Bedroom haul: ornaments

Today I took a trip to the local Wilkinsons, I find that they have some really nice home items there especially if you are on a budget like I am! I do not want to spend a lot of money redoing my room I want to spend as little as possible.

I brought these ornaments from Wilko:

I love these little birds, I brought them for a friend as part of her birthday present. I loved them so much I had to go back and get myself two! They are a bit lighter face to face, they also do them in silver. They are £2.50 each which I think is great for such cute birds!

I also brought these tier candles and candle holders. The candle holders are hand made clear glass and were £3 each. The tier candles were £2 each, I think that there are 10 in a box. As far as I know they are not scented, they are just plain cream candles. I want a shelf in my room to have some ornaments on display above my bed, I think I am going to have these on either corner of the shelf with other candles in between. I may change my mind about where I put them as I have two shelves by my built in wardrobes. The wardrobes are either side of the chimney with the shelves going slightly over the chimney. I could put the candles on these small shelves instead of on a different shelf. 

I also brought some white gravel for £2, I have a few bowls in my room that used to have red pot pourri in them but as I am changing the colour scheme I decided to get rid of it. At the moment I have used some of the gravel in the bowl and placed some small yankee candles in it. 

I also saw this large moustache wall hook, it has 6 hooks coming off a black moustache. I was thinking of getting this for my room to hang my scarves on. I already have hooks on my door for my coats and jackets but it is quite full, so one for my scarves would be great. I didn't end up getting this as I wasn't 100% sure on purchasing it although I may go back for it in the weeks to come. It is £4. 

I also brought some boxes from Tesco, they are on offer at the moment they were £5 they are now £2.50. They are very shallow, which is perfect to go under my bed. They have wheels on the bottom and a lid that folds in half. I was going to buy some clear shallow boxes which were £4, but when I saw these I changed my mind as they were cheaper but also better I thought. The boxes are clear with a deep purple lid. I am not too fussed about the colour of the lid as they will be hidden in my room anyway. 

I am going to look in the shed tomorrow with my mom to see what paint we have. I want to start sorting through my room and getting rid of anything I do not need. The only thing I will need to buy for my room is a TV wall mount and a border, apart from this I do not plan on buying anything else. I have quite a few things in my room that I can easily reuse. 


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