Cambridge weigh in no. 5

It is a few hours before my weigh in, this week I haven't exercised as much as I had done last week, the heat is horrible. I have been walking quite a bit but when I am home I just want to lie in front of my fan because it is just too hot to do anything. I don't think I have lost that much this week but I defiantly look thinner.

I went into shopping yesterday as my clothes are beginning to not fit me so I need to get a few cheap things that I can wear while I am losing weight. Also my wardrobe isn't really suited for this weather, I do have dresses but I am doing some work experience beginning Monday for two weeks so I can't wear dresses etc to do some prop making as I do not want to get messy! I therefore brought a few cheap tops that I can wear with some leggings or shorts while on my work experience. Anyway normally I go for a size 12 on top but I decided to try a size 10. The top I tried fitted me which was amazing, it was a tiny bit tight on my chest but apart from that it was fine!

I have really noticed how I am becoming less curvy, I have never really had a huge stomach I was more wider sideways than going out from my stomach, if that makes sense. I can feel my hip bones a lot more than before, I am probably about an inch off from actually seeing them. It just amazes me how much my body has changed in such a short amount of time.

Had my weigh in, I lost nearly 3 lbs this week, I didn't think I had lost that much as I had been weighing myself during the week. As I haven't been exercising I didn't expect to have lost as much. I am still happy with the weight I have lost this week as it is slowly all coming off! I have therefore so far lost 16-17 lbs in 5 weeks which is great! My bmi is going down a lot which is what I wanted. Just 1 lb of fat is a lot, I keep on picturing this photo every time I lose 1 lb because its amazing how much 1 lb of fat is:

Even though I know I have lost weight seeing myself every day I don't realise how much of a difference there is at the moment, I am nearly half way through my diet and already the changes are amazing.


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