Shelves for my room and border.

Yesterday I took a trip to the local reuse centre, my friend had gone there to pick up some props for university and told me they had a variety of different photo frames there, I needed some for uni and I didn't want to pay a lot for them so I took a trip there. While I was looking around I saw these two shelves on top of a cabinet. I wanted some shelves for my room to stick candles etc on them so I decided to pick them up. For both shelves it was £2.50 which is a bargain! Although they are blue I can easily paint this and one of the legs do shelves have legs!? The long bits at the bottom of the shelf, what ever that is called moves slightly so I just need to reglue this. I am thinking of either painting it a cream/white gloss or a pale colour as a statement shelf type thing

They have so many pieces of furniture there that could easily be repainted and reused. I plan on going there again as they have quite a lot there. I also picked up some more things for uni which I can easily use again. I picked up 4 photo frames which were £5 and two victorian styles candle holders which were £2.50. They are always having new stuff in the shop because everything is donated and the money goes to charity.

I also went to B&Q the other day because I needed some wallpaper for my degree space at uni, while I was looking around the wallpaper section I came across this border which has neutral colours and quite pretty I felt. This could be a possibility for the border around my room as it is the exact width I need the border to be. I can't find the border on the website for some reason!

Also with the wallpaper I brought for uni I have some left over, I was thinking of cutting off some of the wallpaper and sticking it in a frame as I really like the pattern and the colour of it is a pale green. Or saving it for when I get my own place and having one wall covered in the wallpaper. It would have to be a small room as there is only 10ms of wallpaper in each roll and as I have already used some of this up I wouldn't have enough for a big wall. Or if they still have it in stock when I get my own place in a few years which I think is very unlikely I could always buy some more of it.


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