L'oreal conditioning toner update

I haven't used the L'oreal conditioning toner in lilac since I first tried it. I am not sure why I haven't used it for a while, I think it may be because I felt that my hair needed to be longer so I could have more lilac on the tips that I felt comfortable with. Since my hair had grown a lot since I first used it I decided to try it out again a few days ago.

I put the toner on wet hair about 2-3 inches of my ends. At first the product didn't really take to my hair to made about half an inch of the ends of my hair slightly lilac/grey but not very much. I left it on for about an hour as well so I hoped it would of taken to my hair a lot more than it had done.

The next day I decided to try to do my hair again, this time I did it on dry hair as before I found that it took to my hair more when it was dry not wet. It took to my hair a lot more this time, as I had left it on for maybe 2 hours. It still hadn't took to my hair as much as I had wanted it to though, some bits of my ends were still blonde for some reason even though I had checked maybe about 5 times that all of my hair that I wanted to be lilac was covered.

I think that my hair wasn't light enough, after trying to dye my hair lighter a few weeks ago, my lighter hair had gone more of a blonde than quite a light blonde like it was before. As I had some light blonde hair dye I decided that I would reombre my hair just to make it more lighter at the ends so hopefully the lilac will take more to it next time. I also put purple shampoo through my hair to make it even more lighter.

I had reombred my hair with the lilac still on my ends, it has gone a lot lighter now almost a silver which I do quite like. I think that now because my ends are a lot more lighter the lilac should take to the end of my hair a lot easier. As I did want lighter hair for the summer my plan is to once a week purple shampoo the light blonde hair of my hair to keep on making it lighter and less brassy.

I shall try the lilac hair dye again, maybe on the weekend or sometime next week. I shall take photos of this as I forgot to take photos of the lilac hair dye this time.


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