Lee Stafford hair growth 8 week update

I think it has been about 8 weeks now since I started using the hair growth treatment. I am still on my first pot so it has lasted 2 months! I have only about one treatment left in the first pot so I am glad that I stocked up on it when Boots had its 2 for 3 offer on.

The longest layers of my hair is now touching my bra at the back so in the past 2 weeks it has grown 1cm-2cm. I hadn't put it on every time I had washed my hair over the past two weeks because I didn't have time to have a long shower where I can wait around for about 10 minutes with it on my hair, and sometimes I have just forgotten! I plan to get back in the routine tomorrow though when I wash my hair.

So over the past about 2 months that I have been using this product it has grown about 2 and half inches to 3 inches maybe. I am really pleased with the results as my hair looks longer and feels like it is a better condition. My fringe is getting really long as well, I am now able to wear it down but curl is slightly so it stays out of my face.

I am looking forward to the next few months where my hair will be getting even longer as my ideal hair length is about another 6 inches. So hopefully this wont take that long to achieve! I am hoping that by my birthday which is in September I will have my ideal hair length. Fingers crossed!


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