I have been good this week again, not eating anything apart from what I have meant to be eating. I haven't been having my last shake at night because I just haven't been hungry. I am going to talk to my consultant about removing the last shake because:

1) I don't seem to need it

2) I can't afford to keep on paying nearly £40 a week for food. I haven't got a job at the moment, I thought by now I would have a job but I haven't. I have had to sign on which is annoying but I need money to live. I have got work experience and voluntary work lined up with some places so hopefully I will get a job out of that or find myself a part time job while I do work in the film, Tv and theatre industry.

So I plan to discuss this with my consultant after my meeting in about 3 hours. (It is now 1pm my weigh in time is 4.30pm).

As far as body changes, I have felt thinner, most of all in my stomach area and chest. However middle of the week I found that the time of the month fairy had visited me early which I was told would happen. Because the body is going under changes, not getting much food and losing weight you will find that your body just wants to get rid of the hormones because you are getting smaller it thinks that it doesn't need it as much as it used to. So I have been feeling quite crap because of the diet and time of the month, but I haven't snacked or anything like that like I normally would. So yay!

So boys and girls I have just had my weigh in it is now about 5pm and drum roll please.... I have lost 6.4 pounds this week! Which gives a total of 11.9 pounds in 2 weeks! She said that in a few days I would have lost a stone so I will be about half way to my goal loss by next Saturday! I was actually really shocked because of it being my time of the month and everything I was expecting not to lose that much maybe a couple of pound but not nearly half a stone!

I asked her about just having the 2 meals with them and then the 1 normal meal and she said that was totally fine. She also said that my time of the month could be even longer just because of the dramatic weight loss. She said that she could tell straight away that I had lost a lot because I look smaller. I admit I do feel it I am finding that clothes are becoming baggy etc but I can't see it for myself. She said that I should go and try on some clothes as I should be able to fit into smaller sizes now.
I haven't been posting about my diet in the past few days just because what I say about each day seems to be basically the same. I am now just going to do a weekly one on every Sat/Sun as I get weighed on the weekend.
I have had ombre hair for 9-10 months now, I think this is the longest I have kept the same coloured hair! I did try to go lighter before but it just didn't work. I redyed my dark blonde the other day because it had faded, I decided to go for a brand that was on offer instead of the normal nice n easy I go for. This was a mistake, my hair which was meant to come a dark blonde went a medium brown. This did not look good for my skin! I am really pale anyway so by going a darker colour it completely washed me out. I left it for about a week hoping that it would fade but it didn't, so I got a really light blonde by nice n easy and stuck it on all of my hair. So now my hair is about the same shade of blonde it was before.

The main reason I went ombre was to let my hair grow, which is has done a lot. I no longer need to wear my extensions which I haven't touched since about christmas. The plan was to allow my hair to grow a lot until the summer and then go back to a lighter blonde but to still let it grow. As I don't really use heat on my hair, my hair is in great condition, so dying it a lighter blonde won't do too much damage hopefully!

This is the sort of colour I am hoping to go for:

I love Gwyneth Paltrow's hair in this photo, I don't want to go platinum blonde as it doesn't suit my skin tone but a lightish blonde like this shade I love.

I don't know who she is but she is beautiful! 

Knowing what I am like I will probably go out tomorrow and get some dye... I think I am going to dye it lighter and then put some low lights in to give it dimension. The low lights I would want to be close to my natural colour so then I could just put in some highlights every so often and let my natural colour grow through as well. Or put in some highlights and then if I want more dimension I could put in some low lights later on. I would still have some variety of colour going through because half of my hair is darker than the rest. 

The bottom image is the type of colour I want, the darker colour is close to my natural colour, so the shades would go well for my hair. 

So... after ages looking at hair dye I couldn't decide what colour I wanted to be. I know that I do eventually want to go back to all light blonde but for now I will just stick with my ombre hair. The one thing I did do was I did lighten my light blonde of my ombre so now it is very very light almost a white blonde which compared to the dark blonde on top of my hair I think would look quite nice! I am going to let my hair grow even more and then go to the hairdressers and get it done professionally as I want more than one colour in my hair. 

I had a vanilla shake for breakfast with chicken and mushroom soup for lunch.

I had my weigh in at half 4, I have lost 5.5 pounds in my first week which is great! She said its like I had a small baby.

I took away with me vanilla shakes with chicken and mushroom, mushroom and veg soup for the next week. She told me to keep on doing what I am doing, she is hoping that I lose another 4 pound by next weekend. So I should have lost by the end of the month just over 1 stone.

I am feeling a lot better about myself while I have been doing this diet. She also said that I will begin to feel like I have more energy because I will be lighter and my heart won't be under so much pressure. She said that my skin will also be looking better as well.

I have just had tuna, egg and veg for dinner. Yum!
Today I had the vanilla shake, with mushroom and chicken soup, and cod, egg and veg for dinner. I am going to have another shake later on.

Today is my mom's birthday, I did quite well considering. My close family came around they all had kfc and chip shop, my mom had a bit as well. Then after everyone had birthday cake and cheesecake, I made both of these. It was actually quite horrible making them thinking that I won't actually have any. I wouldn't have liked the cake anyway but I do love the cheesecake I made. The cheesecake was a lot thinner than I normally make it, because I made it for more than just the 5 of us there was 10 of us so I made it in a different tin so there would smaller thinner portions to go around.

In the end I had a tiny bit of cheesecake because I was craving it. I thought about it and if I didn't give in then I would continue craving it until it drove me mad. It is all psychological, the reason I was craving it was not just because it is nice food, but because in my mind I told myself I wasn't allowed any and therefore I wanted it, because I couldn't have it. So I did give in, I had a few spoons of it and then that was it. I do not want to have to think that just because I am on a diet I am not allowed tiny bits of food that I crave, because it will effect me psychologically. If I crave something I will most likely give in to some extent. We normally do not have treats in the house very often so the cheesecake was a one off, we only normally have it for birthdays.

Apart from that today has been good, I have been feeling full for longer, still no headaches which means I am drinking enough. It is my weigh in tomorrow, I am kind of hoping that my consultant will say she wants me to try soul sourcing because I do want to try doing it.
Yesterday I had vanilla shake for breakfast, mushroom and chicken soup for lunch and a piece of chicken with veg for dinner. I actually forgot to have my last shake, I wasn't even hungry after that though. So I think that I might soul source next week if my consultant gives me that option. However I think I may do two shakes and a meal because I need something to chew.
I forgot to post last night.

I had a vanilla shake in the morning and the night, with chicken and mushroom soup for lunch. For dinner I had some cod with veg and an egg. I find that fish defiantly fills me up more than chicken but I do love chicken so I will still be having that as well.

I haven't been getting headaches like my mom has, I think it is because I do drink a lot normally. I also have my tea in very large mugs which are about twice the size of a normal mug. I have about 3-4 cups of tea a day so I am drinking a lot of water normally.

I still seem to be losing a pound a day.

It is my mom's birthday on Friday, she is coming off the diet for the one day so she can have some birthday cake etc. I am not going to do this, I plan to stick to the diet even though it will be hard to say no to a bit of cheesecake but I have the will power to do it!
I saw this image on tumblr which made me feel so good about my weight loss journey. I have only lost 2 pound so far from Sunday but looking at this image is making me feel good! Goodbye fat! 

Nothing really to say today, another good day!

I had mushroom soup which was lovely, I am really liking the soups! I also had a vanilla shake, the vanilla shake is my favourite out of all of the shakes at the moment. For dinner I had some tuna, veg and an egg, a bit of an odd combo there really, but it was actually really nice! For pudding I plan to have the orange chocolate shake.

I am defiantly feeling more full today, I did get hungry earlier but every time I have a drink the hunger seems to go away. I think I am feeling more full because I got up later which means I ate later than I would if I got up at 7.
Today has been a good day. I did weigh myself this morning and I had lost 1 pound, I wasn't going to weigh myself but I just can't help it! I have also brought some mouth spray as I am worried about the bad breath side effect!

I had vegetable soup for breakfast because I would be at uni at lunch time so I wouldn't have been able to actually make myself some soup at uni but I would be able to do a shake. The vegetable soup was lovely! I could tell it had peppers in which I do not like, but it wasn't that bad at all, it was very nice. It reminded me of the chicken and mushroom pot noodles for some reason because it was quite tangy but not spicy.

For lunch I had the vanilla shake, I got a few weird looks from people at uni for walking around drinking a shake most of them thought it was milk apparently! I love the vanilla shake I drank it all, it has been the best flavour for me to have so far.

Tonight I am going to have chicken, peas and mushrooms again for dinner. I was going to have tuna but then mom said about having the chicken again because we both loved it last night. Then for pudding I plan to have a chocolate or chocolate orange shake. I think I may have the chocolate as I haven't tried that yet.

I have had a few cravings, I walked past a KFC earlier and the chips were calling me, I don't even eat KFC! But I just ignored this and had some more water. I haven't drank as much today just because I have been at uni. I drank a whole bottle of water and had a cup of tea, I plan to make another cup of tea to have while I watch the new ep of True Blood and more tonight.

I had a talk today with my friend at uni, I was saying to her how much easier it is going to be for me to buy clothes when I lose some weight. I always find it difficult to find clothes that fit me and bras for my size are stupidly expensive. The only place I can get bras are off the internet or ann summers which can be over £30 sometimes. I can't wait until hopefully in 2 months I will be able to go into other shops and buy cheaper pretty bras. I actually got really excited at this as it would make my life a lot easier but I will also of course feel so much better about myself and be a lot healthier.
So yesterday I went to my consultant and she talked me through everything. She has put me on the stage 2 diet because as I am 'young' she doesn't want me to go on the stage 1 diet. You have 3 of the Cambridge selection and one meal with no carbs, it is just over 800 calorie diet. I wouldn't want to not be able to eat food anyway I think I would find it harder. I decided to go for shakes and soup as I felt that if two meals I was eating with cutlery it would feel better than just having shakes all of the time. I picked up strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and chocolate orange shakes with mushroom, chicken and mushroom and vegetable soup.

This morning I had a strawberry shake, I was expecting it to have a more strawberry taste than it did. I managed to drink about half of it then started to feel sick. So I decided to not have any more in case I was actually sick. Normally I am ok with strawberry flavoured things but for some reason I just did not seem to like the strawberry shake. My mom had the same problem with the fruits shake, she began to feel sick after it. I think that I am not going to have the strawberry shake again as it just did not settle well with me. My mom is going to see our consultant on Tuesday as that is when she is booked in for her weigh in so she is going to take back my two strawberry shakes to swap them with something else.

I did feel kind of hungry after not really having much of the shake however because I was drinking loads of tea and water this soon went away. For lunch I had the mushroom and chicken soup which was lovely!!! I did add a tiny bit of salt to it just because I normally add a bit of salt with my soup. It didn't even taste like a diet sort of food. There was no pieces of chicken or mushroom in it but there was the flavour and there was herbs as well. It was so nice, I am looking forward to having this more often!

For dinner I had a piece of chicken breast with herbs on top with some sweet peas and mushrooms these were all weighed to make sure that I was eating the correct amount. I don't even feel hungry I feel quite full considering the amount of calories I have eaten.

For pudding which I will have in a few hours I plan to have the chocolate orange shake.

I have noticed that I am going to the toilet loads more than I normally do because I am drinking so much water. I do normally drink a lot of water but today I have drank over 2 litres which is more than what I normally drink, this has been a mixture of tea (with skimmed milk) and water. I need to make sure that I drink a lot of liquid because my mom started to get headaches because she wasn't drinking enough so I must remember to drink more water!

I feel quite positive at the moment, I know that my mom has lost about 6 pounds so far and her first week isn't even up! I aim to not weigh myself until my weigh in next saturday as I feel that if I am constantly weighing myself I will get too obsessed and maybe even upset if I don't lose calories a certain day. My consultant said that sometimes you don't end up losing anything until the last day of the week it has happened to some of her previous patients. I would like it to be a surprise but also a kind of goal to see how much I lose each week.

Normally you lose quite a bit on the first week but after it starts to slow down. I have been told that I am not allowed to exercise until week 3 so when week 3 comes up I shall start to do the 30 day crunches and squats plus go for bike rides to help me lose more weight.

(Later on) I have just finished the orange chocolate shake, it was ok better than the strawberry but I still felt a bit funny after having it. I guess I am just getting used to having something like that, I managed to drink most of it apart from a bit at the end. I put some ice in it along with the amount of water you are meant to have and put it in the blender. I think that this way of having the shakes makes them taste a lot better.
I haven't done a hair update in agesssss! I am not too sure how long I have been using this product for now.

My hair is still growing, it is now below my bra strap at the back. I hadn't been using it often a few weeks ago for about a month just because of my uni work piling up I needed to have quick showers. Sometimes I would have to be in uni from 8:30 til 8! So the last thing I wanted to do was have a really long shower I just wanted my bed!

I am now back into the routine and it is defiantly growing quicker again. My roots are coming through more from when I tried to dye it lighter a few weeks ago. My layers seem so much longer and so does my fringe!

I haven't straightened my hair in a while just because it is easier to leave it natural and messy/wavy. When I do end up straightening it I shall take a photo to show how long it is now.

Not much has changed from my routine, I am using a silver shampoo at the moment to try to tame the brassiness of the darker blonde that I dye my hair. I am still on the second pot of the product, I am hoping that after the 3rd pot has gone I won't need to buy anymore because it will be the length I want it to be, I hope anyway! I think I have about 5 inches or something until I get to my ideal length, I have decided that I want to longer than what I first planned just because I have never really had naturally long hair.
My mom has started the Cambridge diet today, she had a meeting with her consultant yesterday to get her shakes and a booklet all about the different 'stages' of the diets you can do. My mom is doing the stage 2 diet where you consume 800ish calories a day which consists of 3 shakes and one small meal with loads of water and no exercise for the first 2 weeks to make sure that you are on the right diet. You have to see your rep every week for the weigh in and to get more shakes. It can be quite expensive my mom says that hers is about £35 a week, but depending on the stage of diet you are doing it will cost different amounts.

I have been reading online about the different women and men who have been on the diet and the results they have seen. I am sold, I am thinking about trying it.

I have always been a curvy girl, I have never been massive, I think my biggest is about a size 16 but I have always had big boobs and an hour glass figure. About 5 years ago I became a vegetarian I had no reason to I just got fed up with meat. Even though I did eat a lot of quorn I put on quite a bit of weight, this was when I was my biggest.  Over the past few years however I have lost some of that weight and more, due to healthy eating and going to the gym. However I am now finding it difficult to lose the last bit of weight that I want to lose. I am a size 12 sometimes a 14, but I would love to be a 10-12 in all honesty. So I would need to lose about 1-2 stone to be the size I want to be. I am not going to do this for anyone else but myself, I want to be a healthier version of myself.

I have therefore emailed my mom's rep, we talked on the phone for a bit and booked myself in for Saturday to go through the different options, weigh myself etc.
I love Primark at the moment, I do normally get most of my clothes from either Primark or H&M but I love the skirts and crop tops that Primark have as they are much cheaper than other shops and have a better range.

I had already brought the boyfriend style crop top in a dark grey but I quite fancied it in a black so I picked one up for £3. The size is a lot larger than what I would normally go for, I would normally go for a 12 on top depending on what type of 12 size it is. Sometimes I do have to get a bigger size because of the girls. Both times I have brought these boyfriend style tops they have only had size 18 left. So I brought it anyway because I don't mind that the top is really baggy, I actually prefer it I would rather have it big more baggier because I don't want anything on show! I also brought it in yellow as well as I could wear this with a black maxi skirt to add colour to my outfit.

Also while in Primark I wanted a new skirt as apart from the black ones I only have an orange one. I did want one of the tribal black and white patterned skirts but they didn't have my size, so I may have to go back in sometime in the week to see if they have any more in stock. I did find this floral skirt which I love, it feels very silky it is not a jersey type material like the other skirts in there. This skirt was £12 or £14 I can't remember which and I haven't got the tag anymore! The skirt is sort of like a straight up and down maxi skirt but it is a tiny bit gathered so it isn't tight it is quite flowy. 

I brought another skirt for £12 which is similar to the orange skirt I brought a few weeks ago. It is a metallic sort of nude colour. It has pockets at the front and also is gathered rather than a straight up and down maxi skirt. I was unsure about this skirt when I brought the one above as I was going to buy it but then decided to get the floral one instead. However after a few days of thinking about it I decided to go back and pick it up. I have a degree show private night at university this week so I think that it will be perfect for that as it seems more dressy because it isn't a jersey material. I think that these type of maxi skirts that aren't jersey material can be used for day or night wear. 

My friend from uni had the cheap version of Toms from Newlook, she told me that she got them for £8.  I tried on a variety of pairs of shoes but in some sizes I needed an 8 (uk) in some I needed a 9 (uk). Which is quite annoying! I ended up having to go to another Newlook store to find some in my size. I picked them up thinking that they were £8 however they were not, because they had a patterned material that had holes in it they were fancier than the £8 ones they were actually £12.99. I wasn't going to buy them but I decided that I would because I wanted a pair, they fitted me perfectly and I liked the cream/beige colour that they were. I think that they do these in Primark and they do have them in other shops that are cheaper but because they had a pattern on them I liked them more than the normal plain ones. Also with student discount I did get I think about 10% off. So they were about £10-£11 in the end. 

Yesterday I took a trip to the local reuse centre, my friend had gone there to pick up some props for university and told me they had a variety of different photo frames there, I needed some for uni and I didn't want to pay a lot for them so I took a trip there. While I was looking around I saw these two shelves on top of a cabinet. I wanted some shelves for my room to stick candles etc on them so I decided to pick them up. For both shelves it was £2.50 which is a bargain! Although they are blue I can easily paint this and one of the legs do shelves have legs!? The long bits at the bottom of the shelf, what ever that is called moves slightly so I just need to reglue this. I am thinking of either painting it a cream/white gloss or a pale colour as a statement shelf type thing

They have so many pieces of furniture there that could easily be repainted and reused. I plan on going there again as they have quite a lot there. I also picked up some more things for uni which I can easily use again. I picked up 4 photo frames which were £5 and two victorian styles candle holders which were £2.50. They are always having new stuff in the shop because everything is donated and the money goes to charity.

I also went to B&Q the other day because I needed some wallpaper for my degree space at uni, while I was looking around the wallpaper section I came across this border which has neutral colours and quite pretty I felt. This could be a possibility for the border around my room as it is the exact width I need the border to be. I can't find the border on the website for some reason!

Also with the wallpaper I brought for uni I have some left over, I was thinking of cutting off some of the wallpaper and sticking it in a frame as I really like the pattern and the colour of it is a pale green. Or saving it for when I get my own place and having one wall covered in the wallpaper. It would have to be a small room as there is only 10ms of wallpaper in each roll and as I have already used some of this up I wouldn't have enough for a big wall. Or if they still have it in stock when I get my own place in a few years which I think is very unlikely I could always buy some more of it.