Foxy Locks hair extensions

So after many days of looking at reviews of different types of hair extensions I decided to go for Foxy Locks. They are a bit more expensive than what I was hoping to spend, however I noticed yesterday that there was a 10% off code on the website, therefore I would be saving a bit of money.

The extensions I went for was the 165g deluxe 20 inch in ash blonde no.60. As my hair is ombre but the ends are light ash I decided to go for this colour, I will then dye the top part of the hair so it blends in with my medium blonde hair. Hopefully the light ash colour will match my light blonde ends!

I originally did want to buy about 200g or above I was looking at other websites that offer this to you, however you are only getting an extra weft of hair normally a quad weft 'volume weft' which does have 50g-60g extra of hair in it which is quite good. For now I am just going to stick with the deluxe set as I am hoping it will be enough.

As it was 10% off I decided to buy a case for the hair extensions as well, as it was currently 20% off anyway £20 reduced to £12.99 plus with 10% extra off the total price. Plus P&P the total of the hair extensions and the case came to just over £80, I got just over £8 off the whole price not including the P&P.

I ordered the extensions this morning and they have already been shipped out! I just got an email about 4pm to say that the extensions have been shipped, it has been about 6 hours-ish since I ordered them so I am so pleased with how fast they have been shipped! As I do live in the UK they shouldn't take too long to get here, I chose the cheaper delivery which isn't next day so I think that they will turn up Monday.


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