Primark & Boots Haul

After seeing a few things in Primark the other day I decided to go back after uni and pick them up.

I do not normally wear shorts but I have wanted a pair of denim shorts for a while now. I came across these high waisted shorts in Primark. They aren't as high waisted as a pair of black shorts I have as they come up to my belly button but they fit me quite well. The sizing however is not that good, I had to buy the shorts two sizes bigger than what I would normally wear. I always find that Primark sizes are not that friendly to the curvy girl. I do not have massive curves, I have an hour glass figure but my hips are quite wide and the girls are quite big. I find it difficult at times to find tops that are in my size that fit the girls and bottoms that fit my hips. I think this is one of the reasons I wear leggings a lot.

The shorts are a light denim which I do not normally go for I normally go for a darker colour but these were the only denim shorts they had in the size I needed. The shorts have a long zip at the front and one button. No pockets at the front but two back pockets. There was also high waisted denim shorts in an even lighter blue but these had 3 buttons and a shorter zip. I preferred the ones I brought as I didn't really like the even lighter blue shorts.

The shorts were £8 which I think for a pair of high waisted shorts is quite good. There was some none high waisted shorts for £10 which if you think about it you are getting more material for less money.

I also brought this grey boyfriend style crop top. Once again the size I would normally get looked far too small. They didn't have many sizes so I ended up getting the top 3 times bigger than I normally would. The crop top is therefore really baggy which I am not sure about, but I guess because it is a boyfriend style it would be a bit baggy than a normal crop top. I think that I will have to get some more crop tops or just make my own. The top was only £3 as it is a plain crop top they do have other ones which have patterns on but I liked this one. The grey is a darker grey almost black, they did also have a range of other colours for the same price.

I have needed a new bag for a while now, at the moment I have a huge bag which my boyfriend refers to it as a doctors bag because it is so huge! I have been using this to carry all of my uni work which is useful but I haven't got a smaller bag which I can use when I am not going to uni. I found this black bag for £9, it is quite unusual as it zips around the top which is a half circle opening. This opening then flops down to the side, so the bag is a lot bigger than what it looks. I will try to show this as best as I can in photos! This was the only bag that I really liked the look of, the other bags were not as big for even more money. So I just decided to get this one as I desperately needed a smaller bag.

I also popped into Boots on my way home from uni as I needed some shampoo, however I got side tracked and ended up buying things I didn't really need oops!

I sometimes use purple shampoo by Touch of Silve to keep my blonde a nice colour, before I have brought the once a week treatment but they didn't have any so I just brought the everyday shampoo. It was on offer 2 for £4 so I brought two and gave one to my mom because she wanted to try it out.

As I walked into my local boots there was a stand for this new product which I haven't seen in there before it was for a nail polish brand called Sinful Colors it is an American brand hence the spelling of colours. There were loads of different shades of nail varnish a lot of the shades reminded me of Barry M. I decided to pick up two colours a pale yellow and a pale blue. I have these colours in Barry M but in the textured effect I wanted them in a normal nail polish anyway so I thought I would try them out. The bottles remind me of the China Glaze bottles, I have never tried the China Glaze nail polish so I do not know if the Sinful Colors are as good or not. The Sinful Colors were £1.99. I think that the names of the colours are very cute, the yellow is called unicorn and the blue is called sugar rush.

I also have wanted to buy some exfoliating gloves for a while, I decided to get the Soap & Glory ones as I couldn't find any of Boots own make ones in the shop. The Soap & Glory exfoliating gloves were the same price as another brand which I can't remember the name of. The Soap & Glory gloves felt like they were rougher which would exfoliated more so I decided to pick these up even though I am not a huge fan of pink and they are very pink! These were £4 which I thought was quite good for Soap & Glory as normally I find their products to be a bit more on the expensive side.


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