What colour for my bedroom?

I plan to paint the top half of my walls in a light cream colour as we have some from when my parents repainted downstairs. I have to have a border in my bedroom because the person who owned the house before us didn't wallpaper the walls correctly, there is a gap where the border is so I need a border. I don't fancy wallpapering my room because I have the wallpaper that is textured which is very difficult to get off! Also I do quite like the fact that the wallpaper in my room is textured.

Last time I painted my room I had difficulty finding a nice border for it, so I plan to go out in the next few weeks and look at borders. I shall take a few samples to see what type of border I like.

I am unsure about the bottom half, I could paint it the same light cream colour as the top half will be, or I could go for a darker shade, I am not too sure of what to do! No matter what colour I paint it I will have to put a primer on first because the colour it is at the moment is quite a deep red.


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