Cambridge diet weigh in no 9

This week I lost a couple of pound I would have lost more, but I had been bloated all week and came on again on Thursday. It is really starting to annoy me now because I have been coming on every single week which means I am constantly feeling like a whale.

My consultant decided to change my diet, I am now allowed to have one bowl of 30g cereal in the morning which shall be corn flakes, with a meal for lunch and a shake for dinner. Hopefully with this and having my implant taken out of Wednesday and start to take the pill it shall control my periods and therefore control my weight loss. I shall hopefully stop having periods and being bloated all the time, this has been kind of depressing me. I know I have lost weight and I can kind of see it but I feel too bloated to wear anything tight, I have been wearing baggy clothes.

I am coming to the end of my diet now as I have 9lbs to lose to my goal weight although I may change this to be a few pounds lighter than my goal weight, still keeping in with the healthy zone for my height. This is another reason why my consultant changed my diet, because as I am coming to the end of my diet she wants me to start to slowly introduce more carbs and fibre plus more actual food and not shakes.


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