Primark & Boots Haul

Yesterday I popped into town with a friend to get a few things from Primark. I mainly went to get my mom one of her presents for her birthday, she wants some pj bottoms. I am not going to show the things I brought for my mom because I am not sure if she would want me to show them or not. Anyway here are the things that I brought for myself:

I brought myself some plain black pumps for £3 as I needed some new ones and a man's plain black tshirt for £3 I think it was, as I do not have any old clothes that I can stick on to do some painting in. These aren't very interesting so I didn't take a photo of this.

I brought this 3D manicure set. It comes with a nail polish colour and tiny beads with a funnel. The idea is that you paint on the nail polish colour and when the nail polish is still wet you pour on the beads and press down so the beads are stuck onto your nail. This was £2.50 which isn't that bad really. It comes in a few different colours, this one which is a more cream colour, a black and white bead and a pastel multi colour bead. I think I may go back for the pastel multi colour bead or even just order some beads off eBay and use them.

I also brought these nail wraps for £1 each, the rose ones where actually in a 50p section but apparently they weren't 50p they were £1. You get 20 in each pack so you can either do your hands and toes or two lots of hands and two lots of toes. I love the dot design, I am not 100% sure on the rose ones but I decided to get them anyway. There are also quite a few different leopard print ones and a glitter one as well. For £1 it is worth a try anyway!

I brought these earrings that were in the sale, I think that they look quite Egyptian which I love and they were £2.50 reduced to £1 so I decided to get them. 

I also went to Boots as I needed to pick up a few things for my mom, but it is also my friends birthday next week. She loves the Soap and Glory selection. I was going to get her a gift set which had 3 or 4 travel sized Soap and Glory items in it. However Boots were doing a 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory items so I decided just to get them individually as I could get 6 for the price of the gift set. The gift set was £10 and the Soap and Glory travel sized items were £2.50 each. So it worked out better this way. I got my friend a body scrub, shower gel, body butter and body wash, plus myself two of the body scrubs. I may keep these for myself as they smell amazing or I may keep them for presents. 


  1. the earrings are bargains!
    you got a new follower on bloglovin :)
    hope you follow back x

    1. I know I love them!!!
      They had a necklace as well so I may have to go back at get it!
      Thank you for following!! xx