Cambridge Diet

My mom has started the Cambridge diet today, she had a meeting with her consultant yesterday to get her shakes and a booklet all about the different 'stages' of the diets you can do. My mom is doing the stage 2 diet where you consume 800ish calories a day which consists of 3 shakes and one small meal with loads of water and no exercise for the first 2 weeks to make sure that you are on the right diet. You have to see your rep every week for the weigh in and to get more shakes. It can be quite expensive my mom says that hers is about £35 a week, but depending on the stage of diet you are doing it will cost different amounts.

I have been reading online about the different women and men who have been on the diet and the results they have seen. I am sold, I am thinking about trying it.

I have always been a curvy girl, I have never been massive, I think my biggest is about a size 16 but I have always had big boobs and an hour glass figure. About 5 years ago I became a vegetarian I had no reason to I just got fed up with meat. Even though I did eat a lot of quorn I put on quite a bit of weight, this was when I was my biggest.  Over the past few years however I have lost some of that weight and more, due to healthy eating and going to the gym. However I am now finding it difficult to lose the last bit of weight that I want to lose. I am a size 12 sometimes a 14, but I would love to be a 10-12 in all honesty. So I would need to lose about 1-2 stone to be the size I want to be. I am not going to do this for anyone else but myself, I want to be a healthier version of myself.

I have therefore emailed my mom's rep, we talked on the phone for a bit and booked myself in for Saturday to go through the different options, weigh myself etc.


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