Primark 3D nail manicure review

I picked up this 3D manicure set from Primark for £2.50 as I wanted to try it out. I got it in the cream colour as it would go with anything I wore, they also do a black and white bead kit and a pastel multicolour bead kit. In each pack it comes with a nail polish, funnel and beads.

The instructions say that you have to apply the nail polish first then while it is still wet pour over the beads and press them down onto the nail. I tried this first with the nail polish that was in the kit, I just painted this over my already lilac nails (Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Prickly Pear) and pour the beads onto my nail over a bowl to catch the beads that didn't stick. Only a few stuck to it, when I felt my nail it was already nearly dry. I had poured on the beads straight after I had applied the nail polish. I didn't like the look of it as because my nails were lilac and the nail polish that came in the kit almost white I felt like it looked a bit odd. I therefore took off the beads and repainted my nail with the Barry M colour I had on before.

This time I painted on quite a bit of the Barry M polish and poured on the beads this worked a lot better. A lot of the beads stuck to my nail this time and as I pressed the beads down in place the lilac polish was coming up through the tiny gaps which made my nails look like a lighter lilac which I quite liked. I found that some places on my nail were not covered by beads, I carefully repainted this section and used tweezers to carefully place a bead in the area that had none.

I did this for both of my little fingers to try it out as I am going to be decorating over the next few weeks and doing 3D work at uni my nails will get ruined. I really like the way it looks and it is so simple to do, the good thing is that you hardly use up any of the beads because there are so many of them in the bottle. The kit comes with a funnel as well which you can used to pour the beads that you didn't use back in the bottle which is great.

I am defiantly going to use this more when I am not going to be doing a lot of 3D work at uni or decorating my room. It is cheap to buy and easy to use so I would defiantly recommend it. I was thinking that instead of buying the beads from a kit like this you could easily buy some decorative beads off eBay for maybe even cheaper than the kit as there is no glue or anything like that you need to achieve to get this effect.

I found on the Superdrug website that MUA actually do a variety of different beads for nails, they are £3.


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