Cambridge weigh in no. 4

This week I have lost 3 pounds which puts me to 14 and a half pounds lost so I have just lost over a stone in a month. Which is where I wanted to be!

My body is being very weird at the moment though, I finished my period last Tuesday, I felt like a water balloon for about a week to then find that Wednesday my body had planned another period for me. No wonder I had been feeling like crap and like a huge whale. Ergh. I told my consultant about it today and she had said that this was the reason why I hadn't lost anything last week, my body is adjusting to the rapid weight loss and this was its way of coping. It is hard when you are a girl because of your hormones etc your body can just store loads of water because of this which can make you feel like crap. The past few days I have been feeling better, less like a water balloon more like a person.

Nothing has changed in my diet, I have been having two cambridge foods with one normal food meal a day. I am feeling full and satisfied at the end of the day. I am still doing my exercise and will continue to do so, I try to do about a 6-10 minute routine every night along with walking quite a bit during the day. I am trying to tone my body up as well as drop the weight. I do not want to over do myself in the exercise as I am not eating much as it is so too much exercise is bad for me.

So from losing just over 1 stone in a month I should therefore only be on this diet for another month and a half to two months depending on how my body reacts to the weight loss. If my body acts like it did in the first few weeks then I shall lose it a lot quicker but by the beginning of August I shall be nearly at my goal weight hopefully! (:


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