Cambridge diet weigh in

I had a vanilla shake for breakfast with chicken and mushroom soup for lunch.

I had my weigh in at half 4, I have lost 5.5 pounds in my first week which is great! She said its like I had a small baby.

I took away with me vanilla shakes with chicken and mushroom, mushroom and veg soup for the next week. She told me to keep on doing what I am doing, she is hoping that I lose another 4 pound by next weekend. So I should have lost by the end of the month just over 1 stone.

I am feeling a lot better about myself while I have been doing this diet. She also said that I will begin to feel like I have more energy because I will be lighter and my heart won't be under so much pressure. She said that my skin will also be looking better as well.

I have just had tuna, egg and veg for dinner. Yum!


  1. Well done :)
    Sounds like your doing really well :)