Foxy Locks hair extensions deluxe ash blonde first impression

I had an email this morning about 5am-ish from the Royal Mail telling me that the package with my Foxy Locks extensions in was at my local post office and will be sent out today. It didn't come with the normal post but came in a van about 1pm-ish.

When I opened up the pink parcel this is what I saw, my deluxe no60 ash blonde 20 inch hair extensions with the Foxy Locks case:

The hair extensions:

(I did take the hair out of the packet before I took the photos)

The case:

Hair extensions go in the middle, two pockets either side. 

Quote from website explaining what you get: 

Foxy Locks Deluxe sets are one of the thickest clip in hair extensions on the market!

The weight of these stunning hair extensions is 165 grams!

Whilst most other sellers only sell 70-100 grams of hair, making ours the thickest.

Transforms flat, lifeless hair into voluminous, long gorgeous locks! 100% Remy silky
smooth tangle free human hair.

20" 10 piece set (Full head):
One x 8" wide with 4 clips
One x 7" wide with 4 clips
Two x 6" wide with 3 clips
Two x 4" wide with 2 clips
Four x 1" wide with 1 clip

(You also get two spare clips with the set.)

All hair extensions clipped in.


I found that the ash blonde was a bit more yellow than what it looks like on the website. It doesn't really look that bad when I put the extensions in but I will defiantly need to slightly lighten the ends of my own hair and probably tone the extensions slightly as well. I will also need to put a darker blonde onto the top half of the extensions as I do have ombre hair so the top half of my hair is a medium/dark blonde.  


It is true to the length 20inches long, I will need to trim the hair slightly as when I put all of the hair in it looked a bit weird at the ends because tiny bits were longer then the other. So I will be trimming it so it is all one length at the end. The only thing that I may need to do is use a weft or two of my old extensions that aren't as nice to add as layers between my own hair and the extensions. As there is about 8inches from my hair to the end of the extensions. I would like it to look a bit more natural which by adding a weft or two of shorter extensions will hopefully do. 


The hair is so thick! I was worried because my hair is medium-thick but most of it is in the layers, I am slowly growing my hair out but trimming it as well so the shorter layers can catch up to the longer layers. I was still worried that it may look weird but it looks quite nice. The thickness of the hair does thin out towards the ends but it is nothing like some of the extensions I have brought before. The ends are also cut straight across which makes it look thicker as well. 


I thought that the weight of the hair may be a problem, that I would be able to feel it but I can't really feel it at all. The only thing I can feel was some of the clips, however I think I put a few of them too close to my scalp.


The clips are the best ones I have used, they don't tug the hair, although a few did but as I said above I put them in slightly too close to my scalp. They have a silicone bit to the clip so it doesn't hurt your own hair. The clips looks like they have been sewn on really well and you get two spare clips just in case anything happens.


These are the best extensions I have ever brought. Years ago when I used to wear extensions every day I used to buy from eBay, local extension shops in the city centre or down the road from my house. They were never as soft, which I know will go away after I wash, curl them etc. Normally there is the odd black/brown pieces of hair in the wefts however with these I haven't found any this dark. The hair is multi-tonal anyway so there are slightly darker blondes in the wefts but nothing as dark as a black/brown. The other extensions were so thin towards the ends I always had to buy about 3 packets just to try to make them thicker but I won't have to do this with these as they do slightly thin out but nothing like my old ones.

Which clips go where?:

The way that I put in the clips is:

2 clip weft x1 at the bottom one
layer of own hair
2 clip weft x1
layer of own hair
3 clip weft x2 starting from near the ear on each side and overlapping at the back
layer of own hair
4 clip weft x1
layer of own hair
4 clip weft x1
all hair down
1 clip weft x2 one by each ear to 'frame' the face almost
1 clip weft x2 where I felt like it needed it

(I hope this makes sense!)

How will I style them?:

Although in the photo I have straightened my hair and the extensions slightly I never really wear my hair straight I always tend to have it wavy as my hair is naturally slightly wavy so it means I only have to curl a few pieces of my hair to make it look better. So I will be curling my extensions which will also help them blend with my hair better.

Are the extensions value for money?

I think that this is the most I have ever paid for extensions however I do think that they are worth it. However this is just my first impression, I haven't used them out of the house, washed them etc. From other reviews I have read/watched the extensions can last from 3 months to a year. I am hoping that they last about a year as by then my hair would hopefully have grown some more and will be closer to my desired hair length.

I shall do an update on how the extensions have lasted in a couple of months once I have worn them for a while. I won't be wearing them everyday just on a night out or when I feel like wearing them.

I think that's everything?!


Extensions I brought:

Youtube Foxy Locks/ Imogen:


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