Just a quick update about my hair growth:

I said in my last post about this product that I had noticed my roots coming through. It is quite hard to tell because they are only slightly darker than the dark blonde my hair is dyed. As I had noticed that they had grown quite a bit so I decided to measure how much they have actually grown, I was quite impressed as they have grown about 1/2 an inch. I did try to take a photo of my roots but they weren't showing up very good on camera.

My hair normally grows this much in a month so to grow this in not even two weeks yet I am so impressed! I haven't even used the product that much either, as I wash my hair every 2-3 days. As my hair seems to be growing more quicker because of this product I am wanting to use it more but I am trying to resist the urge!

I have noticed as well that my hair is a lot softer than it used to be. I noticed this mostly yesterday when I washed my hair and left it to dry naturally I couldn't believe how soft it felt once it was nearly completely dry.

Fingers crossed that my hair keeps on growing this fast!

My lovely boyfriend brought me the Game of Thrones collectors edition. It comes in this beautiful case, with two books and two maps. 

The books are the storyboards from episode 1-20 and a sort of behind the scenes book. The behind the scenes book has information about the different places and characters and some wonderful images of the sets, scenes and costumes plus more!

The maps are of Westeros and the whole region. 

As I have only just got this I haven't had time to read it but I have had a quick look through.  The books look and feel beautiful most of all the behind the scenes book. I think that it has been put together brilliantly and for someone who is doing a course about set design, characters and so on I love books like this. It really gives you an insight to see the length that the design team go through in order to produce some amazing TV. 

As for the price it was on offer on amazon for about £20 however now it has apparently gone back up. It is still a lot cheaper than the original price though. 

I think that these books are perfect for a fan and I can not wait until the next season in a few days!!!! 


E xo
I have been wanting to try the L'oreal Feria Pastel Toning Conditioner for a while now but I haven't got round to buying it. I decided when I was out shopping the other day that I would pick one up, I decided to get the pastel lilac for £6 at Asda.

The instructions say that you need to apply the toning conditioner to wet hair. I therefore wet my hair and put on an old T-shirt incase it stained. I sectioned my hair into two and applied it to the tips as this is where I wanted the lilac to go. It also says that you can brush it through with a comb which I did as well. I used about a 10 pence size of the conditioner for each part of my hair. It says that you should leave it for 15 minutes, however my friend used the pink one and it didn't really show up on her hair so I decided to leave it on for longer. I left it on for about 45 minutes and then washed it off after and left it to dry naturally. I could see that the tips had turned slightly purple when it was still wet so I hoped that this was a good sign. You can't see that well in the photo but the tips are slightly purple.

I then put my hair up in a bun and left it to dry over night and part of the next day. I could see that my hair had slightly turned lilac-ish at the tips but it seemed to look more silver than lilac. I am not sure if my hair wasn't light enough to begin with that it hasn't turned full pastel lilac or if I needed to apply more of the toner than I did.

I decided that I would apply the toner again to see if it would turn my hair any more lilac as now it was more lighter than it was before. I applied it this time on dry hair and I put a lot more of the product on making sure I covered the area I wanted to be lilac. I left it on for about 45 minutes again, I found that it turned out a lot better than the first attempt as it was a lot clearer in natural light that it was lilac. 

I washed my hair and the colour is still there, it isn't as lilac as it was it has faded slightly but as it only lasts 3-5 washes that will happen. 

Overall I am quite impressed with the product, although you would defiantly need a very light blonde base for the toner to work. With the lilac because you can get purple toner to cancel out the yellow/orange tones it will help lighten the hair. I will defiantly be trying out the other toners as well. I have found that I have got loads of the product left so for £6 it does go a long way if you are only doing a small amount of your hair like I have done. 

If you don't want to go down the toner route there are temporary hair dyes which I have previously used which would work as well. They are a bit cheaper and if you mix say a tiny bit of purple with conditioner it will turn it into a lilac pastel colour. 

I shall post an update on how long the colour stays in my hair. I am guessing now that my ends have been toned with a purple that once the dye clears the ends will be a lot lighter than the rest of my hair. However as I have ombre hair this shouldn't matter too much it should easily just blend in with the rest of my blonde. 

E xo

I ended up buying the rose jumper that I saw on ebay. It was about £15 and it was sent out as soon as I brought it. It came a few days later maybe sooner if it hadn't snowed! 

The material is very thin and you would defiantly need to wear a top underneath because of this. The jumper is a bit short for me as I do prefer them to be a bit longer but because of this I paired it with a long black top so it didn't bother me as much. 

The rips in the jumper seem to be in about the same place on each sleeve and at the bottom of the jumper. 

Although the jumper is meant to be pink, it is quite pale and almost looks quite like a pale peachy pink rather than a pink pink. The flowers stand out well they feel a bit rough compared to the rest of the jumper but this is only on the outside where it looks like it has been painted on. The jumper itself is very soft, I have quite sensitive skin and I was not irritated at all by the jumper.

The only problem is that there are no washing guides on the jumper, it has no labels at all. So I will be very careful when washing it!

 I was a bit worried at first as sometimes on ebay things are a lot smaller than the size they say they are. For the size 8-12 or medium as it is sometimes posted, I found it not to be a problem at all, it fitted me perfectly.

If you don't want to spend about £200 for a designer one, I would recommend getting the copy of the jumper off ebay.

Over the past few months I have been using the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Styling Spray for light to medium frizz. I have been trying to use my natural hair which is quite wavy. So I decided to buy this product to allow myself to not use any heated products on my hair to allow it to be in the best condition it can be but for it also to look alright when I leave the house. 

'Restores definition, elasticity and bounce to natural curls. Leaves hair touchably soft and shiny.' 

For the directions it says to spray on damp hair and distribute evenly, you can also scrunch your hair to help create definition or use a diffuser. I normally just spray the product on my damp hair and leave it to dry naturally, sometimes I will scrunch my hair if I feel that my curls need a bit of help. I find that by doing my hair this way it helps define the curls more and also cuts down on the frizz which I do suffer from. 

Since using the product I have found my natural hair a lot easier to work with, I can leave my house without applying any heat to my hair to sort it out. At night I tie my hair up in a bun on the top of my head this allows the curls to stay defined. The curls stay in my hair until I wash my hair again 2 or 3 days later. The produce lasts a while as well, I am just over half way through and I have been using it for the past few months. I find that I don't need a lot of the product as well, just a few sprays on each side of my hair is all that I need. 

By looking on the Boots website it looks like the packaging has changed slightly, the price is just over £5. I will be buying this again when I run out as I think that it is a fantastic product it has allowed me to tame my natural hair and define my waves. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from frizzy wavy or curly hair. 

E xo

I have been using the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment over the past week now. So far I have noticed that my hair seems to be in better condition, I have only used it 3 times as I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I have also noticed some slight hair growth.

I have found that the best way to distribute the product is to section off my hair starting from the front and working backwards. I take about a 2 inch section of hair and take a bit of the product (I normally dab my fingers into the product not taking too much and then rub my fingers together) and massage it into the 2 inch section of root and continue this throughout my hair. This way I am making sure that I am massaging the product into all of my root area. I then take the same amount I put on my hair for each root section and distribute this through the rest of my hair. As my hair isn't in a bad condition and I want to stimulate hair growth I put most of the product I use on my roots.

For the hair growth I have noticed that my hair has grown 2-3mm over the past week. I can tell this because my natural hair colour is coming through, it is a dark blonde but a slightly different shade to my dark blonde hair dye that I used to turn my hair ombre. As sometimes my roots annoy me I do dye them with a dark blonde dye, as I did this last week and there was no hair growth when I started using the product I can tell that is has grown.

Hopefully this type of progress will continue, my hair normally grows about half an inch a month so I am hoping by the end of the month it will have grown more than half an inch!

E xo

I have seen quite a few people wearing the prairie rose sweater from Wildfox or a copy and I love it!


It is quite expensive at over £200 however but there are some copies on ebay which go for much cheaper some even under £20. 

I may order one from ebay it says a size medium fits 8-12 so it should fit me fine it is meant to be oversized anyway. Although I am a fan of the cream/white sweater I think that by choosing a different colour would make it a lot easier to wear. Some of the sellers on ebay are selling cream, pink and even blue versions. So I may invest in a blue or pink sweater. I love jumpers but the ones I have at the moment at quite thick which is sometimes too much, especially if I am in a stuffy lecture room at uni. I therefore think that this jumper would be great to wear on a day to day basis with some simple leggings and a basic strappy top underneath.

E xo

I had been thinking for a while about buying the Tangle Teezer as I had heard quite a lot of good reviews about it. As my hair is getting longer and my normal round brush does pull at my hair at times I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a Tangle Teezer. 

I went into my local Boots and brought an orange one which is priced at £10.99 which I wouldn't normally pay for a hair brush but because of the good reviews I decided to invest. 'The Tangle Teezer’s unique teeth configuration delivers rapid, pain-free detangling as well as polishing hair for high shine'.

I have been using the brush for the past two weeks and I have noticed that a lot less hair has been coming out when I brush it and it does leave my hair with a bit of a shine. At first I thought it may be hard to brush my hair because it does not have a handle like a normal brush, but the way that the brush is designed it is very easy to use. I would defiantly recommend the brush!


As I haven't done an introduction I thought I would! 

So hi everyone, my name is Emma! 

I am 22 years old and I am an art student in Birmingham UK, I am currently in my last year at university, I only have a few months left and then I shall be let out into the 'real world'! 

I thought I would create this blog just to send my thoughts and reviews about products I have used or have begun to use and maybe do a haul now and again. I just thought I would see how this goes, it might not go anywhere! I love watching youtube videos and reading blogs about products that other people have brought because it helps me to see if the product would be useful to me if I am thinking about buying it. So I hope that my blog helps anyone out there who might not be sure on a product like I sometimes am. 

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me anything and I shall get back to you as soon as I can! 

E xo

As I have quite pale skin I always find it quite difficult to find a shade of foundation that doesn't make me look orange and actually last most of the day. I thought I would talk about my foundation experience over the past year or so. 

For the past few months I had been using the L'oreal Infallible makeup lasting perfecting foundation in no.15 porcelain. I found the shade to be the best out there for someone with pale skin who doesn't want to pay loads. 

However the problem I had with this product is the fact that I have combination skin, I have oily areas, dry and normal. It says in very small writing on the back of the product that it is for all skin types, but even with primer I found that the foundation didn't last very long. I found that I kept on having to powder my oily areas throughout the day even though it says that it 'fights the signs of make-up meltdown' for me this wasn't the case. I even changed my primer to see if this helped but sadly it was the same. 

The price for this foundation is just over £12 which for me was quite a lot to be spending on foundation  as I am a student and I don't have a lot of money. Still I brought the foundation again and again for about 8 months or so. 

The primer I changed from was 17 Photo Flawless, I found that this primer was perfectly fine but it just didn't seem to work well with the foundation. 

The primer has a clearish colour, quite gel like and goes on quite well, it makes your face certainly feel smooth once you put it on.

I had a coupon for Boots for some money off No7 products, as a friend of mine works in Boots she helped me find a good primer that would work on my skin.

 I picked up the Beautifully Matter primer as it says it 'stops shine for a matte finish and improves blemishes'. It is £10.50 in Boots normally, I got a couple of pound off it with the coupon so it only cost me about £8. I found that this primer was a lot better than the 17 one I had been using and I plan to get it again once I run out. 

This primer is white, almost like a thick cream when you put it on you can feel your skin smoothing over and becoming a matte canvas. 

While I was using the Infallible foundation I still looked out for other foundations that would be better for my foundation needs.

I did buy a few cheaper foundations such as 17 Miracle Matte foundation in soft ivory. As it was a Matte foundation I thought that this would help my face look less shiny which wasn't the case. 

The colour was too dark for my skin as well even though it was the lightest they had. 

As I was running out of the Infallible foundation I was planning to buy some more when I saw that the L'oreal True Match foundation was on offer. I can't remember exactly how much it was I think it might have been buy one get one half price, but I am not too sure. The foundation itself is just over £10 in Boots, I got it in the shade R1-C1 rose ivory. 

I tested it on myself in the shop and I found that it was slightly darker than the Infallible foundation but it was something I could work with, I found that if you blended it in quite a lot it did match my skin. 

I have been using this foundation for maybe about a month and I am so pleased with the results. I have quite a bit of red pigmentation in my face and the foundation completely covers it. I have found that it lasts a lot longer than the other foundations I have used and I do not need to powder my face as often as I did before. I have also found that a little foundation goes a long way although this might be thanks to the Real Techniques brushes I use to put on my foundation they are amazing! 

The powder I use is one I have been using for years, I have had no problems with it and I don't plan to change it any time soon. 

It is the Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in 18 ivory. 

E xo


I have been growing my hair since about October last year after I decided that dying my hair a light blonde often and wearing extensions wasn't the right path to go down anymore. I therefore changed my hair, dying it a dark blonde near the roots (to match my natural hair colour) and giving it an ombre effect to allow my natural colour a dark blonde to grow through. My hair has seemed to have grown quite a lot since October maybe about 3 inches maybe more, as it was just below my shoulders to begin with. Since I have now decided to grow out my fringe after having it for the last god knows how many years I would like my hair to grow a bit faster and it better condition! I looked up a few different ways to make hair a better condition and for it to grow quicker and I decided to buy this as the reviews I had read/watched were good so I thought I would try it. It says that it will stimulate my roots to allow my hair to grow and to also keep the rest of my hair in a healthy condition. 

I brought it from my local boots at £7.99 it was on offer for 3 for 2 but because it was my first time using this product I didn't want to buy loads of tubs of it just in case it didn't work on my hair. I have only used the product twice so far as I brought it at the beginning of the week. I normally wash my hair every 2-3 days and so I plan to use the hair treatment each day I wash it. 

It says that you need to use an 'egg' sized amount and leave it on the hair for 5 minutes. I did not use an egg sized amount I think that an egg size would be far too much product to use on my length of hair. I therefore took small amounts of the product and worked it into my hair until it felt like the roots were covered, I then finger combed my hair to distribute the remaining product that was left on my hands through the rest of my hair. 

I found the product to be a great consistency, it wasn't too runny nor too thick. Although I am not a fan of pink I found the packaging and colour of the product not too bad. I did make me feel quite girly! I have read about some people not liking the scent of the product or loving it. To be honest I expected it to smell quite floral because of the pink theme but this is not the case. I can't quite put my finger on what it actually smells like but the scent isn't bad at all. I did find that the scent is sometimes left in my hair, but when I use the other products I put on my hair it fades slightly. 

So far I have found that my hair feels a lot smoother and healthier obviously there is no rapid hair growth! It isn't going to make my hair be mermaid length in just a few washes. However it will hopefully stimulate my roots to make hair grow! So I am hoping that my hair will grow a bit faster and healthier than it normally does! My hair grows about half an inch or so each month now with this product hopefully a bit more. I shall be writing on here my hair progress to see what happens! 

(Sorry for the dark photos I took them at night! I shall replace them)

E xo