As we are now approaching winter I have noticed that my normal foundation that I use L'oreal True Match in Ivory Rose was getting too dark for my skin tone. It is not really dark but I can tell it no longer matches my skin as well as it does during the summer.

I went to Boots today (16th Nov) to take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer while I was there I tested out a range of different foundations to see which would match my skin the best. I saw the new Rimmel foundation on adverts and this was my first choice of foundation to get this was before I tried it. The lightest shade matched my skin tone, however it does seem quite thick and cakey which the advert is saying to avoid. Anyway I decided not to get this foundation which was annoying as it was a very good price. I normally like to go for cheaper foundations as I have been unemployed since leaving university in July, however now I have a job which I am starting next week I will be able to spend a bit more money on things instead of always going for the cheaper option. I am not saying that some of the cheaper options are bad, most of the lipsticks that I now own are either Collection or Natural Collection and they are really good! It will just allow me to branch out and try different more high end high street products that before I never thought about trying.

So on this trip to Boots I decided to do this, I had a look at the Revlon foundation I decided to get the Revlon Colorstay Makeup in the lightest shade that they had which was actually slightly lighter than my normal L'oreal foundation. They have two different options in the Boots that I went to, normal/dry and combo/oily. Now normally I would go for the combo/oily because my t zone can sometimes be a little bit oily however lately I have noticed it has gotten loads better and my skin in some areas can actually be quite dry, it is probably just the cold air that is making it do this!

I still had a look at both of the bottles and tested out both onto my hand. I noticed that even though they were exactly the same apart from the face type, the combo/oily was actually a tiny bit darker than the normal/dry. I don't really understand why the one would be darker than the other if they are the same foundation but just for a different skin type? I decided to get the normal/dry foundation not only because it was lighter but also because of my skin type changing because of the cold.

The price of the foundation was £12.49 which is the most I have spent on foundation, I hope it looks good! I haven't tested this out yet but I do plan to use it tomorrow so I shall take some photos and upload them into this post.

I also brought three other things while I was at Boots, a birthday present for my aunt which I shall not post on here. I also brought some Lipcote at £3.69 (but actually I got it for free as it was the cheapest thing I brought). As I have been wearing a lot of lipstick lately I want to keep it on my lips and not have it rub off while eating, drinking etc. Most of all when I start work next week I want to be able to wear lipstick without having to worry about it! So I decided to buy this product as I had heard some good reviews about it.

I also brought Collection Shimmer Shades at £4.19 as I wanted a bronzer and highlight this comes with three types of bronzers and a highlight I guess? I did want to buy the Sleek Contouring Kit in light however the Boots that I went to didn't have any Sleek products. I do plan on getting the Sleek Contouring Kit as well as the Collection Shimmer Shades is very glittery, it is more of a going out kit rather than an everyday kit. I will try it out tomorrow but I do still want the Sleek kit as well as you get a lot more of the product for just a few pounds more.

I plan on getting the Sleek Contouring Kit on Thursday as there is an even bigger Boots by my work so it should hopefully (fingers crossed) sell it.

(images to be added)
I decided after months of growing out my fringe to cut it back in. I kept on seeing girls with messy wavy hair similar to how I do mine with fringes and it just looked beautiful! I do feel a little weird when I look into the mirror and I see a fringe but I guess I will get used to it!

Apparently now I look younger?! I don't know if thats a good or bad thing!

Fringe & extensions ^_^

Along with the fringe I brought myself some extensions, which I have been altering the colour. When I first brought them they were an 'ash blonde' apparently... They didn't seem very ash blonde to me as they were quite yellow! I needed to ombre them, I know that you can buy pre-ombred hair extensions but I preferred doing it myself. I dyed the top of them a dark blonde like my natural colour (I worked out how much was needed to be dyed before I did this). I then put a bleach on the rest of the hair and used purple shampoo to tone the yellow down. It is now very close to my very very light blonde ends but it still needs another purple shampoo just to take out a bit more of the yellow.

As my hair is quite thick I have a full head and a half of human hair at two different lengths, 14inch of a full head and 18 inch of half a head, I got them off ebay. However I have trimmed these as the ends weren't very nice and also layered them a little to match the layers in my hair. I also realised after that the 18 inch were a bit too long for me, however because they were slightly cheaper than buying 16 inch I am still glad I went for the 18 inch as I saved a bit of money. When I wear them I make sure that I curl my hair along with the extension hair to make sure it blends in better.

I used to wear extensions every single day when I went to 6th form, college and part of university, however now that my hair is much longer I only wear them occasionally. I may do another post about the different types of hair colours I have had as there has been a few!

I wear them when I feel like my hair just isn't looking right, I also like to wear them when doing a half up half down as I feel it makes the hair style look a lot better as most of my hair is in the layers not in the length. I am growing out my hair, my aim is to have long hair probably just a bit longer than the length in the picture above with the extensions, perhaps another 6-8 inches. I did have to cut quite a bit of my hair off when I used a purple on my ends which then stained my hair blue and refused to budge! I had to cut off about 3 inches which made me so sad! At least my hair is slowly getting to the length I want to to be!

To help with the hair growth I am still using the Lee Stafford for hair that never grows past a certain length I used this every 2-3 days when I wash my hair. I normally leave it on for about an hour while I do a deep condition as well. Since going back to ombre just over a month ago it has grown just over an inch which is the same rate it has been growing since using the product, my hair defiantly does grow a lot quicker! As I only use the hair mask I don't know if using the shampoo and conditioner will make it grow even faster? I may try it!