Primark & Newlook haul.

I love Primark at the moment, I do normally get most of my clothes from either Primark or H&M but I love the skirts and crop tops that Primark have as they are much cheaper than other shops and have a better range.

I had already brought the boyfriend style crop top in a dark grey but I quite fancied it in a black so I picked one up for £3. The size is a lot larger than what I would normally go for, I would normally go for a 12 on top depending on what type of 12 size it is. Sometimes I do have to get a bigger size because of the girls. Both times I have brought these boyfriend style tops they have only had size 18 left. So I brought it anyway because I don't mind that the top is really baggy, I actually prefer it I would rather have it big more baggier because I don't want anything on show! I also brought it in yellow as well as I could wear this with a black maxi skirt to add colour to my outfit.

Also while in Primark I wanted a new skirt as apart from the black ones I only have an orange one. I did want one of the tribal black and white patterned skirts but they didn't have my size, so I may have to go back in sometime in the week to see if they have any more in stock. I did find this floral skirt which I love, it feels very silky it is not a jersey type material like the other skirts in there. This skirt was £12 or £14 I can't remember which and I haven't got the tag anymore! The skirt is sort of like a straight up and down maxi skirt but it is a tiny bit gathered so it isn't tight it is quite flowy. 

I brought another skirt for £12 which is similar to the orange skirt I brought a few weeks ago. It is a metallic sort of nude colour. It has pockets at the front and also is gathered rather than a straight up and down maxi skirt. I was unsure about this skirt when I brought the one above as I was going to buy it but then decided to get the floral one instead. However after a few days of thinking about it I decided to go back and pick it up. I have a degree show private night at university this week so I think that it will be perfect for that as it seems more dressy because it isn't a jersey material. I think that these type of maxi skirts that aren't jersey material can be used for day or night wear. 

My friend from uni had the cheap version of Toms from Newlook, she told me that she got them for £8.  I tried on a variety of pairs of shoes but in some sizes I needed an 8 (uk) in some I needed a 9 (uk). Which is quite annoying! I ended up having to go to another Newlook store to find some in my size. I picked them up thinking that they were £8 however they were not, because they had a patterned material that had holes in it they were fancier than the £8 ones they were actually £12.99. I wasn't going to buy them but I decided that I would because I wanted a pair, they fitted me perfectly and I liked the cream/beige colour that they were. I think that they do these in Primark and they do have them in other shops that are cheaper but because they had a pattern on them I liked them more than the normal plain ones. Also with student discount I did get I think about 10% off. So they were about £10-£11 in the end. 


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