After my presenter kit came in the post I finally got the chance to try out the mascara. You get two applicators that come in a little box one has the transplanting gel and the other has the fibres. The applicators are just plain black, but have a nice look to them. They look quite sophisticated compared to other brands of mascara out there.

You have to first put the transplanting gel onto your lashes, I made sure I coated the back of my lashes as well. Then you have to put the fibres on straight away while the gel is still wet, I did this to the back of my lashes as well. This did look a bit weird as I have never used a fibre mascara before, but they clung to my lashes. It didn't look quite right because the fibres were all over my lashes. You have to then apply another coat of the gel this then smoothed all of my lashes out and made them look great!

Left is normal mascara, right is one coat of 3D fibre lash mascara

They look so long, even longer than what they normally are. They look slightly thicker as well. I only put one coat of this on, which is all what you need really. I think that the images of the girls with the really bad eyelashes are the ones who have put too many fibres on and too many coats. You only really need one!

Hi all,

I am having a Younique online party at the moment, so if anyone wants anything feel free to purchase!

I will hopefully be having a flash sale soon as well!

E x

I first heard about Younique last year around Autumn, I was unsure if it was just a hype and if it would actually work. After months of thinking about it and seeing other women become successful from it, I finally decided to take the plunge, I want to share this with you.

Firstly let me tell you why I joined Younique,

For myself, it is not about making a living from it, I have a full time job at a college which I am happy with. I like my work, the people and what I do. However, I work term time which can be fantastic all the holidays I get is great. The thing that isn't so amazing is because I get these holidays my pay shows this. I am on a decent amount, but for someone who is saving up to buy a house anything extra is a bonus. That is what I am hoping Younique will be for me.

Talking to my sponsor, she makes a living from it, she has a lot of team members and they have their own team, she is basically building an empire with her business, which is fantastic if that is what you want to do. For me personally, I won't be able to have it as a full time career because I already have one but it just shows that if you put your mind to it and you are determined you can have a full time career out of the business. I am just hoping to gain a bit of extra cash to help go towards the house fund! Plus the makeup is a bonus!!!

You can earn free makeup which is obviously great, so you don't have to spend any extra money on any makeup after you have brought the kit (£69.99). It is up to you how you manage your business, you could spend loads of creating a kit, or earn it by hosting parties which gives you points which then turns into Y-cash which then you can buy the makeup!

You are not on your own when it comes to Younique, you are part of a family. As soon as I joined my sponsor joined me to 3 different groups on Facebook all full of other members that are there to help you! There are training videos as well which can guide you through what is best to do when you first start, explaining the company in more detail and much more!

Is it worth it?

Well for my initial question this is something I am going to find out! I do hope it is worth it, it is early days yet, but I am hoping that it pays off. However even if I do not earn much at least I would have made some new friends and have £150ish worth of makeup for only £69.99! I will give you updates!

If anyone is interested in Younique and has any questions then please ask! Or you can take a look at my Younique page which is in the link bar to the right.

Stay tuned for videos and pictures of the Younique makeup!

E x

Hi all,

So I have started my new adventure, I have joined Younique!

I have ordered my presenter kit which should hopefully be here within a week!
I will be starting to do videos and reviews on the makeup, so far I have heard exciting things about the makeup! Mainly the mascara, which is one of the reasons why I have decided to join.

If you want to take a look at some of the amazing makeup we have then here is the link to my personal website:

Anyone who has any questions please feel free to ask!!

E x
So its been a while...

Not a lot has changed with me really, I am trying to get back into writing on my blog so here goes!

I have been thinking for a while that I want to start a little side project. I am now in a full time job which I like, but I want something extra to do on the side. I want to share this with you, and maybe you would like to join me on this new adventure.

All will be revealed soon!

E xo

I love baking cookies, I don't do it as often as I used to, just every now and again for a little treat.

I thought I would share my cookie recipe, I can't remember where I found it originally as I have been using this recipe for a few years now, I know it was somewhere off the internet. I have used a few different recipes but I find that this one makes the best cookies!

I normally make quite a big batch up as I often give some to friends or take some round my boyfriends house for him and his family. The list of ingredients below is 3x the original recipe as I have found that 1 tin of condensed milk makes 3 lots. As I don't bake them often I see no point in keeping the condensed milk in the fridge that might not get used, so I make up 3 lots of the mixture.

These are the ingredients and things you will need, I forgot to take a photo of the ones that I used!

300g margarine
150g caster sugar
450g self raising flour
1 tin of condensed milk (light or normal)
100g chocolate chips (I normally put more in or split the mixture up and have different types of chocolate in)

Big bowl
Wooden spoon
Metal spoon x 2
Baking tray x 2
Oven 180 degrees centigrade
Cooling rack

Firstly you want to preheat the oven at 180. Then you want to get your baking trays and either put a light coating of margarine on them or I like to use the 1 cal spray and just spritz this all over the baking trays. Its a lot less messy!

Then you want to get your scales and weigh out the margarine. Put this in the big bowl and start to cream it together with the wooden spoon, to make the consistency a lot easier to deal with. Then weigh out the sugar and add this to the margarine and cream these together using the wooden spoon.

Next weigh out the flour and add this to the mixture and mix in with the margarine and sugar. Then open the tin of condensed milk and pour this into the mixture, it may help to use a spoon to get all of the mixture out of the tin. Mix this all together to create the cookie dough. Next you can add anything you like. Today I split the mixture into three, I put a bit of the mixture in three bowls and added white chocolate chips to one bowl, milk chocolate chips to another and orange chocolate to the third. The orange chocolate is just a bar of chocolate that I have recently discovered in Tesco, its with the rest of the chocolate bars. I just chop up the chocolate into chunks and add this to the mixture.

Once you have added what ever you fancy to your cookie dough it is now time to put the cookie dough onto the baking tray. What I do for this is I get two metal spoons, I put a bit of mixture on the one spoon and use the other to get it off the spoon and onto the tray. Depending on how many cookies I want to make I normally put about a half a table spoon to a heaped table spoon for each cookie. Today I did about half a table spoon of cookie dough for each cookie as I wanted to make quite a lot. Once you have put the cookie mixture onto the baking tray I like to use my fingers just to pat down the cookie dough to make the cookies turn out flatter.

I then pop the trays in the over for 10-15 minutes. The time depends on the size of the cookies you are making, it is best to just check on the cookies to see how they are doing. I turn the tray around about half way through so they cook evenly.

Once the cookies are a golden colour I pop them out of the oven and onto a cooling rack until they have cooled down. Or if you are like me and can't wait, they are lovely fresh out of the oven with a nice cup of tea!


Emma xo

Since buying the Foxy Locks extensions I haven't really worn them that often because I have had some difficulty matching them to my own hair colour. The colours of my hair extensions still don't fully match my own hair, which is frustrating! I therefore aim to try to get my hair extensions to match over the next few weeks as I really do miss having longer hair!

I want to redye my dark blonde as I recently decided to grow out my fringe (again) my hair is now parted on the right side. I did dye the dark blonde already however some of the lightest bits from the right side going onto the left still aren't ask dark as the others. When I did this I used nice n easy dark blonde, however I did find that the schwarzkopf colour mask in dark blonde came out true to the colour and a lot darker than the dark blonde from nice n easy. I plan to use this again on my own hair as the colour of the extensions are dark enough. However I may take the dark blonde further down which may mean putting a tiny bit on my extensions but I haven't decided yet.

As for my extensions they are very ashy at the moment whereas my hair is quite a yellowish blonde I plan to put some bleach over the extensions. I find as well that the extensions still have their shine to them which my hair has not, so hopefully with the bleaching they will tone down the colour and the shine to make them look more like my own hair.

Edit- next day

After thinking about it over night I have decided to leave my hair to grow just a little bit more before I start to wear my extensions again. I want to have more length to my own hair and then to cut in some long layers as my own hair has now grown to be all one length. It doesn't blend as well because of this and so the long layers would help my hair blend in a lot better. Once I have achieved this it shall be a lot easier to help my extensions blend and then I can sort the colour out. I have also been thinking about changing the colour of my hair to a different shade of blonde so I don't want to dye my extensions until I am 100% sure of what colour I want my hair to be.