Lee Stafford hair growth 6 week update

I think I am on week 6 of the update but I am not sure as I have been really busy with uni work. Not much to say really about my hair, I was going to take a photo of my roots but then I decided to try to make my hair lighter last week, which didn't work so I don't have any roots anymore.

I have noticed that the length is a lot longer again, I think it has grown about nearly 2 inches since I started using this product, so it is working out that it is doubling in length almost. I haven't trimmed my hair since I started using it, it really needs a trim because of how fast it is growing so I plan on trimming my hair later on today, just to even everything out.

My hair is nearly to my down to my bra at the back now it is about a cm off which is great! My fringe before I was having trouble wearing it down because it was at that awkward stage, however now I can wear it down. A few bits of my fringe are still a bit short but it is getting really long, most of it is nearly to the end of my nose and some of it is even longer.

My hair seems really thick as well, I used to have thick hair when I was younger which I used to get thinned out a lot because the hair dresser just used to thin it for me without asking, I wish I had said something now! My layers are getting really long I think it feels like they are growing faster than the rest of my hair, but I just think that is because I have a lot of layers in my hair so it is making it seem like that. The shortest layers are to my shoulders now whereas when I started this they were about to my chin.

So there has been a lot of hair growth! I am still doing the same routine when washing my hair with the product. The only thing I have changed is that I will put conditioner on my ends when I have put this on my roots and then I tie my hair up and wash my body etc. Then once I have done this I will wash it off. I have found that this is a lot easier so I am not waiting around for 5 minutes until I can put my conditioner on which I normally leave on for a few minutes. I have about an inch left of it in the pot now so I am glad I brought the other two pots.


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