Boohoo Floral Dress update

The Boohoo dress that I had ordered turned up the other day. I was really excited as I wanted to wear it to a family meal last Tuesday as the weather in the UK was very warm at the beginning of the week and now today we have had a thunder storm! Good old British weather ay!

The dress turned up on Tuesday as it was a bank holiday on Monday, it had been sent out straight away on the day that I had ordered it which was great as I thought I would of had to wait for a long time to get it.

I tried it on as soon as it came, I really liked the material and the floral pattern was beautiful however the dress just wasn't for me. It squished my boobs a lot which made them look weird, I even got the dress in a bigger size than what I normally would have done because I had not brought anything from there before. The top half of the dress was very fitted and the bottom half came out at my waist but then went back in at the bottom of the dress which you can't really tell it does in the photo I saw of it. It is quite hard to explain but it was basically tighter at the bottom which made the skirt bit of the dress poof out in a weird way.

I am a girl with curves, I have boobs and a butt so the dress made me look even more curvy than I actually am, plus it gave me an even bigger butt which I do not want! The dress would of been great if it had fitted me correctly on the boob area and if it didn't go in at the bottom like it had done. It was a very different style of dress from what I normally wear. I think it would suit a person who wasn't as curvy as it would give curves to the figure, unlike mine where it made them seem even bigger than they were or totally flatten my boobs.

So I sent the dress back, the good thing about Boohoo is that they do a free delivery which was great! I just stuck the returns label onto the package and dropped it off at the post office. So in a few days I shall have my refund back in my bank account.

It was a really nice dress and it is annoying that it didn't look nice on me but I am glad that I tried something different.


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