Garnier Olia hair dye review

I decided that I would try out the Garnier Olia hair dye in Light Golden Blonde. I wanted to go a bit lighter for the summer and it said on the side that dark blonde would turn up quite light. I had heard from a friend of mine who had used it before that it was good hair dye and smelled nice. So I was looking forward to using it. I brought it from Asda where it was on offer for £6 I am not sure the original price I can't remember how much it said it was.

It comes with 5 things in the box, developer, colour, bottle to mix everything in, conditioner, gloves and instruction leaflet.

I mixed the developer and the colour in the bottle, there is a circle on the back of the box which you can pop out and you can put the bottle in this. I guess this is so its somewhere safe where you can empty the developer and colour into. 

(colour chart is lighter in person)

It did smell quite nice, it wasn't as strong as other hair dyes I have used, normally my eyes water quite a bit from the scent but this time I didn't have that problem. It was quite weird putting it on my hair as it is quite creamy, like a hair mask rather than a dye. I decided that because the top half of my hair was darker than the bottom I would put the mixture on this first before putting it on the rest of my hair. In the instructions it says that if you want to touch up your roots to put it on the roots for 20 minutes and the rest of your hair for 10. I did this for my hair because of it being darker on the top than the bottom. 

I did notice that my hair was going lighter while the dye was on my hair so I did have high hopes for it. After 30 minutes I washed it off in the shower and I dried my hair to see what colour it had turned out as. It hadn't turned out as light as it said it would, my dark blonde was still quite dark it had only lightened to about a medium blonde. My roots however lightened a lot it went to an almost orange colour, and my light blonde ends hadn't changed much at all. 

I was expecting the dark blonde to lighten a lot more than it had done because it said it would on the box. I could of used bleach to lighten my hair even more but I am trying not to damage my hair as I want to grow it quite long. I decided that I would put a dark blonde on my roots to cover up the orangeness and brush it through to ombre it even more so the medium blonde would match my roots again. 

In all this product smelt nice and other people I know who have used it have had good results. It just didn't take to my hair as well as it could of done. 


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