Daith Heart Piercing

A few of my friends had gotten their daith pierced with a heart shaped piercing. I had wanted it done for a while now but because of how busy I had been I hadn't had the chance to go and get it done. I have 5 piercings on my left ear and 3 on the other so I wanted to even them out. Yesterday while I was in town I decided to go into Oasis in Birmingham to a piercing and tattoo place called Dolly Rockers http://www.dollyrockers-piercing.co.uk. I decided to get my daith pierced here, I have had quite a few piercings done at Dolly Rockers so I knew that it was safe and clean. It was £29 for the piercing which is quite expensive for one piercing but they do a 2 for 1 on Tuesdays so you could get this done and another one at the same time.

If any of you are wondering where your daith is, it is on your ear in the middle near the tragus:

I had filled out a form, received a care guide and and picked out the colour of the heart I wanted, because this piercing is quite popular at the moment there wasn't many colours to pick from so I decided to get a light blue heart. I then went into a small room and the piercer cleaned my right ear and marked on my ear where she thought was best to pierce. I then checked in a mirror and told her that the place she had marked was good. She then sprayed my ear with a numbing spray and I lied down on the 'bed' and turned my head to face her. She then put a needle through my ear, this bit was fine, I could hear it go through but it didn't hurt because my ear had been numbed. She then proceeded to put the piercing through my ear, this bit was slightly uncomfortable, again it didn't hurt but it was just uncomfortable because of the shape of the piercing. With pillars she then closed the gap on the piercing and put tissue on my ear as it was slightly bleeding. Then it was done!

I did get a headache last night from my ear throbbing but after taking a headache tablet I was fine. Sleeping was ok as well because of it being more on the inside of my ear I can actually lie on it without being in a lot of pain. I have to clean it twice a day with salt water and ear buds to make sure that it heals good. It only hurts when I clean it but that it because of the salt water and touching it apart from this there is no other pain.

Here is a photo of it a few hours after it was done:

Once it has healed in a few months I shall buy a silver heart to replace the blue one, or even go back to Dolly Rockers and see if they have a silver heart that they can replace the blue one with. 

If you want to get this done just remember to make sure that the place you are getting pierced at is clean and safe. The piercing is quite expensive but I love it and I am so glad that I had it done as I think that it is very unusual and pretty! 


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