Cambridge diet day 2

Today has been a good day. I did weigh myself this morning and I had lost 1 pound, I wasn't going to weigh myself but I just can't help it! I have also brought some mouth spray as I am worried about the bad breath side effect!

I had vegetable soup for breakfast because I would be at uni at lunch time so I wouldn't have been able to actually make myself some soup at uni but I would be able to do a shake. The vegetable soup was lovely! I could tell it had peppers in which I do not like, but it wasn't that bad at all, it was very nice. It reminded me of the chicken and mushroom pot noodles for some reason because it was quite tangy but not spicy.

For lunch I had the vanilla shake, I got a few weird looks from people at uni for walking around drinking a shake most of them thought it was milk apparently! I love the vanilla shake I drank it all, it has been the best flavour for me to have so far.

Tonight I am going to have chicken, peas and mushrooms again for dinner. I was going to have tuna but then mom said about having the chicken again because we both loved it last night. Then for pudding I plan to have a chocolate or chocolate orange shake. I think I may have the chocolate as I haven't tried that yet.

I have had a few cravings, I walked past a KFC earlier and the chips were calling me, I don't even eat KFC! But I just ignored this and had some more water. I haven't drank as much today just because I have been at uni. I drank a whole bottle of water and had a cup of tea, I plan to make another cup of tea to have while I watch the new ep of True Blood and more tonight.

I had a talk today with my friend at uni, I was saying to her how much easier it is going to be for me to buy clothes when I lose some weight. I always find it difficult to find clothes that fit me and bras for my size are stupidly expensive. The only place I can get bras are off the internet or ann summers which can be over £30 sometimes. I can't wait until hopefully in 2 months I will be able to go into other shops and buy cheaper pretty bras. I actually got really excited at this as it would make my life a lot easier but I will also of course feel so much better about myself and be a lot healthier.


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