Cambridge diet day 5

Today I had the vanilla shake, with mushroom and chicken soup, and cod, egg and veg for dinner. I am going to have another shake later on.

Today is my mom's birthday, I did quite well considering. My close family came around they all had kfc and chip shop, my mom had a bit as well. Then after everyone had birthday cake and cheesecake, I made both of these. It was actually quite horrible making them thinking that I won't actually have any. I wouldn't have liked the cake anyway but I do love the cheesecake I made. The cheesecake was a lot thinner than I normally make it, because I made it for more than just the 5 of us there was 10 of us so I made it in a different tin so there would smaller thinner portions to go around.

In the end I had a tiny bit of cheesecake because I was craving it. I thought about it and if I didn't give in then I would continue craving it until it drove me mad. It is all psychological, the reason I was craving it was not just because it is nice food, but because in my mind I told myself I wasn't allowed any and therefore I wanted it, because I couldn't have it. So I did give in, I had a few spoons of it and then that was it. I do not want to have to think that just because I am on a diet I am not allowed tiny bits of food that I crave, because it will effect me psychologically. If I crave something I will most likely give in to some extent. We normally do not have treats in the house very often so the cheesecake was a one off, we only normally have it for birthdays.

Apart from that today has been good, I have been feeling full for longer, still no headaches which means I am drinking enough. It is my weigh in tomorrow, I am kind of hoping that my consultant will say she wants me to try soul sourcing because I do want to try doing it.


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