Cambridge diet, body changes:

I had kind of noticed that my body was looking a bit different the past week. I measured myself yesterday although I was kind of bloated from time of the month visiting me, but I thought well I might as well just see what the tape measure says. Last night it had said that I had lost 1-3 inches basically everywhere on my body. Which is great! I am just under half way through the weight loss so I am probably looking at another 3 inches or so coming off my body, maybe more in certain areas who knows! However I woke up this morning not feeling as bloated as I had been and decided to measure my stomach which the day before had said that I had lost 2 inches since starting this diet, well those 2 inches were actually 4!!! Which is amazing!

I had brought some shorts and jeggings from primark ages ago in the size I would normally have gotten. However I didn't try them on in the shop and when I tried them on at home they were a bit too tight they seemed like they were smaller than the size they actually were, so I planned on taking them back but never got round to it. I tried them both on this morning and now they fit and are a bit too big on me! I am just amazed at how fast my body is changing, things look better on me, I feel healthier, I just feel quite good about everything at the moment.

A lot of my clothes I am finding don't really fit me anymore. A lot of tops are really baggy on me which I can deal with and I normally wear leggings which are cheap to buy, but I am going to need to start altering some of my clothes that I want to keep once I have got down to my goal weight. I do not want to throw everything away because I have brought a lot of maxi skirts and dresses over the past few months ready for the summer. They are only from primark but I love every one of them so I am not going to throw them away! I shall just alter them with the help of my nan. I will be throwing away some other things or maybe even giving them to my mom as she is bigger than me and will need some clothes to wear when she gets down to the size that I used to be.


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