After seeing a few things in Primark the other day I decided to go back after uni and pick them up.

I do not normally wear shorts but I have wanted a pair of denim shorts for a while now. I came across these high waisted shorts in Primark. They aren't as high waisted as a pair of black shorts I have as they come up to my belly button but they fit me quite well. The sizing however is not that good, I had to buy the shorts two sizes bigger than what I would normally wear. I always find that Primark sizes are not that friendly to the curvy girl. I do not have massive curves, I have an hour glass figure but my hips are quite wide and the girls are quite big. I find it difficult at times to find tops that are in my size that fit the girls and bottoms that fit my hips. I think this is one of the reasons I wear leggings a lot.

The shorts are a light denim which I do not normally go for I normally go for a darker colour but these were the only denim shorts they had in the size I needed. The shorts have a long zip at the front and one button. No pockets at the front but two back pockets. There was also high waisted denim shorts in an even lighter blue but these had 3 buttons and a shorter zip. I preferred the ones I brought as I didn't really like the even lighter blue shorts.

The shorts were £8 which I think for a pair of high waisted shorts is quite good. There was some none high waisted shorts for £10 which if you think about it you are getting more material for less money.

I also brought this grey boyfriend style crop top. Once again the size I would normally get looked far too small. They didn't have many sizes so I ended up getting the top 3 times bigger than I normally would. The crop top is therefore really baggy which I am not sure about, but I guess because it is a boyfriend style it would be a bit baggy than a normal crop top. I think that I will have to get some more crop tops or just make my own. The top was only £3 as it is a plain crop top they do have other ones which have patterns on but I liked this one. The grey is a darker grey almost black, they did also have a range of other colours for the same price.

I have needed a new bag for a while now, at the moment I have a huge bag which my boyfriend refers to it as a doctors bag because it is so huge! I have been using this to carry all of my uni work which is useful but I haven't got a smaller bag which I can use when I am not going to uni. I found this black bag for £9, it is quite unusual as it zips around the top which is a half circle opening. This opening then flops down to the side, so the bag is a lot bigger than what it looks. I will try to show this as best as I can in photos! This was the only bag that I really liked the look of, the other bags were not as big for even more money. So I just decided to get this one as I desperately needed a smaller bag.

I also popped into Boots on my way home from uni as I needed some shampoo, however I got side tracked and ended up buying things I didn't really need oops!

I sometimes use purple shampoo by Touch of Silve to keep my blonde a nice colour, before I have brought the once a week treatment but they didn't have any so I just brought the everyday shampoo. It was on offer 2 for £4 so I brought two and gave one to my mom because she wanted to try it out.

As I walked into my local boots there was a stand for this new product which I haven't seen in there before it was for a nail polish brand called Sinful Colors it is an American brand hence the spelling of colours. There were loads of different shades of nail varnish a lot of the shades reminded me of Barry M. I decided to pick up two colours a pale yellow and a pale blue. I have these colours in Barry M but in the textured effect I wanted them in a normal nail polish anyway so I thought I would try them out. The bottles remind me of the China Glaze bottles, I have never tried the China Glaze nail polish so I do not know if the Sinful Colors are as good or not. The Sinful Colors were £1.99. I think that the names of the colours are very cute, the yellow is called unicorn and the blue is called sugar rush.

I also have wanted to buy some exfoliating gloves for a while, I decided to get the Soap & Glory ones as I couldn't find any of Boots own make ones in the shop. The Soap & Glory exfoliating gloves were the same price as another brand which I can't remember the name of. The Soap & Glory gloves felt like they were rougher which would exfoliated more so I decided to pick these up even though I am not a huge fan of pink and they are very pink! These were £4 which I thought was quite good for Soap & Glory as normally I find their products to be a bit more on the expensive side.

Spoilers in the post! I am just going to be talking about a few things that happened in the book, not about everything as I could go on forever.

I am a huge True Blood fan, I can't wait until the next series comes out in a few weeks! I also read the books, I had preordered the newest book that has just come out, it came as soon as the book had been released, I had read the book in a day or two.

I have read a lot of reviews after I had read the book as I wanted to see if other people felt the same way that I had done. And some of them did.

I felt like the book didn't end very well. I had been looking forward to the last book in the series for so long! I was so excited to see if Sookie and Eric actually made it through the whole Sookie saving Sam's life instead of getting Eric out of a sticky situation. I was shocked by how it ended with Sookie being with Sam, her best friend and the guy she had told in the first few books that she couldn't see herself being with even though she thought he was hot.

I know that Harris had said that she had ended it how she wanted to and she had known for a while now how it was going to end, which is fair enough. What I don't get is why did she have Eric and Sookie for several books be in a relationship where they loved each other, had been through a lot together to have it all end with Eric not really fighting for Sookie like he had done in the past. It just felt like the Eric character that I had grown to love didn't show up in the book at all. He seemed weaker which I guess is understandable as what was happening to him was out of his hands, but he didn't seem to try to get out of it in anyway. I felt like he just expected Sookie to wave her hands and to get him out of the situation which obviously didn't happen and then to expect her to be his bit on the side just didn't seem right to me. I felt like he had given up to easy which from the other books wasn't the nature of his character. Also with Sookie telling Sam that she wasn't heart broken as to what had happened between Eric and herself, just didn't make sense. Just because of their history, and the fact that Bill had seemed to of hurt her more in the past than Eric in this book, when Sookie and Eric had been together longer, loved each other and from my point of view had more of a connection.

I guess I have always been a huge Sookie and Eric fan and hoped that they would make it through to the end, so the fact that this didn't happen I did feel let down, but you can't please everyone when writing books!

It wasn't just this that I was a bit confused by, the villains in the book were not the best, Amelia's dad and Claude?! Firstly I do not get why Amelia's dad blamed Sookie so much for his relationship with his daughter, that is his own fault. The cluviel dor wasn't even his to use it was Sookie's, I think it was a bit odd that he thought that by using it, it would fix everything instead of trying to build a relationship with Amelia. And his wish to get the cluviel dor, why didn't he just wish to have a better relationship with Amelia instead of thinking that cluviel dor was the answer to his problems. Also how on earth did he manage to get in contact with the devil in the first place?! Maybe I missed this bit out? I did read the book quite fast because I was so excited.

As for Claude, I was not expecting him to turn up again, I am not too sure what to say about him really, I think it was just an odd way of getting back at Sookie. After everything that Sookie has been through with the different sups after her I thought that having a few humans and fae after her wasn't very exciting, not with what has happened with her in the other books.

I thought that Arlene's death was pretty odd as well, I know it was to try to pin it on Sookie, but I just thought it was a bit of an odd thing to happen. I didn't see why Quinn was back in the last book either, was it a way to get Sam jealous so he could realise he still liked Sookie?! I do not know.

I could go on for ages about the book, there is so much more I could say, but there are so many reviews on it already that pretty much say that same things that are going on in my head. I love the books, I just was expecting a more epic ending to the series than what was in the book. I will be getting the one that is coming out in October about what happens next in the world of Sookie Stackhouse, just because I would like to see what happens to the characters.

Overall I was just expecting something more epic and not to confuse me as much as it had done as to what happened to some of the characters. This is just my opinion, not everyone is going to think the same as I do, but I just thought I would share my thoughts with who ever may be reading.
Yesterday I popped into town with a friend to get a few things from Primark. I mainly went to get my mom one of her presents for her birthday, she wants some pj bottoms. I am not going to show the things I brought for my mom because I am not sure if she would want me to show them or not. Anyway here are the things that I brought for myself:

I brought myself some plain black pumps for £3 as I needed some new ones and a man's plain black tshirt for £3 I think it was, as I do not have any old clothes that I can stick on to do some painting in. These aren't very interesting so I didn't take a photo of this.

I brought this 3D manicure set. It comes with a nail polish colour and tiny beads with a funnel. The idea is that you paint on the nail polish colour and when the nail polish is still wet you pour on the beads and press down so the beads are stuck onto your nail. This was £2.50 which isn't that bad really. It comes in a few different colours, this one which is a more cream colour, a black and white bead and a pastel multi colour bead. I think I may go back for the pastel multi colour bead or even just order some beads off eBay and use them.

I also brought these nail wraps for £1 each, the rose ones where actually in a 50p section but apparently they weren't 50p they were £1. You get 20 in each pack so you can either do your hands and toes or two lots of hands and two lots of toes. I love the dot design, I am not 100% sure on the rose ones but I decided to get them anyway. There are also quite a few different leopard print ones and a glitter one as well. For £1 it is worth a try anyway!

I brought these earrings that were in the sale, I think that they look quite Egyptian which I love and they were £2.50 reduced to £1 so I decided to get them. 

I also went to Boots as I needed to pick up a few things for my mom, but it is also my friends birthday next week. She loves the Soap and Glory selection. I was going to get her a gift set which had 3 or 4 travel sized Soap and Glory items in it. However Boots were doing a 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory items so I decided just to get them individually as I could get 6 for the price of the gift set. The gift set was £10 and the Soap and Glory travel sized items were £2.50 each. So it worked out better this way. I got my friend a body scrub, shower gel, body butter and body wash, plus myself two of the body scrubs. I may keep these for myself as they smell amazing or I may keep them for presents. 

I picked up this 3D manicure set from Primark for £2.50 as I wanted to try it out. I got it in the cream colour as it would go with anything I wore, they also do a black and white bead kit and a pastel multicolour bead kit. In each pack it comes with a nail polish, funnel and beads.

The instructions say that you have to apply the nail polish first then while it is still wet pour over the beads and press them down onto the nail. I tried this first with the nail polish that was in the kit, I just painted this over my already lilac nails (Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Prickly Pear) and pour the beads onto my nail over a bowl to catch the beads that didn't stick. Only a few stuck to it, when I felt my nail it was already nearly dry. I had poured on the beads straight after I had applied the nail polish. I didn't like the look of it as because my nails were lilac and the nail polish that came in the kit almost white I felt like it looked a bit odd. I therefore took off the beads and repainted my nail with the Barry M colour I had on before.

This time I painted on quite a bit of the Barry M polish and poured on the beads this worked a lot better. A lot of the beads stuck to my nail this time and as I pressed the beads down in place the lilac polish was coming up through the tiny gaps which made my nails look like a lighter lilac which I quite liked. I found that some places on my nail were not covered by beads, I carefully repainted this section and used tweezers to carefully place a bead in the area that had none.

I did this for both of my little fingers to try it out as I am going to be decorating over the next few weeks and doing 3D work at uni my nails will get ruined. I really like the way it looks and it is so simple to do, the good thing is that you hardly use up any of the beads because there are so many of them in the bottle. The kit comes with a funnel as well which you can used to pour the beads that you didn't use back in the bottle which is great.

I am defiantly going to use this more when I am not going to be doing a lot of 3D work at uni or decorating my room. It is cheap to buy and easy to use so I would defiantly recommend it. I was thinking that instead of buying the beads from a kit like this you could easily buy some decorative beads off eBay for maybe even cheaper than the kit as there is no glue or anything like that you need to achieve to get this effect.

I found on the Superdrug website that MUA actually do a variety of different beads for nails, they are £3.

Today I took a trip to the local Wilkinsons, I find that they have some really nice home items there especially if you are on a budget like I am! I do not want to spend a lot of money redoing my room I want to spend as little as possible.

I brought these ornaments from Wilko:

I love these little birds, I brought them for a friend as part of her birthday present. I loved them so much I had to go back and get myself two! They are a bit lighter face to face, they also do them in silver. They are £2.50 each which I think is great for such cute birds!

I also brought these tier candles and candle holders. The candle holders are hand made clear glass and were £3 each. The tier candles were £2 each, I think that there are 10 in a box. As far as I know they are not scented, they are just plain cream candles. I want a shelf in my room to have some ornaments on display above my bed, I think I am going to have these on either corner of the shelf with other candles in between. I may change my mind about where I put them as I have two shelves by my built in wardrobes. The wardrobes are either side of the chimney with the shelves going slightly over the chimney. I could put the candles on these small shelves instead of on a different shelf. 

I also brought some white gravel for £2, I have a few bowls in my room that used to have red pot pourri in them but as I am changing the colour scheme I decided to get rid of it. At the moment I have used some of the gravel in the bowl and placed some small yankee candles in it. 

I also saw this large moustache wall hook, it has 6 hooks coming off a black moustache. I was thinking of getting this for my room to hang my scarves on. I already have hooks on my door for my coats and jackets but it is quite full, so one for my scarves would be great. I didn't end up getting this as I wasn't 100% sure on purchasing it although I may go back for it in the weeks to come. It is £4. 

I also brought some boxes from Tesco, they are on offer at the moment they were £5 they are now £2.50. They are very shallow, which is perfect to go under my bed. They have wheels on the bottom and a lid that folds in half. I was going to buy some clear shallow boxes which were £4, but when I saw these I changed my mind as they were cheaper but also better I thought. The boxes are clear with a deep purple lid. I am not too fussed about the colour of the lid as they will be hidden in my room anyway. 

I am going to look in the shed tomorrow with my mom to see what paint we have. I want to start sorting through my room and getting rid of anything I do not need. The only thing I will need to buy for my room is a TV wall mount and a border, apart from this I do not plan on buying anything else. I have quite a few things in my room that I can easily reuse. 

I plan to paint the top half of my walls in a light cream colour as we have some from when my parents repainted downstairs. I have to have a border in my bedroom because the person who owned the house before us didn't wallpaper the walls correctly, there is a gap where the border is so I need a border. I don't fancy wallpapering my room because I have the wallpaper that is textured which is very difficult to get off! Also I do quite like the fact that the wallpaper in my room is textured.

Last time I painted my room I had difficulty finding a nice border for it, so I plan to go out in the next few weeks and look at borders. I shall take a few samples to see what type of border I like.

I am unsure about the bottom half, I could paint it the same light cream colour as the top half will be, or I could go for a darker shade, I am not too sure of what to do! No matter what colour I paint it I will have to put a primer on first because the colour it is at the moment is quite a deep red.
I love a youtuber called Mr Kate she does a lot of interior design, I love her ideas of reusing old furniture but painting it to improve it, so this is what I want to do. I wouldn't do this for every piece of furniture in my bedroom because it would be a bit too much in your face but I am thinking of doing it for the bedside tables and maybe my book case. I have two built in wardrobes, a desk and TV stand which I do not want to paint. I am thinking about mounting my TV on a wall which would mean that I could get rid of my TV stand.

I need to have a better think about what I want to do but for now I will post inspiration images on here.

At the moment I really like turquoise and coral colours so I may use these colours to repaint the furniture. As this will create a nice pop of colour in my room as the walls will be neutral.

I love this video she did on reusing a wood pallet to make a coffee table, I can't wait until I have a house so I can create beautiful pieces of furniture like she does.

Mr Kate's youtube: she is so awesome!!!! Go check her out!

My room at the moment is a light cream on top with a black border and red on the bottom, I haven't decorated my room for about 6 years. As I am getting older I feel like I want a more grown up room rather than what I have at the moment. I want my room to be more neutral so I can decorate it with pretty pastel colours to suit my style more. I plan to do this after I finish university in a few weeks.

At the moment I have a lot of lion photos and paintings on my walls as I love lions my nan often brought me photos and paintings from charity shops. I have got quite a few of them now but as I want to change my room I think that I will save these paintings and photos for when I move out.

I don't plan on moving out of my parents house for a few years. I need to get a job first and save up some money before I move into a place with my boyfriend. As I do not want to get a flat I would rather get a house straight away we need to save up a lot of money to do this. So redecorating my room at the moment would be the best thing to do. Plus it will be practice for when I decorate my own house!

I shall be posting images on my blog for inspiration! I am quite looking forward to this as I have been wanting to change my room for a while now but because of university work it just hasn't happened.
I think it has been about 8 weeks now since I started using the hair growth treatment. I am still on my first pot so it has lasted 2 months! I have only about one treatment left in the first pot so I am glad that I stocked up on it when Boots had its 2 for 3 offer on.

The longest layers of my hair is now touching my bra at the back so in the past 2 weeks it has grown 1cm-2cm. I hadn't put it on every time I had washed my hair over the past two weeks because I didn't have time to have a long shower where I can wait around for about 10 minutes with it on my hair, and sometimes I have just forgotten! I plan to get back in the routine tomorrow though when I wash my hair.

So over the past about 2 months that I have been using this product it has grown about 2 and half inches to 3 inches maybe. I am really pleased with the results as my hair looks longer and feels like it is a better condition. My fringe is getting really long as well, I am now able to wear it down but curl is slightly so it stays out of my face.

I am looking forward to the next few months where my hair will be getting even longer as my ideal hair length is about another 6 inches. So hopefully this wont take that long to achieve! I am hoping that by my birthday which is in September I will have my ideal hair length. Fingers crossed!

I haven't used the L'oreal conditioning toner in lilac since I first tried it. I am not sure why I haven't used it for a while, I think it may be because I felt that my hair needed to be longer so I could have more lilac on the tips that I felt comfortable with. Since my hair had grown a lot since I first used it I decided to try it out again a few days ago.

I put the toner on wet hair about 2-3 inches of my ends. At first the product didn't really take to my hair to made about half an inch of the ends of my hair slightly lilac/grey but not very much. I left it on for about an hour as well so I hoped it would of taken to my hair a lot more than it had done.

The next day I decided to try to do my hair again, this time I did it on dry hair as before I found that it took to my hair more when it was dry not wet. It took to my hair a lot more this time, as I had left it on for maybe 2 hours. It still hadn't took to my hair as much as I had wanted it to though, some bits of my ends were still blonde for some reason even though I had checked maybe about 5 times that all of my hair that I wanted to be lilac was covered.

I think that my hair wasn't light enough, after trying to dye my hair lighter a few weeks ago, my lighter hair had gone more of a blonde than quite a light blonde like it was before. As I had some light blonde hair dye I decided that I would reombre my hair just to make it more lighter at the ends so hopefully the lilac will take more to it next time. I also put purple shampoo through my hair to make it even more lighter.

I had reombred my hair with the lilac still on my ends, it has gone a lot lighter now almost a silver which I do quite like. I think that now because my ends are a lot more lighter the lilac should take to the end of my hair a lot easier. As I did want lighter hair for the summer my plan is to once a week purple shampoo the light blonde hair of my hair to keep on making it lighter and less brassy.

I shall try the lilac hair dye again, maybe on the weekend or sometime next week. I shall take photos of this as I forgot to take photos of the lilac hair dye this time.

The Boohoo dress that I had ordered turned up the other day. I was really excited as I wanted to wear it to a family meal last Tuesday as the weather in the UK was very warm at the beginning of the week and now today we have had a thunder storm! Good old British weather ay!

The dress turned up on Tuesday as it was a bank holiday on Monday, it had been sent out straight away on the day that I had ordered it which was great as I thought I would of had to wait for a long time to get it.

I tried it on as soon as it came, I really liked the material and the floral pattern was beautiful however the dress just wasn't for me. It squished my boobs a lot which made them look weird, I even got the dress in a bigger size than what I normally would have done because I had not brought anything from there before. The top half of the dress was very fitted and the bottom half came out at my waist but then went back in at the bottom of the dress which you can't really tell it does in the photo I saw of it. It is quite hard to explain but it was basically tighter at the bottom which made the skirt bit of the dress poof out in a weird way.

I am a girl with curves, I have boobs and a butt so the dress made me look even more curvy than I actually am, plus it gave me an even bigger butt which I do not want! The dress would of been great if it had fitted me correctly on the boob area and if it didn't go in at the bottom like it had done. It was a very different style of dress from what I normally wear. I think it would suit a person who wasn't as curvy as it would give curves to the figure, unlike mine where it made them seem even bigger than they were or totally flatten my boobs.

So I sent the dress back, the good thing about Boohoo is that they do a free delivery which was great! I just stuck the returns label onto the package and dropped it off at the post office. So in a few days I shall have my refund back in my bank account.

It was a really nice dress and it is annoying that it didn't look nice on me but I am glad that I tried something different.
I always have a look on ebay to see if there is anything on there that I like. At the moment there is a Bank Holiday Bonanza, a lot of items on there are on sale. (UK ebay)

I had a look at some dresses that were on there and I came across a Boohoo floral dress that was 50% off. It is called the Rebecca Rose print bandeau lantern dress. The RRP is £20 and it is going for £9.99 on the Boohoo outlet and is free delivery if you are willing to wait 4-6 days for it to be delivered, if you would like to have it sooner 1-2 days it will cost £4.50. I am hoping that it fits me! I have never brought anything from Boohoo before so I am not sure what their sizes are like. If it does not I can always send it back and get a different size.

I don't really go for dresses that do not have sleeves as I am a bit self conscious about the top of my arms. I used to be bigger than what I am now so I think that I still see myself as the larger version. However the other day I had a university leaving party as my class is coming to the end of our university life. I wore the black maxi dress I brought from H&M, I did wear it with a black chiffon jacket but the room was very hot and I braved the arms out look for the first time in I don't know how long. I didn't feel that self conscious so I am hoping that I feel the same in this dress.

I don't have any floral dresses, I have black ones and one black and white one which has large butterflies all over it. I feel like my style has changed over the years, I used to go for just black clothes but now I like to have colour in my wardrobe mainly pastel colours. So I thought that this floral dress would be perfect for me.

I think I am on week 6 of the update but I am not sure as I have been really busy with uni work. Not much to say really about my hair, I was going to take a photo of my roots but then I decided to try to make my hair lighter last week, which didn't work so I don't have any roots anymore.

I have noticed that the length is a lot longer again, I think it has grown about nearly 2 inches since I started using this product, so it is working out that it is doubling in length almost. I haven't trimmed my hair since I started using it, it really needs a trim because of how fast it is growing so I plan on trimming my hair later on today, just to even everything out.

My hair is nearly to my down to my bra at the back now it is about a cm off which is great! My fringe before I was having trouble wearing it down because it was at that awkward stage, however now I can wear it down. A few bits of my fringe are still a bit short but it is getting really long, most of it is nearly to the end of my nose and some of it is even longer.

My hair seems really thick as well, I used to have thick hair when I was younger which I used to get thinned out a lot because the hair dresser just used to thin it for me without asking, I wish I had said something now! My layers are getting really long I think it feels like they are growing faster than the rest of my hair, but I just think that is because I have a lot of layers in my hair so it is making it seem like that. The shortest layers are to my shoulders now whereas when I started this they were about to my chin.

So there has been a lot of hair growth! I am still doing the same routine when washing my hair with the product. The only thing I have changed is that I will put conditioner on my ends when I have put this on my roots and then I tie my hair up and wash my body etc. Then once I have done this I will wash it off. I have found that this is a lot easier so I am not waiting around for 5 minutes until I can put my conditioner on which I normally leave on for a few minutes. I have about an inch left of it in the pot now so I am glad I brought the other two pots.