ombre hair again!

For a couple of days now I have been wanting my ombre hair back, I have only had the all over light blonde for about a month. My roots are annoying me, although I do have naturally blonde hair its quite dark. I did put some low lights through out of my hair but it was still annoying me. So I decided to put a dark on top and lighten the ends a bit more to create a more ombred effect. The ombre starts lower than it had done before and there is more of a contrast between the two shades of blonde than there was before which makes the lighter colour stand out.

I was thinking about doing some balayage on the top section of my hair, it is a technique where you paint on highlights without using foil to make it look like natural sun kissed highlights. I think I will do this in a few weeks as I want to give my hair a rest for a while. The good thing with these types of highlights is that they are further down rather than at the roots so you don't have to worry about regrowth.

I want my hair to end up like this, where there are a few highlights further up going down to a lighter colour.


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