Coral and Turquoise furniture

I love a youtuber called Mr Kate she does a lot of interior design, I love her ideas of reusing old furniture but painting it to improve it, so this is what I want to do. I wouldn't do this for every piece of furniture in my bedroom because it would be a bit too much in your face but I am thinking of doing it for the bedside tables and maybe my book case. I have two built in wardrobes, a desk and TV stand which I do not want to paint. I am thinking about mounting my TV on a wall which would mean that I could get rid of my TV stand.

I need to have a better think about what I want to do but for now I will post inspiration images on here.

At the moment I really like turquoise and coral colours so I may use these colours to repaint the furniture. As this will create a nice pop of colour in my room as the walls will be neutral.

I love this video she did on reusing a wood pallet to make a coffee table, I can't wait until I have a house so I can create beautiful pieces of furniture like she does.

Mr Kate's youtube: she is so awesome!!!! Go check her out!


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