Boohoo Floral Dress

I always have a look on ebay to see if there is anything on there that I like. At the moment there is a Bank Holiday Bonanza, a lot of items on there are on sale. (UK ebay)

I had a look at some dresses that were on there and I came across a Boohoo floral dress that was 50% off. It is called the Rebecca Rose print bandeau lantern dress. The RRP is £20 and it is going for £9.99 on the Boohoo outlet and is free delivery if you are willing to wait 4-6 days for it to be delivered, if you would like to have it sooner 1-2 days it will cost £4.50. I am hoping that it fits me! I have never brought anything from Boohoo before so I am not sure what their sizes are like. If it does not I can always send it back and get a different size.

I don't really go for dresses that do not have sleeves as I am a bit self conscious about the top of my arms. I used to be bigger than what I am now so I think that I still see myself as the larger version. However the other day I had a university leaving party as my class is coming to the end of our university life. I wore the black maxi dress I brought from H&M, I did wear it with a black chiffon jacket but the room was very hot and I braved the arms out look for the first time in I don't know how long. I didn't feel that self conscious so I am hoping that I feel the same in this dress.

I don't have any floral dresses, I have black ones and one black and white one which has large butterflies all over it. I feel like my style has changed over the years, I used to go for just black clothes but now I like to have colour in my wardrobe mainly pastel colours. So I thought that this floral dress would be perfect for me.


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