Cambridge Diet day 1

So yesterday I went to my consultant and she talked me through everything. She has put me on the stage 2 diet because as I am 'young' she doesn't want me to go on the stage 1 diet. You have 3 of the Cambridge selection and one meal with no carbs, it is just over 800 calorie diet. I wouldn't want to not be able to eat food anyway I think I would find it harder. I decided to go for shakes and soup as I felt that if two meals I was eating with cutlery it would feel better than just having shakes all of the time. I picked up strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and chocolate orange shakes with mushroom, chicken and mushroom and vegetable soup.

This morning I had a strawberry shake, I was expecting it to have a more strawberry taste than it did. I managed to drink about half of it then started to feel sick. So I decided to not have any more in case I was actually sick. Normally I am ok with strawberry flavoured things but for some reason I just did not seem to like the strawberry shake. My mom had the same problem with the fruits shake, she began to feel sick after it. I think that I am not going to have the strawberry shake again as it just did not settle well with me. My mom is going to see our consultant on Tuesday as that is when she is booked in for her weigh in so she is going to take back my two strawberry shakes to swap them with something else.

I did feel kind of hungry after not really having much of the shake however because I was drinking loads of tea and water this soon went away. For lunch I had the mushroom and chicken soup which was lovely!!! I did add a tiny bit of salt to it just because I normally add a bit of salt with my soup. It didn't even taste like a diet sort of food. There was no pieces of chicken or mushroom in it but there was the flavour and there was herbs as well. It was so nice, I am looking forward to having this more often!

For dinner I had a piece of chicken breast with herbs on top with some sweet peas and mushrooms these were all weighed to make sure that I was eating the correct amount. I don't even feel hungry I feel quite full considering the amount of calories I have eaten.

For pudding which I will have in a few hours I plan to have the chocolate orange shake.

I have noticed that I am going to the toilet loads more than I normally do because I am drinking so much water. I do normally drink a lot of water but today I have drank over 2 litres which is more than what I normally drink, this has been a mixture of tea (with skimmed milk) and water. I need to make sure that I drink a lot of liquid because my mom started to get headaches because she wasn't drinking enough so I must remember to drink more water!

I feel quite positive at the moment, I know that my mom has lost about 6 pounds so far and her first week isn't even up! I aim to not weigh myself until my weigh in next saturday as I feel that if I am constantly weighing myself I will get too obsessed and maybe even upset if I don't lose calories a certain day. My consultant said that sometimes you don't end up losing anything until the last day of the week it has happened to some of her previous patients. I would like it to be a surprise but also a kind of goal to see how much I lose each week.

Normally you lose quite a bit on the first week but after it starts to slow down. I have been told that I am not allowed to exercise until week 3 so when week 3 comes up I shall start to do the 30 day crunches and squats plus go for bike rides to help me lose more weight.

(Later on) I have just finished the orange chocolate shake, it was ok better than the strawberry but I still felt a bit funny after having it. I guess I am just getting used to having something like that, I managed to drink most of it apart from a bit at the end. I put some ice in it along with the amount of water you are meant to have and put it in the blender. I think that this way of having the shakes makes them taste a lot better.


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