Lee Stafford hair growth update

I haven't done a hair update in agesssss! I am not too sure how long I have been using this product for now.

My hair is still growing, it is now below my bra strap at the back. I hadn't been using it often a few weeks ago for about a month just because of my uni work piling up I needed to have quick showers. Sometimes I would have to be in uni from 8:30 til 8! So the last thing I wanted to do was have a really long shower I just wanted my bed!

I am now back into the routine and it is defiantly growing quicker again. My roots are coming through more from when I tried to dye it lighter a few weeks ago. My layers seem so much longer and so does my fringe!

I haven't straightened my hair in a while just because it is easier to leave it natural and messy/wavy. When I do end up straightening it I shall take a photo to show how long it is now.

Not much has changed from my routine, I am using a silver shampoo at the moment to try to tame the brassiness of the darker blonde that I dye my hair. I am still on the second pot of the product, I am hoping that after the 3rd pot has gone I won't need to buy anymore because it will be the length I want it to be, I hope anyway! I think I have about 5 inches or something until I get to my ideal length, I have decided that I want to longer than what I first planned just because I have never really had naturally long hair.


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