Cambridge weigh in no. 6

It has been a weird week, I weighed myself on Tuesday and I had lost 5-6lbs since Sat. However I had another time of the month. This has been my 3rd one in just over a month. So I have been horribly bloated and so when I was weighed today I was the same weight as I was last week. I look thinner and feel thinner and my consultant said I look a lot thinner but because of how bloated I am getting from the water my body is retaining it doesn't show on the scales. (Edit Sunday next day, weighed myself again this morning and I am back down to the weight I was on Tuesday so hopefully it will stick! Defiantly less bloated now as well thank god!)

My consultant wants me to visit the doctors, as because I have the implant in my arm she says it could be effecting how bloated I am getting plus the amount of periods I have been having in a month! Thinking about it since I have had the implant (2 and half years now) I have always been quite bloated when it was my time of the month. When I was bigger it wasn't that noticeable but now that I am getting thinner it is more obvious. So I plan to visit my doctor sometime in the next few weeks to see what they can do.

I feel a lot healthier my skin just feels amazing! It is so smooth! My face is looking a lot thinner as well, I have always had quite chubby cheeks but they have gone! It so strange looking at photos from a few months ago to find that I look so different now. It's great! If my weight goes back down in the next few days I have just about 1 stone to lose until I reach my goal weight. It means that I would have lost 1 and half stone in just over 6 weeks which is amazing! Ideally I would like to be lower than my goal weight but my consultant said that if I go 5 pounds lower which is what I wanted to do I will actually be classed as being underweight, which is not something I really want to do. I am going to see how I feel when I reach my goal weight and if I feel I need to lose the odd pound or two more then I shall but I do not want to lose so much that I become underweight. I still want to be curvy but healthy! (:


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