Bedroom decorating

My room at the moment is a light cream on top with a black border and red on the bottom, I haven't decorated my room for about 6 years. As I am getting older I feel like I want a more grown up room rather than what I have at the moment. I want my room to be more neutral so I can decorate it with pretty pastel colours to suit my style more. I plan to do this after I finish university in a few weeks.

At the moment I have a lot of lion photos and paintings on my walls as I love lions my nan often brought me photos and paintings from charity shops. I have got quite a few of them now but as I want to change my room I think that I will save these paintings and photos for when I move out.

I don't plan on moving out of my parents house for a few years. I need to get a job first and save up some money before I move into a place with my boyfriend. As I do not want to get a flat I would rather get a house straight away we need to save up a lot of money to do this. So redecorating my room at the moment would be the best thing to do. Plus it will be practice for when I decorate my own house!

I shall be posting images on my blog for inspiration! I am quite looking forward to this as I have been wanting to change my room for a while now but because of university work it just hasn't happened.


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